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Chasing the nerd

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Meet Rachel Brody Everything comes easy to her. She has it all. Fame, money, boys. In one word popular. A Goddess amongst commoners. She is even the Queen in her own land as everyone say. The Rachelland. When she wants something she would turn the world upside down until she gets it. Meet Noah Cooper He is a very privite person. Always keeps to himself and hides behind his glasses. He is nerdy and he owns it not caring what people will say.He just wants to stay invisible from people like her, to stay focused and work his ass off to reach his goals. No distractions. You know they say when people make plans God laughs from above. a car crash will bring those two together. And he will be the one thing she's ever wanted that badly but she can't have. Or can she? (This story is not edited so bear with me with grammar errors, missing words etc! After I'm done I'll attend to it! Thank you!!!!)

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Chapter 1

“I’m bored” Tina says while laying on the sunbed next to me.

I lower my sunglasses to give her a good look. She was stretching her long legs like her life was depending on it. I let a loud sign.

“More booze?” I ask her snapping my fingers so the waiter will see me.

“Dude, no. let’s do something. I feel like fried chicken. We been here for hours.” She says annoyed while she sat up looking at me intensely as she removed her sunglasses.

I let out a chuckle and I noticed the waiter with our cocktails in hand standing next to me.

“Ah, thank you so much Miguel.” I said and took them from his hands offering one to Tina.

She scoffed but grabbed the drink anyway.

I took a long sip from my drink savoring the taste of passion fruits with alcohol. Or was it mango? Who can tell? I didn’t care any way. As long it was sweet and strong I was ok with it.

“So..” I say leaving the drink in the side table and removing my sunglasses to take a good look at my best friend who, like always, was bitching again. “What do you wanna do?”

“I don’t know. Something! Let’s go out. Find a party to crash.” She says throwing her hands in the air frustrated. “Anything but seating by the pool all day.”

“It’s the middle of the day! No one is having parties at noon.” I answer to her straightening out the top half of my bikini so i would not flash anybody accidentally.

“Ok.” She says with a deadpan expression “Let’s go out to lunch, or shopping. Please? We’ve been here for a week. I need to interact with people you know. Preferably hot guys.” She says grinning at the last part.

I softly place my hand over my heart pretending to be hurt.

“Are you saying I’m not enough?” I say, a smirk forming in my face.

“I love you, you know that but I need to get laid. I won’t do you!” she says laughing as she pushed back her ebony hair from her face.

I huffed amused as I lay back in my sunbed.

“I could’ve had you if I wanted you.”

“Oh, please. I’m way out of your league.” She shuts me off laughing and I laugh along with her. “Come on, get up!”

I groan as she starts pulling me up.

“You are a pain in the ass.”

The moment I stood up she hooked her arm with mine, something we did since we were kids, and started walking towards my house.

I loved this house. I loved the view in the ocean, I loved the huge pool, I loved the neatly arranged flower garden. I loved all of it.

I loved my life.

I could sit all day long and then party all night. I felt so carefree, no worry in sight like the sun was shining all the damn time in my land. Or as Tina was saying my Rachelland.

That’s right I had a land and I was the queen doing whatever I wanted to there.

“When is your dad coming back?” I heard Tina say as we walked in the house.

I removed my sunglasses and threw then in the coffee table.

“I don’t know yet. He said he hasn’t finish with his meetings just yet. There was a problem with one of the ships. I didn’t understand exactly what but you know somethin’ somethin’.” I say indifferently crossing the living room to reach the marble stairs going for my room to get changed.

“Do you realize that once you are through with college you’d have to be to all those meeting and shit?” she says as we were climbing up with shock written all over her face.

I sigh again. Of course I knew. I knew my days of freedom where numbered and that’s why I tried to live them to the fullest. Next year I will be corporative Rachel, daughter of the owner of our shipping company.

That’s where the pool and this mansion come from. Our ships. Daddy worked hard to grow further the business that granddad left him when he passed away and the truth is he did a great job that’s why it’s a worldwide success.

I wish I could be like him. But I’m not. I’ve always been spoiled, which let’s be honest is mainly dad’s fault, but I know that once I step my foot in the offices he is not gonna go easy on me. I will no longer be his little girl. I know that he told me the moment I discussed with him my decision to study shipping management. His words echo in my head ever since.

I will not treat you differently from any other employ. I will no longer be your dad so you can’t come crying to me to fix your problems. I’ll be your boss. You’ll have to prove yourself to me or else I’m gonna have to let you go. And Rachel, I will do it. I love you my darling girl so, so much but I will not jeopardize the company’s future by pampering you. Do you understand?

And I did. I didn’t like it but I understood it. I see it as a challenge and believe me I’m in need for one. Lately everything has been really easy. Money, school, boys. I don’t even try that hard. It’s like I’m a magnet pulling everything in my direction. Where is the fun in that?

“I know. Might be fun.” I shrug as we got inside my room.

She snorted out loud.

“Doubt it.” she says as she walked to my en suite bathroom to get changed.

I stepped inside my walk-in closet and took a good look at myself. I looked good.

My ashy blonde hair was shiny and long reaching just below my boobs and my skin was dark and glowing from all the tanning in the pool making my gray eyes shine brighter. Fate was generous with me giving me such good looks. I may not be very tall but my body was looking good too with my curves in all the right places and a flat stomach I worked my ass off to keep in shape. Happy with my appearance I brushed a few stay hair off my face and I turned my gaze to the neatly hanging clothes that were before me.

“So, lunch?” I yelled to Tina and I heard her yell back an uh-ha.

Welcome to Rachelland!


“Take the top down. Let the wind blow our hair to feel like we are models.” Tina said pushing back her hair one side each time making a pff noise and her caramel eyes were shining with humor.

“Yeah, that’s what you need to look like a model. The wind.” I said sarcastically. “I mean, have you seen you?” I pointed at her. She was really beautiful, tall and thin with her floral designer sundress clinging to her long body like a glove, perfect manicured nails and shiny sleek and straighter than spaghetti ebony hair. If I didn’t look good myself I would have slapped her.

“Whatever you say, your majesty.” She said ironically making a small bow and I laughed. I fished my remote key from my purse and I opened the car to take the top down.

As we were about to get in I heard another car approaching us in the drive way.

“Hey bug.” I heard my brother say as he parked next to me.

“Hey Danny. Done for the day?” I wondered. Danny was already working with dad and now that he was away, Danny had to take care everything in the downtown office which usually meant late nights working.

He got out of the car straightening his suit looking exhausted but his gray eyes looked really playful.

“Nah, I will be working some more from here.” He said looking carefree. I don’t understand my brother. No matter who difficult stuff can get, he always looks like nothing could affect him. He never loses his humor, never gets angry or feels frustrated. Or at least so he looks to the outside. I envy him. I’m an open book. Emotions are written all over my face that’s why I suck at poker. I don’t have the face, you know.

“You girls going out?”

“Just lunch. Pinhead over here got bored while laying in the pool. You know how rough it can be.” The minute I said it Tina slapped my hand with force pouting. Danny on the other hand laughed out loud throwing his head back.

“Ha-ha.” Tina said with a humorless voice. “Do you wanna join us?” she asked him smiling sweetly.

Danny pushed back his brown hair awkwardly looking at her.

“Thank you but I have work to do.” Clearing his throat he continued “Well, I guess I’ll see you guys later hopefully we can do something together then.” And with that he nodded at us and started walking to the house.

I got in my car but Tina was still standing and staring at my brother’s back.

“Damn your brother. How hotter can he be? I mean.. wow.” She said longing.

“Ew, no! Don’t say that.” I said cringing. She got in the car her mouth still slightly open.

“But did you see him though? Damn your genes. He is like a walking sex bomb.”

I covered my ears in disgust.

“Dude that’s my brother you are talking about. Stop it.”

“Oh come on. You know he is hot I’m not telling you something new. But the way he looked in that suit, reminded me of Mr. Grey, you know full of sex tricks up his sleeve...”

“I’m gonna stop you right there because I feel like gagging. You just compared my brother to a sex masochist so you lost your talking privileges for at least half an hour.” I said raising my hand in front of her face to make her stop.

She scoffed as she fastened her seatbelt next to me.

“Like that could ever happen.”

“Maybe you can’t do it but loud music will muffle your voice.” I said as I started the car and turned up the radio. I saw her laughing beside me and I sped up the moment I pasted the gate making our hair whirl just like she wanted.

Eventually the music caught up with us and we started singing out loud at the top of our voices laughing when we didn’t get the lyrics correct.

We were about to get on the seaside highway when a car was coming right at us from my side. I tried to avoid it but I was too late for me to do anything and then came the loud bang from the cars crashing. I kept my hands on the wheel and tried to stop the car before I lose control all together and start spinning. Tina looked terrified and tried to hold on to something. The car stopped and even though the radio was still on I couldn’t hear a thing beside the pump of blood in my ears and my heart pounding like crazy. I turned off the radio and looked at Tina to make sure she was ok. She looked shocked but other than that I didn’t see any damage on her.

“You ok?” I said panting to Tina who looked pale. She nodded and I exhaled relieved.

That’s when I saw him getting out of the car shutting his door with too much force for my liking.

He was tall with a well-shaped body, I could tell even those he tried to hide that fact with those hideous clothes he was wearing. A washed out buggy pair of jeans with a black dorky t-shirt with some superheroes on it.

His glasses hang low on his nose and he raised them up a little to see better the damage in his car pushing back his dark hair frustrated.

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