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Chapter 10

Mary's POV
I had a lot of fun with Dean at the party and when he drove me back to the dorm yesterday not until he told me that he was now a single man. I wanted to scream with happiness that at least we have a chance to try being together but I said nothing like that, I ran dumbstruck and said my goodbyes and I'm not the kind to enjoy someone's pain,i know that girl cried her eyes out who in their right minds leaves this kind of a man. I know he expected me to say something but I didn't and I saw confusion written on his face. On the other hand, I wanted to hop back in his car and ask him to give me every detail but I still didn't I just let him go like that and now I was regretting. I wanted to give him the idea that if he had anything for me, I was up for it because I was feeling the same but my cowardness took over me and I was like mute for minutes before saying a word. I was drowning in my thoughts when Tasha called me as she was in the bathroom.
"Cooper help me with the towel, I have left it on the bed" she requested
I took the towel to the bathroom and put it next to the bathroom door. I didn't feel like going to school today I had already planned for it, reading a bit then completing the series of 13 reasons why. These series remind me a lot of Drew, we used to watch them together for any chance we would get. Tasha came out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel and dried her hair as she was sitting on the bed. She was surprised to see me comfortably sitting on bed not preparing to go to school, I was one that has always attended classes and my grades have always been good. She asked me why I wasn't preparing.
"I don't feel like going to school today" I told her. She always knew when to peek in my matters so she didn't insist on knowing why, that's one of the things I love about her if it was Xandy she would have made sure she got details, she dressed up and drove to school.
I took a warm bathe then dressed up in a simple indoor outfit, I started revising some few notes and my stomach started growling, I ordered for a beef pizza and a soda, I'm a pizza lover ,so I was expecting a knock on the door anytime. Image my bed and while I was setting the DVDs I heard a knock on the and I was asking myself how fast the delivery guy had gotten here. I walked towards the door and opened, to my surprise it was Archie not the delivery boy, I was happy but at the same time sad because I was so ravenous.
"come in" I said gesturing for him to get in "good morning" I continued as I closed the door behind us.
"good morning, how are you?" he asked
"Am fine, I was just waiting on a delivery boy that's why I rushed to the door" I answered
"A pizza this early" Archie shocked then he laughed and continued "I was on my way to school when I noticed that Tasha was alone in the car, I thought I should pass by and....before he conpleted the sentence, we had a knock on the door, I stood up and hurriedly opened it.
"Thank God, I was starving" I murmured to myself and paid for the delivery
"And sodas really? " Archie said in a laughter tone
"Yeah proper breakfast can't be delivered ,I planned on feasting on this till evening time." I answered
"What DVDs are those" he asked
13 reasons why season 3" I replied putting my ass down and my heart rushing
"Owww, I thought many people don't love it, but I really love it and I'm lucky that you have the very season I was waiting on" Archie said excitedly
My heart beating rate was high because I had a feeling that he was going to keep with me, watching all day.
"Actually, I used to watch them with Drew, we truly loved the series" I said
"oh okay, if you don't mind, can I join you? " he asked with pleading eyes like I could say no to him.
"don't you have lessons to attend?" I asked nervously though I didn't want him to leave
"only had a class but amnot going to attend it now" he replied
"okay then, we shall share everything" I answered happily
We watched the whole season, talking, eating, discussing the characters, laughing, I was really fun being with him, I had grown fond of Daniels, he gives me this feeling I never had with Drew. By the time it ended, it was already getting late and I had planned to buy something at the diner and come back, grab it from my room while watching some TV show, legacies season 1 but since I had company I had to find a new plan real quick when my phone buzzed and Tasha had sent me a text.
"Girl I'm so sorry, had promised to come back but this lover boy is on my neck remember I have spent time without sleeping over so I'm going to be at his place. Good evening, bye, kisses."
Oh my she had done it again putting me in danger zone. It was already late evening and Archie seemed to be enjoying his time with me, how can you even stop a man from having fun.
"She has done it again" I groaned to myself but seems like I was loud
"what?" he asked
"Tasha isn't going to come back, so I'm going to be alone till, I don't know"i answered him
"Oww, I can spend a night if you don't mind" he said with a smile on his face.
Did he know how many things started running through my head, will we kiss again, make out, what if we kiss and things go far, I don't think he knows that I'm even still a virgin, Drew was a patient man by the way, what if I slept with him, I don't want to have my first night at the dorm, no. I snapped out of my wild thoughts when he asked me whether I was okay.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Thank you" I replied
"Soo....??"he added questioningly
"you can stay for the night, what are we going to buy for dinner?" I asked him
"what do you have in mind" he asked back
"I thought of getting fries, chicken and sausages" I answered
"Mmmh, breakfast for dinner I see" he said jokingly
"we will have real dinner, at some new dinner that has just opened up across the street" he continued
"okay," I replied and looked for what to wear
I wore a very simple dress and we headed to the diner. We talked about prom which was soon happening and he asked whether we can hang out together then go for the after party later at night. It was a very brilliant idea and I loved it. I told him that we should find and interesting place then.
"I know a very nice place next to my hometown" he said
"okay then that will be nice I think" I said filling my mouth with delicious food.
After eating, we walked towards the dorm talking when we bumped into Kevin. I didn't want him to think otherwise because he'd tell Drew and he attacks Archie again, something I don't like
"hey" Kevin said
"hi" we both replied in sync
"I was just passing by, I wont tell" Kevin said jokingly with a smirk on his face
"hey, he hadn't married me, am not divorced" I said with laughter
"okay then, good night you two" Kevin said
"Good night too bro" Archie replied
We entered the room, I had to take a shower and I took my clothes with me because I didn't want to make Archie feel uncomfortable. After moving out of the bathroom, I found Archie sitting on my bed, I have to admit, I was getting ideas but I just brushed them away. I wanted to get something to dry my hair from the bed but I was afraid of telling him so I decided to move towards him. I don't know what ideas he got in his head but the unlucky me tripped and I found myself in a very dangerous position, on top if Archie on the bed, for deep thinkers, can think I was stroking him. We stayed like that staring in each other's eyes and his gaze made me wet. I think he was alarmed but he didn't say a word. How badly I wanted to taste his lips again but I stayed away from that, he was the gentleman he's always been. I didn't let the horny me take control so I just apologized and got off him. Archie was hard everywhere though not so certain what was down there, I think he works out.
I dried my hair and put in the DVDs, the series of legacies started playing. Archie hadn't said a word since the incident and I didn't want to talk about it either so it was fine with me. Silence filled the room and voices from the TV were ongoing, we watched till mid night and I started yawning my eyes had started feeling heavy and I told Archie I wanted to sleep and added that he will sleep in my bed and I will go for Tasha's. I really wanted to sleep in his embrace but that wasnt for now and I made peace with it.
I said my goodnight and headed to Tasha's bed while I was covering myself, Archie came and pecked me on the cheeks, I blushed. Then he also made his way to my bed. I had a very good night, I felt safe since he was sleeping in the same room I was.
I woke in the morning expecting to see his cute face but my face got a frown when my bed was already made and a note on bedside.
"I didn't want to disturb you, you look beautiful and so peaceful when you are asleep, I have gone back to the dorm have to attend classes, see you in the art room in the evening. Nice day Mary." I just smiled

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