Chasing the nerd

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Chapter 10| Noah

Waking up was a challenge after the night at Conner's celebrating my job and as I'm not used to alcohol I feel terrible. Seriously what do people find so appealing in drinking? All I feel is a massive headache, a messed up stomach and my eyes heavy as steel.

As I'm rushing to class I make a mental note to myself to never drink that much again. Despite my shit condition I managed to get to class early as always. I can thank for that my massive compulsive disorder. Sometimes my brain works on its own no matter what I do or how I feel.

When I settled in my seat I removed my glasses and shut my eyes tight rubbing with force my temples wishing to God that the painkiller I shallowed earlier will do its job and stop this crucial pain that I'm feeling right now. Mind you, I'm not a religious man but desperate times call for desperate measures.

"Wow. You don't look very good." A voice says next to me.

You got to be kidding me.

I force one eye open and peek at the person next to me hoping to be mistaken about who I thought was.

When I see her next to me smiling all the way I sigh out loud annoyed, close my eyes again and bow my head to touch my arms feeling exhausted.

"Do you ever give up?" I say almost whispering between my arms.

"Oh, no. I'm quite persistent. So, did you had a crazy night last night?" she says all cheery. Well I was hoping she didn't hear that but apparently I opened myself to chit-chat I didn't plan.

I raised my head and after a thorough rubbing of my eyes I placed my glasses back in my face and looked at her. Her hair was straight today spread on her shoulders making her look younger than usual. She was dressed in jeans and a white top leaving one of her shoulders bare. Huh, pretty basic for Queen Bee. She is known for her extravagant looks.

"Mind your own business." I said harshly but the tension made my head pain even harder and I shrugged.

"If I were you I'll try to be a little calmer or you gonna feel like your head is going to explode. When blood rushes to your head it can make the pain 10 times worse and that can be a bitch. I'm talking from experience." She gathered her hair with her hands placing them on her other shoulder as she turned her body to me making her face pop and I could see clearly that pair of gray eyes shining with humor. "You can't handle your liquor, can you?" she added smirking.

"I am not used to drinking. But you seems like you have mastered the craft. That explains a lot." I said feeling my lips form an evil smirk.

"What do you mean?" she asked looking at me clueless.

"All those burned brain cells of yours."

She burst out laughing a genuine laugh like I was telling her jokes or something. I've asked this before and I'll ask it again. What's wrong with this girl? Seriously! I couldn't help but look at her like she was crazy, wonder written all over my face. She calmed herself and smiled at me again.

"So, did you had fun last night or was it a mistake you wanna forget?" she said wiggling playfully her eyebrows at me, still a smile plastered on her face.

"Like I said none of your business." I said again this time softer than before.

"Well, I'm making you "my business" so.."

A chuckle escaped my lips and I saw her eyes twinkling and light up. I quickly recovered and cleared my throat.

"You are making me your business? What? You declare me in the name of Queen Rachel?" I remarked sarcastically but as much as I pushed myself the hostility I intended to show never surfaced. I must be still intoxicated, there is no other logical explanation. She chuckled a little and pushed playfully my arm with hers.

Funny but that's the second time my body reacts immediately to her touch. I felt the spot she touched burning like it was on fire. What is happening to me?

"Oh, you'll see. You'll surrender yourself willingly."

"Overconfident much?" I scoffed a bit annoyed with the way she said it. Like there was no other option for me at all.

"The only color I came in." she said motioning with her hand herself and lowering her voice as the professor came in.

She turned her attention to the front and I stared at her for a second.

What the fuck is up with her? Why all of the sudden she starts talking to me and sitting next to me? Take an interest in my life? The hell? Being the guy I am, I'm not used to girls reaching out to me. Hey, I'm not a complete mess. I look good if you don't mind the geeky glasses and the love of printed T-shirts.

I mean I'm a decent swimmer and that particular quality give you a build-up body, my face is pleasant to look at and the one thing I like the most about myself are my green eyes.

Works with a bunch of girls but not girls like her. She is way out of my league.

Don't be pathetic, loser!

The little devil inside of me said and I turned my gaze away from her. Oh, I'm not going down that road. The days I've pitied myself and thought I'm not enough are way past me. She's not dragging me back to my bad place. To hell with her!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Keep reading to see what's gonna happen with those two. you re on a hell of a roller coaster ride!

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