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Temporary Happiness-Chapter 8

Yasser’s POV

I woke up to find myself in our backyard.It took me a moment to figure out that I was kicked out yesterday.It was already daylight and when I checked my phone it was almost seven in the morning.I knew I had to rush to another boring and painful day at school.You may be asking why painful,that’s cause I always get beaten up for unknown reasons.

I sneaked inside the house through the back door because our family usually open the doors at sixish I think .I ran upstairs and prayed the morning prayer (Fajr).I know that Fajr should be prayed at five thirty but understand that I was kicked out .

I looked through my clothes in the closet keenly checking for the outfits that didn’t show off my hideous belly fat.I decided on wearing a black t-shirt that I made sure to wear my blue cardigan on top.I also wore my black loafers and my grey trousers as my jeans rotted in closet .I could not possibly wear my jeans that revealed my fat thighs to the world.“OH GOD NO”,I thought to myself loudly.

Within five minutes I was ready and I left for college skipping breakfast obviously.I reached the gates of the campus and I heard someone call out my name.I turned around even though I had recognized his voice.

“Hey Yasser wait up “,Khalid shouted at me.I stopped abruptly before replying to him.I noticed that he was walking with some girl that I have never seen him with.As they came closer, Khalid gave me a long handshake and I already felt embarrassed.I also noticed that the girl’s eyes are deep blue in colour. WHAT,why are my checking out some random girl’s eyes.

“Hey man , how are you doing?“, he asked happily.“This is my sister Zaina and Zaina this is Yasser my friend”,he had said.

“Nice to meet you Yasser ,my brother has been talking about how nice of a friend you are”,she smiled at me while exposing her pearl white straight teeth.Gosh I really gotta stop staring.

“Er... Nice to meet you Zainab”, I told her.

“Its Zaina”,Khalid told me while smacking my arm lightly as we walked through the hallways and Zaina rolled her eyes.

“Well how about you join us at lunch in the café ? “, he asked me.I simply nodded to him and we all parted ways .I thought about Khalid’s kindness towards me.Why would he want to hang out with some like me.He really seems like one of those popular guys that girls constantly run after.His lucky that no one even has the audacity to say something mean about him or being beaten up daily at college.

I maybe a freshman but I don’t deserve this type of shit that happens to most freshmen from the seniors.I join the half full class five minutes early and picked a seat at the back.I took out my notebook as I waited for the professor to give a long long lecture.Oh Boy.

By eleven thirty I was through with the second last lesson of the day since classes ended at one p.m.I decided to skip the last lesson and go to the school mosque to wait for the noon prayer .I took out my Quran (Holy book for Muslims) and started reading it .After I was through with the prayer I decided to head out to the parking lot waiting for Khalid to show up and maybe his sister might be coming as well.I wasn’t so sure.I was so busy in my thoughts that I hadn’t noticed Zaina calling me.

“Hey ,hey what’s taking you so long”, she said.I couldn’t tell if she was joking or not.I noticed that Khalid was already seated in the driver’s seat.He signaled me to sit next to him in the passengers seat.I agreed and sat there awkwardly as I struggled to tie my seat belt. Zaina sat at the back seat and chose her favourite songs to play in the car.

We arrived shortly at the small cafe and we decided to take the outdoor seats.We all sat at a round table .A tall beardy waiter with overly -sized muscles came and asked for our orders. Zaina ordered first and chose burger and fries with a coke.Khalid chose an Italian ravioli and a sprite as his beverage.I settled with fries and chicken with water .

“What do you think of this cafe?“,Khalid asked me.

“Its good”, I gave a short reply because I’m an introvert.

“Oh come one ,give us a better reply , I can see from your facial expressions that you really like the place Yasin”,she said.I fidgeted slowly and I noticed that she winked at me. I couldn’t understand if she actually knew my name or she was just tryna mess with me.

“I love it ,I usually don’t come to cafes often by the way it’s Yasser not Yasin”,I told her.

“I know”, she gave the quickest reply and I was taken aback for a second.How did she process my reply so quickly? OMG women, I’ve never dealt with them.

“Okay I think we spent a lot of time here,let’s go and grab three ice cream sundaes from the next shop.He gave the waiter the money with some extra tip and we left the cafe right after that.

This time we walked silently and I got a new notification from my phone.I finally got a fitness trainer and I had to attend the gym classes four times a week after college classes everyday.I have never been this delighted and I found myself smiling.I hadn’t noticed that Khalid and Zaina stopped to look back at me.

“Hey Yasser what you smiling about?“,Khalid asked.

“Nothing”,I replied.I noticed that Zaina raised a brow at me so I decided why not tell them, it may not be a big deal.

“Umm... I found a gym trainer in which I would start taking taking fitness lessons four times a week”,I told them.I almost regretted it because this seemed so embarrassing for me.We just sat there waiting for our ice cream sundaes. Zaina ordered raspberry rose sundae while Khalid and I both ordered chocolate stout waffle sundae.

“Cool I think I also need to go the gym as well”, Zaina said.Yet again I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not.

“Yeah it is really cool that you are going to spend sometime in the gym ,it is also pretty healthy for your body as well if you go there regularly.If the gym isn’t that far by the way, you could also jog your way there” he rambled without pausing.

“Okay ,okay Mr.Genius,I think he gets it no need to ramble lets just dig in into our sundaes”,she mocked.Khalid sent her what looked like a scowl and she just laughed her head off.I almost wanted to laugh but I decided to control myself.

I wish I had these kind of siblings.The type that would take you out with their own friends or bring you gifts every time they came home.The type that would argue with you but the next minute you both burst out laughing.The type that never forgets to celebrate your birthday.

~I guess not everyone has the privilege of having amazing siblings.

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