Chasing the nerd

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Cha[ter 4| Noah

I slowed down as I reached Conner’s garage. He peeked squinting his eyes from where he stood and when he realized it was me he looked surprised and horrified and came rushing towards me.

“Oh baby. What has he done to you?” he said stroking gently my car and inspected the damage.

“Have you lost your mind? What did you do?”

Boy, he sounded mad. I pushed back my hair awkwardly. It physically hurt to see my car in this condition. I cherished it way too much and that damned bimbo crashed!

“It wasn’t my fault. I wouldn’t do anything like that. I had an accident. A damn bitch caused this.” I said defensively getting worked up again as I was thinking about it.

“Well then that changes everything. Did you get the accident reported? Is her insurance paying for that?” he said still looking at the car, I paused in my tracks and scratched my neck.

“Noah?” he raised his sight to look at me expecting to hear my answer.

“Well..” I said putting my hands in my jean pockets looking a bit guilty.

“The fuck dude? Did you got all mushy again and let her go without paying?”

“Oh hell no. she offered to pay but I rejected.”

“Ah, I see. I suspect it’s because you started crapping money lately?” he said sarcastically crossing his huge arms in front of me. He looked intimidating so tall and buff and that white T-shirt he had on looked like it was gonna rip any moment now. He squinted again because sweat rolled down from his bald head into his eye but he endured the burning never breaking eye contact with me. I sighed defeated.

“It was Rachel Brody. She was the one that hit me.”

“Fine, it’s not like she has financial issues. Why did you rejected?”

“I’m not taking money from that bitch. She threw it at my face like it didn’t mean a thing to her. I should have told her where she can shove them.” I said gritting my teeth again as I relived it.

“Right. So I’m guessing you mastered the art of stripping that’s why you are beyond of money all of a sudden?” he said again in the same tone. I chuckled a little and took my glasses off to wipe them in my shirt.

“Um, no.”

“Well then I suggest you start practicing because one way or another you will have to come up with the money to pay for this. If stripping doesn’t work I hear there are some job opportunities in the gigolos department. You take your pick.” He said and started walking towards the garage.

“Wait is it really that much?” I asked walking to catch up to him.

“What do you think? Do you see any Impala parts around here? I have to make an order and that thing costs you know! The only thing I can do for you is replace that broken turn light and only because I don’t want you getting a fine as well.” He said and started ruffling things around the garage to find the tools he needed.

“So.. Rachel Brody? Was she looking good?” he said wiggling his eyebrows at me playfully. I took my time to answer. Of course she was looking good. She was hot, definitely a nine if you considered her looks only. Fine tan legs, right sized tits, long dirty blond hair and plump lips. Such a waste.

I shrugged a little.

“Couldn’t tell. She started talking right away and her attitude washed everything away.”

He inspected my face for a moment searching for any sign that I was bullshitting him and when he couldn’t find a thing he shrugged.

“Because it’s you I’ll say that I believe you.”

Even though he knows my too well I have a mean poker face. If I don’t want to, no one can see my emotions on my face. I’ve practiced the art of deception a long time ago. Now I am a master at it. I wasn’t gonna let him see that I checked her out a little too much. Hell, I didn’t even wanted to admit that to myself either. Truth is though I did but I’m blaming it in the vulnerability of the moment.

“Was she alone?”

“Nah, her minion was with her. Shit her pants by the way. She looked in shock.” I said smirking.

“You know word on the street is she is with Peter Zackary. This week at least.” He said looking intrigued. I can’t understand this man seriously.

“What you learned that at your appointment for a mani-pedi?” I said sarcastically. Which man at his right mind gossips that much?

“I own a garage shop you bonehead. People come in and talk. I tend to listen.” he said without even looking at me while he was working on my car to get that light fixed.

“Yeah, but who cares? She has a different boy toy every week. You know that, everybody knows that even her boy toys know that. I bet they are counting their days before she gets bored and dumps them.” I said scrolling through Facebook in my phone to pass the time. Spring break is almost over and the fraternities are planning their come-back parties posting invitations in the campus’s page at Facebook. Great. Another round of drunk students throwing up in every corner of the campus forgetting everything they have done the night before.

“Jealous you’re not one of them?” smirking at me he looked up and I shot him a death glare.

I scoffed and shrugged my shoulders.

“If I wanted a plastic doll I could’ve bought one. Maybe you are jealous though. You sound like it.”

“Hell yeah I’m jealous. I could’ve ridden that thing real hard.” He sucked his bottom lip and I laughed out loud throwing my head back.

“Do you have a hard on? Do you need me to leave the room so you can get off?” I teased him. He stood up wiping his dirt hands on his jeans looking amused.

“No need for that. Thank you for the offer. You are good for now. She looks horrible but you can manage until you find the money to six her.” He said patting gently the hood of my car.

I fist bumped him and opened the door to get in.

“Heading downtown?”

“Yeah, I have to apply for some internships. You never know maybe I’ll find one with pay. Hey, I may go by the sex store to buy you one of those inflammable sex dolls then you can have your own Rachel. Sound good?”

“Ooh, you are a mean one. So many hateful comments. I’m sad I wasn’t there to see that you said to her face.”

As I put my key in the ignition I thought what he said. Everything I said to her didn’t seem to affect her at all and that was bothering me. It’s like it went through one ear right out from the other. Maybe next time I will try a little harder.

Next time? The fuck! I don’t want to talk to her ever again. Where the hell did that come from?

“Believe me her brain is so empty I bet she didn’t understand half of it” he laughed with my response and I started the car right away.

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