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Chapter 11

Archie's POV

I didnt want to wake up,her scent filled her bedsheets and her bed cover and my crotch was hard as hell just at the thought of having her under my embrace in her bed. That's when my mind was alarmed that I had classes tomorrow, I decided to shake the strange feeling of pervertness from me and got to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I really wanted to kiss her good morning but her sleeping beauty flushed in my eyes and I just wrote her a note and left for my dorm. She's such a beauty to look at like my life depended on it.
On opening the door to my room, my smile vanished because of the fuming Dean infront of me.
"Dude, you weren't picking up my calls not even texting me back, what happened" he asked pissed
"A lovely good morning bro, I'm fine and you don't have to worry about where I had slept, I'm a grown up man" I snugged making my self comfortable
"Then, where did you spend a night?" Dean asked looking at the cool me
"At a friend's, gave company, so stop acting like a protective elder brother, I have classes to attend." I replied moving towards the bathroom.
"okay, I think that's why you didn't attend the economics class yesterday" he said
"stop roasting me dude, you ruining my mood" I replied and closed the bathroom door behind me.
I know Dean is a very nice, caring concerned friend but he is over protective and has always shown negativity towards my acquaintance with Mary, so I wasn't telling this time round. I didn't like the way his words were stinging my heart so I kept last night to myself. I was happy that I was going to spend the evening with Mary. She told me yesterday that she will be going back home this weekend bad come back on Sunday evening I was really going to miss her.
I took a warm bathe, dressed up and drove to school, I tried concentrating but yesterday's incident kept ringing in my head like an alarm, why can't I stop thinking about her. I just care about her, I convinced myself. Icouldn't wait for the evening to come I was imagining a lot of things, seeing her smiling, laughing, blushing and I couldn't wait like a kid that was promised ice-cream. After the first class I had to meet Kevin.
"Hey bro" I said grabbing a seat near by
"hey, how was the night? " he asked jokingly
"good and yours" I replied seriously, I didn't want give him any ideas.
"Mmmh, I see you, you broke some hymen yesterday" he said with a smirk
What was he even talking about, who's virginity had I broken yesterday, as far as I remember nothing happened between me and Mary. A question came up at the back of my mind. "is she virgin? holy crap, I have to be the one to... " I shook my pervert thoughts and turned to Kevin who was still smiling. When did even start thinking about such stuff.
"what you're to say, Mary is..." I stopped suddenly
"yeah, the way Drew is impatient on such matters,we have always wondered what influence she had on him. She still a virgin, bro,you can go on and....." he was still talking when I cut him off.
"don't even think about it, there's nothing going on between me and her" I replied and continued "your boy attacked me after their break up and I made sure I put him in the right position, she was too good for his sake" I explained to Kevin whose jaw was lingering on the ground.
"Wait, what? Drew attacked you, hmm I think he had the feeling that you and the Cooper girl had a thing" he said
"Dude, I was pissed, why could he go so low to that extent, she wasn't his property after all" I said
"I know man, he's just embarrassed because she's the one that broke up with him and they hadn't yet went down on wood, you know" Kevin answered
I didn't want this conversation at all, it was reminding me of how Drew attacked me and I hated it to my guts so I changed the topic.
"Do you have a date for prom?" I asked Kevin
"Yeah, Felista, the top cheerleader" he answered
"okay" was all I managed to say
"so, who's your date, Mary? trust me Drew will make a fuss at the party if he sees you two" he said
"I'm not going to attend maybe after party and Mary isn't interested as well" I explained
"I see, anyway I have to go for practice, see you later" he said
"alright" I replied and left for the art room
I was expecting to see Mary so I rushed to the room and prepared my stuff when she came in with all her glory, stunning as usual.
"hello" she said
"oh, Mary,you are a bit early" I said
"I told you, I have all day" she replied
"I see, how are you?" I asked observing her
"I'm fine, what do we have here?" Mary asked looking around the room
"I have an art piece to do" I replied.
I sat on a near by stool and offered her a another seat and she was thankful. I started working on my piece while she was watching my every move, we talked as I was doing my work and finished at around seven in the evening. We exited the school premises and headed for the diner for its everyone's place.
We ate talked, I was feeling at peace in her presence. She asked me whether I can give her a ride to the dorm and I accepted, can I even say no. The drive to her dorm wasn't far and within a few minutes, I was parking in the dorm's parking lot. We both moved out happily, she told me she had to pack a few essentials for she was going back home on the weekend that's why she came back early. I didn't mind walking her to her door step and my soul went to heaven when she hugged me her soft little boobs on my hard chest the scent of her hair, my soul landed back in me when I felt man getting hard at the thought of having one of her nipples in my mouth and sucking on each of them, how a pervert I had become.
I pulled away from the hug cause my bulge wanted out and Mary didn't have any face, I thanked the heavens for that. I said my goodbyes and drove out of the parking lot.

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