Chasing the nerd

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Chapter 3| Rachel

The moment he started the car I grabbed my phone.

“What the hell are you doin’? Tina asked frustrated.

“Taking a photo of this guy’s license plate. I need to fix my wrong.” I said tried to sound casual.

“Oh, please don’t bullshit me. You wanna know who he is.” She said looking straight into my eyes. Like I said open book.

“Ok, that too.” I said and started the car.

“You shit your pants, didn’t you?”

“Firstly I always knew you will be the death of me so excuse me if I’m a little skittish when you play my life on the line. And secondly don’t try to change the subject missy.” I laughed and carefully this time got on the highway paying attention to all the signs on the road.

“Seriously who is that guy? You know him?” curiosity has taken over me. He had something, I don’t know what exactly but he felt intriguing.

“Have you even seen me talking to losers like him? Of course I don’t know him.” she said irritated. “How are you not mad at him? He insulted you more than once and you kept laughing.”

“He did, didn’t he?” I said laughing again.

“Um yeah he did. And you keep laughing. Did the screws in your head loosened up?”

“They were never screwed that tightly in the first place so let’s get past that. You see no one has ever talked to me like that.” I said mesmerized as I replayed the scene in my mind.

Invest it in some more plastic surgeries.

I laughed again out loud.

“Okay, did you hit your head during the crash? Do I need to check you in a hospital?” Tina said looking at me like I’m an alien with a bit of worry forming in her eyes.

I shook my head.

“No, no I’m fine I’m just.. Curious. Yeah, let’s go with that.” I said nodding with approval at myself for the choice of words.

“Are you seriously obsessing over a loser? He seemed like the king of nerds, probably living in his mama’s basement amongst his comic books and a hidden stash of playboys to get him off.” She said venomously. Almost spitting every word. That guy hit a nerve while he talked about throwing up in bathrooms. Truth is Tina did that years ago and it was the most haunted period of her life. Mine too. But we, together, got past that. She is good now. The memories though are still here.

“He didn’t strike me as a nerd.” I said again forming his appearance in my mind’s eye.

“He wore dorky ass glasses and a stupid T-shirt with the damn Avengers for crying out loud.” She yelled at me frustrated.

“When you look that good as him you do it ironically.” I said smiling again.

“He didn’t look good.” She said defensively crossing her arms over her chest.

“Oh, please.” I rolled my eyes at her. Of course he looked good. He had masked it very well but his piercing green eyes shined lividly even behind his ugly glasses and his biceps were bulging under that lame T-shirt the moment he crossed his arms. What did the trick for me though was the moment he turned around and I took a good look at his back. Damn! I am a sucker when it comes to V shaped backs. And that butt oh, mama!

I bit my bottom lip thinking of that.

“Oh my God you liked him.” shock was painted at her face as she was yelling at me.

“I did.” I admitted nodding my head. If there was a sound when someone rolled his eyes I would be deaf right now. I literally saw her irises vanish in her head before coming back again.

I parked in front of our favorite sushi restaurant and looked at her.

“How about we get some sushi for now and I promise me you I’ll let you be judgy and condescending as long as you like afterwards.”

She uncrossed her legs and got out of the car and I’m sensing she is mad for some reason.

“You’re buying. And after that we are booking an appointment in a mental clinic just to make sure you’re sane.” Laughing I grabbed my purse and got out of the car.

“You got yourself a deal.”

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