Chasing the nerd

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Chapter2| Noah

“That’s just great!” I said out loud furious.

I mean, look at my car! The hood is pushed in a little, the bumper is scratched beyond reason and the lights are broken. I started walking to the other car to yell at its driver.

“What kind of idiot doesn’t stop at a fucking stop sign!” I yelled when I reached her door. And then I saw her. Rachel fucking Brody. That kind of idiot.

“Oh, that’s fucking great.” I said again.

She raised her sunglasses and placed them on her hair smiling at me.

“You said that again.” She said playfully as she got out of her car. Her minion next to her looked still scared and didn’t move an inch.

“Well, you didn’t say what fucking idiot doesn’t stop on a stop sign!” I said again feeling the anger boiling in my veins.

“Was there a stop sign?” she said and looked back from the road she came through to detect the sign.

“If you don’t know what the sign looks like, I suggest you don’t drive, sweetie.” I said ironically through my clenched teeth. I came out almost like a growl.

It wasn’t just because my baby was hurt, yes when I say my baby I mean my car, it’s who hurt it. Rachel fucking Brody.

“I must have missed it. I’m sorry. I know the signs. Really.” She said a smile forming in her face as she innocently put her arms behind her back. But she’s not fooling me. She maybe gorgeous and all with that flowy dress swirling around in the light breeze and her glowing with humor gray eyes looking at me intensely but I’m not gonna play her game I thought to myself after a long gaze at her long tan legs that were left exposed, a little too much.

Hey, don’t judge. I’m a guy. She maybe rotten to the bone but truth is she is a fine piece of ass.

“Of course you did sweetheart. Because Queen Rachel can do whatever the fuck she wants in her little Rachelland, huh? “I sarcastically responded and she was taken aback looking at me with her mouth open.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Have we met?” she said confused looking at me again like she was trying to remember me.

I scoffed out loud. She wouldn’t remember me as hard as she could try. You see popular spoiled brats like her never pay attention to normal, albeit a bit nerdy, people like me. Even though we attend the same college and have almost all our classes together.

You would think that after high school all the popular kids will vanish but in college they find their own kind again forming the same shitty nest they need to keep their ego at their highest level. She was the Queen bee in that nest. Everybody was drown to her like a moth to a flame. Well, not me. I avoided her at all costs. I wanted to stay invisible to her circle for my own good. Just my luck, huh?

“Oh thank God no. but I do know you. It’s hard to ignore the royalty. Isn’t that right your highness?” I said again furious trying to get a rise out of her. That calmness she had only made me angrier. Like she didn’t care about anything.

She laughed out loud and I looked at her a bit shocked. What the fuck?

“Can you see what you did to my car?” I said again getting worked up.

“Oh, calm down. My insurance will pay for it and it’ll be good as new. Don’t worry.” She waved carefree with her arm still smiling. “I didn’t catch your name though”

I gritted my teeth and my hands rolled up into fists. The nerve on this woman, God.

“Keep your money. I don’t want it. Put them into good use maybe invest in some more plastic surgeries to make look good.”

“Plastic..? what?” she said shocked not even forming her words properly. I sensed an evil smile forming in my face and I crossed my arms over my chest. That’s more like it.

“Oh, please. I bet your plastic surgeon is on your speed dial in case something pops. You know a boob, your ass or even your lips.”

Let’s see now Ray-Ray what you are going to say.

“Can you believe this guy?” she said laughing to her friend pointing at me.

“Ray let’s go. I’m shook up already. Let’s go get lunch. Enough with this loser.” Her friend said and sighed looking up at the sky. That’s bitch number two in case you are wandering. I ignored her completely.

“Yeah, go get your lunch I don’t want to keep you waiting. Then maybe after you ate you could throw up everything in the bathroom, you know, to keep in shape. Keep your money. I ’ll find another way to fix my baby.” I said poisonously and her friend glared at me furious but not her. She laughed again like there was no worry in her path.

“Baby?” she questioned smirking at me. Shit!

“Yeah, that’s my baby over there and you ruined it.”

“Oh, I’ve got to know your name.” she said tugging her hair behind her ear and crossed her arms as well. Still looking playful. What’s wrong with her? Any other girl will be crying right now after all those hateful comments.

“Sorry princess. Today it’s not your lucky day.” I said and walked away still mad.

When I got to my car I closed the door with force looking at her. She has looking back at me with her mouth slightly open and her hands on her waist. Damn. She was a sight for sore eyes, too bad she was a bitch.

Ok, change of plans. I have to get to Conner’s to see if he can fix my car.

I stroke gently the wheel of my impala.

“Don’t worry baby. I’m gonna get you fixed.” I said gently and drove off speeding.

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