Chasing the nerd

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Chapter 5| Rachel

"Danny?" I knocked lightly the door on my dad's office where my brother was working I assumed.

"Yeah, come in." I heard him say slowly and I opened the door finding him in the middle of what it seemed like a hundred thousand invoices and paperwork spread all over dad's desk. He looked exhausted, dark circles forming under his eyes, his hair were out of order and he had unbuttoned his dress shirt a little.

"You busy?" I said carefully still standing in the door. I felt unease and I kind of regretted to disturb him for something so stupid.

"Yeah, always. You know I might hire someone to help me with these things I feel like they choke me. Anyway, come in I could use a break. What'd need?" he stood up and purred himself a drink from dad's stash of whiskey. They both loved it. I on the other hand couldn't bear it at all. I was more into the sweet kind of alcohol.

"See, I kind of did a stupid thing.." I said dragging my sentence a little too much on purpose and started biting the inside of my cheek.

He sat down again and motion for me to sit as well,then he crossed his arms over the papers in front of him squinting at me.

"What kind of stupid thing?" he asked suspicious. I have done a lot of stupid things over the years so I can't hold against him his reaction.

"I may have crashed the car." I said looking at my feet feeling a bit embarrassed.

He signed annoyed.



"Ok then. I see you didn't get hurt. Wait, is Tina ok?" he said suddently his voice full of concern and I saw something else flash into to his clear gray eyes just for a minute but I couldn't tell what it was exactly.

"Yes, she is fine. She maybe a bit mad at me as she says I'm playing fast and loose with her life but other than that she is ok. a little too bitchy but ok."

"Oh, ok good. So was it a tree that came out of nowhere again?" he exhaled relieved and started shuffling through the pages in front of him waiting to hear what damn excuse I'll come with this time.

"See, that's the thing." I started slowly "I kind of hit another car."


"Well, apparently there was a stop sign I didn't see so.." I got up and paced nervously up and down mixing and remixing my fingers.

"Rachel!" he said a little too loud I stoped in my tracks. Oh, I hate it when Danny is mad at me.

"Is the driver of the other car ok or the "stupid thing" you did is that you sent them to the hospital?" he said mockingly getting worked up.

"No, no. he is fine." I waved him off and saw him relax a bit more.

"Alright, whatever damage you have caused to his car the insurance will pay for it. As long as you didn't cause any physical damage on him you're fine. No need to worry. You scared me though."

"That's the thing though. He refused to let me pay for it. Apparently he doesn't want anything to do with me." I threw my hands up in the air and sat back down.

Danny look at me for a moment deep in thought.

"Who is this guy?"

"I don't know! That's why I came to you. I need your help. I took a photo of his license plate. Could you please track him down and let me know who he is? I wanna right my wrong. He didn't strike me like a guy that can easily afford that damage. Plus I bet the parts he needs are expensive judging by his car." I said too quickly, almost in one breath. Now we're getting somewhere.

"What kind of car did he have?" Danny asked scratching his chin.

"Um, I don't know. Let me check." I said and started looking through my phone to find the photo with his license plate showing it to Danny.

"An Impala? well maybe you are wrong. That's a really classic car. Maybe he can afford it." He said looking at my phone and writing down the number anyway.

"It doesn't matter Danny. He shouldn't pay for my mistakes. I am a responsible woman and I'm taking the blame. Could you please find him?" I say a bit frustrated.

He chuckles a little watching me huffing and puffing but nods ok.

"You sure that's the only reason you wanna find him?" he said suddenly a smirk forming on his lips. Damn, he struck a nerve. He is so intuitive!

"Yes, what else?" I shuttered turning my back at him so he doesn't see me blush a little.

"I don't know maybe you are in need of an adventure." He said full of innuendo laughing.

"Just find him." I said and walked away hearing him laugh again.

"Shut up!" I yelled annoyed before stepping out of the office.

"Love you!" I heard him yell when I shut the door behind me and I smiled.

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