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Chapter 12

Archie's POV
I was going to miss Mary for the weekend like I have always been spending it with her. She left very early in the morning and I really felt bad. I have tried reading but my mind was just flashing back memories. I wanted to run after to her home town like I could even, I just gave up. I got up from bed and had a shower, Dean was already up doing some work as he was waiting for me to dress up and go grab breakfast. I drove to the diner without saying a word to Dean.
After our order was brought to the table, I dug into it, I was really staving. Dean tried bringing up all sorts of stories but I wasn't up for it. After eating I told him I will be spending the day at Kevin's and he whine of course telling he had planned something for us to kill the boredom but I didn't want to stay around him for the mean time. I don't know why I had started hating Dean, he's a friend you will ever want to have but his negativity towards Mary had reached my nerves and I couldn't help being around a lot. I drove us back to the dorm, I left Dean whining but I gave him a deaf ear.
I drove to Kevin's, he is a nice friend just like Dean but the only difference between them is that Kevin has a lot of positivity and the aura around him is peaceful compared to Dean's who is always telling you the dos and donts. He is always warning you on what you should and shouldn't do like you are a novice at whatever you are doing, it's okay to advise someone but he over does it and it's something I really hate. I found the gate open and drove to the parking lot where many cars were parked. On knocking, in all people why was it this one that opened for me, Drew opened the door widely and gestured me to come in. I didn't say a lot to him, I didn't want to cause a fuss. I wanted to take my mind off a lot of stuff.
"hey bro, I didn't think you would come" Kevin said
"after all, I had nothing to do for the weekend" I replied
"Where is Mary? Thought you were coming with your best friend in quots" he said with a smirk on his face
"dude, her ex is here, he might eavesdrop. I don't want to cause a fuss, came to have some fresh air" I replied seriously
"okay, but first tell me what's up with you two, seems like you have gotten fond of each other" Kevin said almost whispering
"Nothing, stop prying dude" I repied moving towards Alistair trying to escape from Kevin
"hey dude" I said reaching out my hand to Alistair
"hey Archie you have been lost around here" Alistair said
"hmmm, bro, you won't escape that jazz. I will get back to you shortly" Kevin said moving towards the kitchen where Drew was
"Seems like you have stuff to handle" Alistair said jokingly
I grinned. "nothing really, that's Kevin being Kevin" I replied
"yeah, so what have you been up to nowadays?" Alistair asked
"A lot of work on the table, art..." I explained
"I get that man. Rumor has it that you and Mary Cooper are dating" Alistair said with a smirk on his face
I didn't like having this conversation with him especially not in Andrew's presence. But can get frenzy, hell no.
"oh, what is with every on in this school, we were paired for geography assignments, that's why I'm with her most of the times" I said
"Dude, that's not the way everyone see it. Drew is not yet in shape since they broke up so you should be careful he might dig into you, sorry for prying anyway" he said with sincerity
"Thank you man, but nothing is there to tell" I said calmly
"alright" he replied
I went Jk the sitting room and pulled out my phone, scrolled through my instagram, twitter when someone texted me, it was Mary.
I felt like screaming because of the joy I was feeling inside but I stayed put and replied
"I'm fine and you?
I was feeling happy that she had texted me. First time she texted me and I asked her where she had gotten my number from, she said she had asked it from Kevin and of course he gave it to her. I wasn't surprised, he has always been pushing me towards Mary something I found myself loving in a short run. I was still in my sweet thoughts when a frown grew on my face, Drew was approaching me what did he want this time round. I wanted to get up and go but stayed there just like any man should.
"hey dude" Drew said calmly
"hey" I replied
Alistair and Kevin were looking at us like we are rivals that have been put in the same cage and ready to fight.
"you are a good friend of Kevin's, I see" he said
Why does he always pry, I made a mental note that he thought I was trying to snatch everything from him, first his girlfriend and now his best friend. What was wrong with him.
"yeah, we went to the same school for two years, why? I was now getting pissed
"nothing, he's my best friend you know. I'm trying to look out for him" said
"what's that supposed to mean?" I asked
"I heard that you are dating Mary Cooper" he said in a very annoying tone not even minding about my question
"hmm. You think I can hurt my friend, dude get straight and I have nothing to explain to you" I said getting back to my phone
"you might be a Prince Charming and humble bloke to them but to me, you are just some troll seeking attention" he said moving away from where I was.
"excuse me, who the hell do you think you are to insult me like that?" I asked and now I was beyond pissed.
"someone you admire to be and can't be" he replied with ease turning to face me
"you asshole" was all I said before my face turned red. Holy crap, he had punched me in the face, Kevin and Alistair rushed to us. But before they reached to stop the fight, I had given Drew a few punches in the face as well and I didn't think he was that weak, he was lying on the ground cursing.
Kevin got to me and asked me what had happened then he turned to Drew and asked him whether he was fine as Alistair was steading me, I couldn't care less if I had beaten the crap out of him. Kevin apologized for Drew's behavior, he was his best friend after all and I told him that he wasn't supposed to apologize for his mess because he wasn't responsible for anything.
"where are you going? We can sort this out" Kevin said pleadingly making his way to me
"let him be" Drew said in gritted teeth.
"I'm going back to the dorm. I can't share a roof with him, I might end up doing shit I can't take back" I said my hand on the knob. I have always known better than to fight, I always keep my anger in check. Kevin kept on asking me to stay but I was already a goner, I just couldn't take it anymore, Drew had crossed limits with me. I got to my car and drove off. As I was on my way, Mary called me but I was too pissed to talk to her, I wasn't in the moods, I didn't pick up. I know it was a jerk move since she had done nothing bad to me it was Drew but I was just really mad at the world at the moment. I promised myself to call her when I feel fine but who was I lying, I couldn't get over it so easily and quickly.
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