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Chapter 13

Mary's POV

I have been friends with Lynna for a very long time and she is my immediate neighbor and best friend. Xandy lives the immediate town before ours but we often meet at our favorite diner. When I got back home, my parents arranged a special dinner that will be happening today with Lynna's parents and herself. We had both come back home for the weekend. I was truly excited, I had taken long without seeing Lynna's parents, they are very nice people and I love them like my own. If I'm in need of anything, they can provide and do same applies to Lynna and my parents.
I joined my mum in the kitchen and helped her prepare everything for dinner while dad was watching his favorite program in the sitting room. I had called Archie, texted him and I wasnt getting anything from him. I was worried about him, I had a feeling that something bad had happened but I couldn't tell so I just kept calm and waited for him to call or text me. Lynna and her folks arrived and joy filled the place I truly missed them. I helped my mum get dinner on the table while my dad was looking for a suitable record album to play.
We all sat at the table and dug into our food, we talked, laughed. I realised I hadn't laughed this much in a while but until my cheeks went red when Lynna talked about Archie. Now everyone was asking me questions.
"Who is this Archie Daniels that Lynna is talking about?" Mrs Michealson asked
I gave Lynna the I'm going to kill you look. Before I even replied my mom was already talking.
"She hasn't yet told me about having another Prince Charming, I last heard from Lynna that she had jilted Drew" my mum said forking her food
I was truly going to clap someone tonight. Lynna was going to face my wrath.
"Don't give me that look, tell them" Lynna snugged
"Anha, we are all ears" Mrs Michealson said
"Dad, are you also part of the roasting? I asked my dad jokingly
"I wouldn't want to but I want to know as well" he answered
"So no one is on my side" I said
"Exactly" Mr Michealson replied
"Okay, Archie Daniels is new at our school and he became friends with me because our geography teacher paired us for assignments so I meet up with him whenever we have been given anything to go about. He's my friend that's all" I said truthfully because we hadn't gotten any way further
Everyone looked at me with the I don't think that's all eye.
"oh, really" Lynna said
"Stop roasting me" I said looking at Lynna
"She will tell us more when she feels like its time, maybe things are not yet official, right" Mrs Michealson said looking at me
"Yeah, if he becomes anything more than a friend, you will all be informed" I said
"Okay, is he going to be your prom date?" my mum asked
"Mmmh, really? No, am not interested in attending prom" I answered
"Why?" Mr. Michealson asked
"I'm not interested, that's all and I will just go for the after party" I answered
"You are still welcome here, you can spend the weekend home"my dad said
"Actually, Daniels will be taking me to some nice place next to their home town, we shall hangout and then get ready for the after party" I explained
"Owww, what a friend!" Mr. Michealson saidthen grinned
"Girl, why didn't you tell me and Xandy first before breaking the news here, I'm truly disappointed" Lynna said sadly
"I was going to tell you but I couldn't reach you yesterday" I lied
"Alright, I would love to meet this bloke" my dad said with a smirk on his face
"What, why?" I asked confused
"He's you friend" was all he said then my mum told me to help her with the dishes and I followed her to the kitchen. After doing the dishes, we went to the sitting room and I connected my Netflix on the screen and we watched a short comedy film.
Everyone laughing and very happy. This was the best weekend in the last three weeks being with my lovely folks and Lynna's. The evening was really nice, at around nine, Mr and Mrs Michealson said their goodbyes. Lynna was to spend a night at our place and of course sleep in my room. She only sleeps in the guest room if Xandy is going to sleep there. Tomorrow morning we had to leave for school, Lynna carried her essentials with her and my mum was to drop us at the dorm.
We spent the night talking until we slept off. In the morning, we got up showered and packed then had breakfast and said our goodbyes to my dad then my mum drove us to the dorm. The journey was filled with jazz, we talked about prom and all that stuff. My mum left after we had both made our way to our rooms and she waved at us. I wasn't planning on attending school and prepare for the week.
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