Chasing the nerd

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Chapter 15| Noah

I reach the gate of her house and I hear a loud buzz as it swings open, letting me in the driveway.

What in the actual fuck?

Does this place really exists?

I mean come on now! In each side of the long driveway there is a huge garden with all kinds of flowers and trees. In fact I’m not sure it qualifies as a garden, it’s more like a park. Yeah, let’s just go with that. My jaw drops to the floor though when I face the huge mansion at the end.

Holy shit!

It’s a marble miracle with a double red door on its center and endless huge large windows on each side, just above a dozen of shiny marble set of steps. A whistle escaped my lips involuntarily. I always thought that these kind of houses are only used for props at a Marvel movie featuring Iron man. Never thought that some people, other than fantasy characters, might actually live in a house like that.

I park the car and get out, leaning against the passenger’s door looking mesmerized all around as I’m waiting for her. I do feel a bit of jealousy as I’m imagining that it would be nice to grow up in a place like this. Some people are just so damn lucky that isn’t fair.

I sign and look up at the sky crossing my arms in front of me.

This is the first time after high school that I actually feel a little nervous for a date. If you can call this a date. I feel the electricity coursing through my veins. I’m just on edge waiting for her to screw up so I can put a stop on this farce and return to my normal, boring and comforting life. No surprises, no crazy women!

Yeah, I’m almost certain that’s the reason. Although if I’m being completely honest a part of me is hoping that this can actually go well.

Oh, damn her and her ways!

She is creeping in my mind in moments that she shouldn’t be there and for the last couple of days I find myself thinking about her and that scares me!

I think she messed up my head, I don’t know how maybe she has superpowers but she is dangerous.

“Are you having a stroke?” I jump a little startled when she speaks. I was so focused on my thoughts that I hadn’t noticed her at all. She chuckles at my reaction and tags her hair behind her ear smiling widely. I take a good look at her and might be the light, might be the vulnerability of the moment or even her undeniable natural charisma but she looks like an anger.

She is wearing white tight jeans with a flowy light blue tank top along with white Stan Smith’s. She has some light makeup on and her hair are down in loose waves reaching just below her chest. As for her eyes are sparkling with humor as she looks at me.

“Like what you see?′ she says wiggling her eyebrows.

I clear my throat uncomfortably and straighten my glasses looking at the ground.

“Not something I never saw before. Ready?” I say and circle the car to get in the driver’s seat.

She gets in as well and fasten her seatbelt at once.

“Not a great thing to say on a first date. You wanna try again?” she says provoking me. I think about that for a moment and she is right. I turn to look at her before i start the car and take i deep breath.

“You look really nice today.” I say and surprisingly I mean it.

She smiles again, a shy smile, and pushes her hair back.

“Thank you. You too.” she says and her cheeks are now a vivid pink color. Wow! Who would have thought that she blushes!

I nod my head and try to hide the involuntary smirk that is forming in my face. See, that would invite more question and I don’t think I’m ready to be interrogated about the things I think or, dare I say, feel right now.

“So, you wanna catch me up? I’m guessing this movie is part of a series, not a stand-alone, right?” she says after a while of deafening silence and although it was quiet the ambiance was full of electricity. Being this close to her made my body temperature rise, thinking that the shirt above my T-shirt was a bad choice.

“You seriously never saw any Avengers movies?”

“Um, no. I know who they supposed to be, I know Thor is hot but other than that i don’t have a clue as to what they’re going.” she says and i shake my head in disappointment.

“They are a bunch of superheroes dealing with aliens or evil organizations who try to destroy the humanity, more or less. In the previous movie an alien guy, Thanos...”

“The purple freak from your shirt?” she asks interrupting me.

“That’s right. So that guy wiped half the population of earth to make the planet more functional.” i say trying to explain with a simple way something as complicated as the marvel universe.

“He killed billions of people?” she asks shocked and I laugh. I can see her looking at me confused.

“No, he just wiped them. Turned them into dust using a golden glove with stones stuck on it. The infinity stones are, let’s say, magical. So he found them, put them together and with a snap of his fingers they just disappeared.”

“I have a question.” she said fidgeting in her seat.


“Wouldn’t be wise to have a more private screening? You know, so i won’t disturb others with my constant questions.” the moment the words fell of her lips i started seeing red. I pulled off on the spot.

“What did you do?” I said, well I growled if I want to be exact, between my teeth feeling angry as shit. I swear to God if she did this I’m turning around right now. That’s exactly the screw-up thing i expected her to do, flaunt her money around, arranging things I’m not comfortable with and what feels like a pay-off.

“Thankfully nothing. I thought about it but thinking how stubborn you are I changed my mind pretty quickly. But I had to ask.” she says throwing her hands in the air like in surrender still smiling.

“Good. You made the right choice.” I say firmly starting the car again.

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