Chasing the nerd

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chapter 17| Noah

My hands froze in place and i dropped my head a little sighing disappointed. I let go of her and turn around to see who interrupted us. A small part of me is kind of happy that I didn’t actually kissed her. Because the moment I would touch her lips I could feel it deep inside me that there was no turning back.

I raised my sight and I saw him. He looked furious and was coming right at me with large steps. I raised my glasses and crossed my arms in front of me not giving a rat’s ass about how aggressive he looks.

I can feel Rachel standing next to me sighing, looking a bit flushed.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he said again spitting every word looking at us.

“Peter, what do you want?” she said looking bored. I raised my eyebrow out of curiosity. Am I in the middle of a couple’s fight?

“We haven’t even broke up yet and you’re out with this loser? You bitch!” he practically screams and tries to step closer to her. I immediately uncross my arms and stretch one right in front of her to block his way.

“I’d watch it if I were you.” I say with a low warning voice not wanting to show how pissed I am right now, looking at him through my glasses with a blank expression.

“Nobody talked to you nerd. So shut the hell up.” he spits again coming right to my face. I look at my feet biting with force the inside of my cheek as a mean laugh escapes my lips.

“OK, Peter. That’s enough. I don’t know how many times I have to say this to you but we never broke up because we were never in a relationship! In what language do I have to say it for you to understand?” she says and she somehow slipped under my arm and now stands in between us, pushing him lightly behind.

He looks at her like he can’t quite understand what she is saying and I scoff loudly. What a surprise! He is a dumbass. I look at her and raise my eyebrows sarcastically.

“Really?” I say nodding at him, who looks still at a loss. She sighs again and looks down.

“What the fuck did you say?” he says when he hears me speak and tries to come at me again. Good, because my hands is itching. I would gladly break his stupid face.

“Hey, hey! Cut it!” she says again and pushes him hard but due to his strong structure and buff muscles he doesn’t move an inch.

“Fuck you, you bitch!” he screams again and I can see that she looks scared but she doesn’t back down. She keeps looking at him directly into his eyes and if looks could kill he would be dead by now.

“Look asshole, you were just a one night’s thing and frankly you weren’t even that good. Just turn around and crawl back to whatever hole you were in the first place. And stop bothering me or I swear to you the next thing you’re gonna say will be the last thing you’ll say ever!”

I can’t stop gawking at her. That’s the first time that her voice is so strict and low. She frightened me a little I’m not gonna lie. I can tell he is taken aback too, looking kind of like a lost puppy.

“Fuck you. Both of you.” he says and turns around almost running to the opposite direction of us.

I cross my arms again and look at her.

“Don’t start. Please.” she says without even looking at me but raises her hand in the air to stop me. I smile a bit with her reaction but recover quickly and wear my blank expression again as I start walking towards the car.

I hear fast steps behind me and a hand grabs my arm, stopping me

“Hey, where are you doing?” she says looking at me disappointed.

“I’m taking you home.”

“But what about ice scream?” she says again with the same look.

“Oh, I think I had enough.” I say sarcastically looking at her. She frowns and crosses her arms in her chest. Ah, damn. She looks so good with my shirt on her. Wander how she would look with just that.

Focus, you dumbass.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she says breaking my thoughts, thankfully.

“First of all, him? That’s low even for you. And secondly how could you be so reckless and snap at him like that? What if he hit you and I wasn’t fast enough? Do you ever think about the consequences of your actions?” It takes a moment to comprehend that I’m actually screaming at her letting loose the anger I’m feeling.

“Please, he wouldn’t dare..” she shrugs it off but i cut her mid-sentence.

“You don’t know that!” I yell again.

“Well he didn’t, did he? So, I know.” she yells back coming closer to me and I feel like I’m going mad.

“God, you are so frustrating!” I say boiling with anger, looking at her intently. I feel like I’m on fire and I try hard to control my breathing but my anger is getting the best of me and all hell breaks loose.

“Me? Are you kidding? I can’t seem to win with you! What exactly is your problem now?” She is screaming as well and comes even closer menacingly. I can’t seem to stop staring at her lips when she is right in front of me and words elude me.

“You know what? That’s it. I can’t keep trying to no avail.” she yells again and turns her back ready to leave. I instantly grab her arm and spin her to face me keeping her close.

“Where are you going?”

“Home! Whatever I do doesn’t change your mind, but I keep trying and I’m constantly hitting a wall. Well, I’m not Thor’s hammer for crying out loud! I don’t know how many times I have to fall on my face here to actually make you see?” she screams at me yanking her hand off my grip pushing her hair off her face as she speaks but all i can think about right now are her lips. Her full, pouting lips.

Oh, fuck it!

I grab her and press my lips on hers.

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