Chasing the nerd

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Chapter 30| Rachel

So...? Did you do the dance with no pants?" Tina said hooking my arm with hers as we walked out from the campus cafe. I laughed out loud amused.

"No, you pervert! We just kissed."

"Just kissed? Someone is losing her touch." she said mockingly as she sat down.

"I don't mind. He is, what's the word i'm looking for?" I said thinking all the things I could say about him. "Different."

"A loser, I would say, but that's just me. I'm curious though. Why wait? It's not like you're Virgin Mary. Oh, my god he is a virgin,isn't he?I was right?" she said surprised and i laughed again.

"No, no. Definitely not a virgin. I could tell."

"Maybe he is a natural,you don't know that." she sipped her coffee shrugging her shoulders.

"Whatever the case, I don't care. We are going out again." I added taking a sip from my coffee as well. Hmm, delicious!!

"Oh, boy. Now you're dating him? Oh, girl. You have it bad." She shook her head disappointed.

"I know! That guy is seriously messing with my head. Like you have no idea. God, I want him so bad!"

She rolled her eyes at me and scoffed.

"Honestly I don't know what you see in him."

Haters are gonna hate, Taylor Swift was right.

"Same way I don't get what you see in my brother." I marked crossing my legs. Her lips formed a small o as she didn't expect me to mention that.


"Cut the shit, will you? I can see that something is going on" I cut her off mid sentence as I could see she was about to lie. She looked at me confused and i narrowed my eyes at her.

"Ah, fine. You win." She said sighing and I smiled proudly."But for the record your brother is super hot. I wish he wasn't so shy and cryptic though."

"Danny? Shy? No way." I said giggling.

"Way! I couldn't believe it either yet I'm dealing with it. Why couldn't he be more like you?" She said dropping her hands frustrated.

"There only one star in each family. Sucks for you but in this case, it's me." A smug smile formed in my face as she pouted. "Now, spill. But spare me the intimate details or I'm gonna throw up."


After Tina filled me in about what is going all this time with my brother, behind my back, it was time for my last class of the day and I was feeling restless thinking that I'll see him.

I know he is working, I checked. So maybe I'll pay him a little visit since he has been radio silent. Deep inside me i feel that I should give him time but I'm not exactly patient.

I thought the drive downtown will wash down my excitement but as I was getting closer to the offices I could barely control myself. You know how it is,right?

I parked really quick and I let myself in the building barely acknowledge anyone this time. At least I was smiling and nodding.

"Good evening miss Rachel." Linda greeted me politely as always. "Here to see your brother? Let me check if he is available." She said and picked up her phone but I stopped her. She arched her eyebrows looking at me confused.

"No, don't call him yet. Could please show me where mr. Cooper's office is?"

She smiled again, a knowing smile and got out of her booth moving with steady steps in front of me.

"Down the hall, first door to your right." She said pointing.

"Thank you Linda." I said and she nodded making her way back to her seat.

I took a deep breath and made my way down the hall. When I was at his door I straightened my striped dress and fixed my cleavage. I fluffed my hair to make them gain a little more volume and took out my phone from my purse to check my make up. All in place! Good, let's get the show rolling.

I knocked on his door and before I could hear him answer I let myself in. And I immediately regretted it!

He was smiling widely to a girl that was leaned in on his desk talking to him. I felt my blood rise to my head and I started breathing loud. He noticed me and his expression changed looking at me surprised.

"Rachel,hi! What are you doing here?" He asked and stood up from his chair. At the mention of my name the girl standing opposite him turned around with shock written all over her face. Narcy Grossman, of course. I crossed my arms and I looked at her furious not trying the least to hide how I'm feeling. Noah must've noticed too because he mimics my standing position with a smug smile playing on his lips.

"Oh, miss Rachel, good evening!" She said making her voice all high pitched trying to be cute. I rolled my eyes at her. I know that act and I'm not buying it. But I had to keep my cool.

"Nancy, how's everything?" I asked coldly with a sour expression on my face. Well, i couldn't help it. My face has a mind of its own. "I hope I didn't interrupt anything... important?" I looked her up and down, my annoyance on display. I saw her blush for a little bit and bowed her head. Noah started walking towards me with a stern face, his lips a hard line,his smile long gone, as his green eyes bore into mine filled with anger. Oh, bring it on. I'm pissed too.

"Oh, no,no. You were just getting to know each other." She said smiling at me, a bit frightened.

"Oh, that's nice." I replied sarcastically bringing my hands together. "I would advise to do it in your own time not on working hours but,hey, what do I know?" I said sending her a piercing glaze forcing myself to smile. Noah is looking at me dumbfounded and clears his throat loudly. Narcy bowed her head again embarrassed. Well she should be.

He grabbed my arm and looked at me.

"Can i talk to you?" He growled and then turned to face her. "Nancy could you please leave us? We will talk later." He said politely and she nodded leaving like her butt was on fire. Sure! He is nice to her!

When we were left alone everything was quite and the only thing I could hear was our breathings as we were both huffing and puffing with anger.

That right there is what people call calm before the storm.
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