Chasing the nerd

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Chapter 14|Rachel

Noah: Ugh, fine, you impossible woman! Sunday night then. Multiplex ok for you?

"Finally!" I said out loud feeling giddy.

"Are talking to yourself?" I raised my eyes and saw Tina sitting down next me. She looked playful and her cheeks were lightly red making her face glow. I narrowed my eyes at her.

"More to my phone. Where were you?"

"Oh, here and there. Talking to people." She said while crossing her legs adjusting her yellow gown neatly.

"That's pretty vague. I feel that you're not telling something." I said and she fidgeted in her seat uncomfortably.

"I could say the same to you. What have you doin' with your phone all this time?" she said pointing in my phone and I smiled again turning my attention to the text in front of me. I quickly typed my response to him.

Me: Perfect! You wanna meet there?

I can sense Tina smiling while I'm typing.

"You're not off the hook yet." I say to her as I'm waiting for him to answer me.

Noah: No. it's supposed to be a date. I'll come pick you up. Scared to be in a confined space with me?

I laugh out loud and my smile is literally reaching my ears.

"What are you doing there? I'm curious! Spill!"

"Nothing, just got myself a date!" I say without looking at her.

Rachel: That's the kind of space I plan to be with you anyway, so no.

"You have two seconds to explain yourself or else I'm grabbing that phone and see for myself." Tina says and crosses her arms in front of her chest.

"I told you. Got a date. Nothing else." I said moving my phone away from her reach just in case.

"Well, with who?" she asks and looks at me expectably. I frown a bit and her eyes light up with recognition and her lips form a small o.

"With the nerd? Are fucking kidding me?"

Noah: Ok, then. Prepared to be amazed.

A small gasp escapes my lips as I read his text and everything around me turns mute.

"What the..?" Tina rambles on but I stop her.


Me: Is that a promise? (Wiggling eyebrows)

Noah: Yeah. The End game is the greatest movie of all times.

I frown disappointed.

Me: that's it? Way to kill the mood. And here I was imagining other stuff...

"Rachel Anne Brody!" Tina says irritated and makes me jump in place.

"What?" I say pouting.

"If you don't explain yourself right now I swear to God..."

"Oh, just give me a minute you impatient creature!"

Noah: Bummer! Text me the details. I'll see you Sunday. Goodnight kettle!

I'm so happy I can barely contain myself not to jump around.

Me: Night pot! Dream of me...

"So, what's up?" I turn my attention to Tina with a huge grin on my face while she looks mad. Like a step away from smoke coming out of her ears, mad.

I throw my hands in the air as a sign of surrender.

"Ok, ok. I'll tell all about it." I say and start spilling the beans from what happened earlier today, well yesterday if I want to be correct, until now. She doesn't say a word through my narration and that scares me a little.

"That's about it." I say slowly crossing my hands in front of me.

She still hasn't reacted, she just swings her leg back and forth and looks at me with a serious expression.

"Aren't you gonna say anything? You're scaring me."

"Well..." she says and sits up in her chair. "I always knew this was coming but never expected it'll be this way."

"What was coming?" I ask all curious grabbing a piece of carrot from my plate and start chewing.

"You falling in love with someone and leaving me all alone here parting while you move to the suburbs near the "good schools" with your new husband and baby on the way." She says sighing while she theatrically touches her eyes to wipe her imaginary tears.

I choke on the carrot I'm having and start coughing lightly while tapping my chest.

"What... the... hell... are you talking about? Are you trying to kill me?" I say to her between coughs.

"Oh, please don't bullshit me. I know it's gonna happen." She continues her performance and I narrow my eyes at her once again.

"I'm not moving anywhere, I'm not getting married and I'm not going to leave you. So you can stop pretending now."

"Of course you're not." She says smiling pushing back her hair dropping her sad act. "But you're falling for him. I know that much. I don't understand why exactly since you can do better but you do."

"You're being mean. He is hot. Truly, very, reaaally hot! You just can't see it." I emphasize strongly to make my point.

"Or maybe you can't see, because you've been hit by little Cupid's arrow making everything around you distorted."

"Try not to bite your tongue. Chances are you're gonna die with all that poison in you." I snap back at her only to see her stick her tongue out to me playfully.

I can see Danny coming to us and Tina straightens her face right away smiling all of the sudden. Oh, I don't like where this is going...

"Bug are you ready to go? I feel exhausted." Danny says as he stands in front of us pushing his hands in his pockets.

"Yes, please I've been ready a lot time ago but you disappeared." I say and stand up picking my phone and my purse. "Come with us, T." I continue nonchalantly only to face some weird eye exchange between those two.

"Oh, who are you two kidding? You think I don't see what's happening here?"

"I'm not sure I understand." Danny says looking confused. Yeah, ok. I'm not buying that. I'm about to talk when I feel Tina's hand on me and I look at her. Her expression meant one thing. I should stop talking now.

"Don't mind her, she had a lot to drink and when you put in the mix her messed up love life this is the result you get." She says smiling all the way just to put me in my place. I have to keep my mouth shut if I want her to do the same. I don't want Danny to know anything for now.

"Love?" Danny says smirking while raising his eyebrows mockingly.

"Figure of speech. Ok, let's go."

I start walking hearing them move behind me.

"Is she really in love?" I hear my brother say to Tina and sounds surprised.

"Stop talking Danny!" I say loud enough for him to hear me without even looking.

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