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When Archie Daniels came to this new high school to have his senior year after moving in town knowing only one person, he wanted nothing more than to study in his last year. Love will wait, he thought. But the very first day at school he locked eyes on one of the old girls at school. That day brought very charming, attractive, beautiful and jumpy Mary Cooper to his life. Their friendship was a normal one, little did he know where it was leading him, that it was only beginning. Everything became complicated since Mary had a boyfriend, Andrew Jones, tall, hot and handsome and one of the school's football team stars. Her life became even more inexplicable but full of passion and hot encounters with these guys. The story will be full of rollercoaster emotions and nights full of thoughts but in the end it will be worth to wait.

Romance / Erotica
Mary Priscilla
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Chapter 1

Archie's POV

I get to class with the vexation running in my veins. Moving in a new town without any relatives, friends but just you and your folks after a troublesome past at your previous school

"Hey man," I snapped out of my thoughts as Kevin tapped me all smiles

Kevin is one of the school's football team stars. Almost every girl is head over heels for him. We studied in the same class for two years at my previous school. We have always been meeting, communicating and talked me into joining him at his school.

"Hey Kevin, how are you doing? " I asked him

He introduced me to some of his friends, Andrew,Alistair and some others. A voice of a very excited girl interrupted the long introduction and we all turned. She quickly approached the bloke next to me who I had learnt that he's called Andrew and they excused themselves. My eyes were stuck up on her till she disappeared from my sight. Mary is her name, charming, beautiful with nice legs, I will say she is a very attractive girl. The day passed on like that and in the evening I left with Kevin for our dorm. Unfortunately Kevin wasn't my roomie and it truly pissed him off.

On settling in, I was unpacking most of the boxes, I had carried with me then someone came in, he must be my roommate. After unpacking and arranging my stuff it was already late, Dean and I moved to some diner, most of my classmates I had seen today were there, think it's their place. Dean brought me to this place we talked about school, home, plans after school. I will truly get along with him, he is fun and humble. We had placed our orders ten minutes ago and a nice looking waitress brought our orders on the table, I ordered for a burger and smoothie and Dean ordered for fries, chicken and a soda. We talked about a lot of stuff and left the diner at a half past nine.

I heard birds chirruping, on getting up it was already morning, I got up feeling really tired. I didn't want to go to school but for the fact that it was my second day, I had to attend classes. I showered then dressed up in simple blue jeans, a white T-shirt and sneakers. I tried waking Dean up but he wasn't planning on studying toady. The distance to school wasn't that long so I moved and on my way I saw her, Mary in all her glory with some other girl I didn't mind giving my attention.

Everything went just like that, not bad. When classes were done, I decided to walk to the dorm early inorder to go to the diner and meet Kevin. He didn't attend classes toady just like many of my classmates. I had moved a few blocks from school when I heard what seemed to be an argument between a couple but I decided to mind my own business not until I heard the bloke raising his voice that I could even hear what he was saying and the girl started sobbing then cried as she was also raising her voice at the boy. After a few minutes, the bloke bolted out from some small goofy room, it was Andrew with a frown on his face, he didn't see me because he was all fuming with anger.

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