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Chapter 14

Archie's POV

I can't forget Drew's fist landing on my face but as I was still on that issue, Mary texted me that she's back at her dorm. I didn't reply, I was feeling very embarrassed and bad for pushing her away without even telling her why. I have never been so nervous like this before, what am I going to tell her. I have been an asshole to her since the weekend and now she's back. In this kind of moment, I had to be bluffing instead of showing the coward I am.

I was drowning in my thoughts when I heard a knock on the door, I was half dressed in shorts only. On opening the door, I was dumbstruck, Mary was standing infront of me, I didn't want to see me in this state, I still had a black eye. I wanted the ground to swallow me but that's very impossible. It's time to face my own fear.

"Hey Daniels, are you okay?" Mary's sweet voice brought me back to reality

"Yeah, I'm so sorry, come in." I said.

"I expected you to be at school, why haven't you attended classes today?" she asked

"Ammm, I have some little things going on in my head but I will go tomorrow" I answered

"okay, you haven't been answering my calls not texts, why?" she asked confused

"I'm so sorry, I'm a jerk because you didn't deserve that treatment, I'm truly sorry" I said truthfully

"It's fine, tell me what was happening to you, you even have a black eye, I was worried. Thought something bad had happened to you" she said

I felt happy that she was worried about me but I don't want to cause another fuss by telling her about Drew, but who was I lying, she was going to insist till.

"Amm...i...ammm... Nothing actually" I lied

"Mmmh, someone is lying to me, tell me the truth" she said in a serious tone

I couldn't hide it from her, I don't know why. I'm always true to my words but in her presence I can't hide anything. What is Mary doing to me. Whatever it is, I can't explain

"I was at Kevin's when you texted me and that's when Drew walked up to me and started roasting me about Kevin, I kept cool for a while. Then he asked me about me and you and I told him the very thing I had told him at first. That's when he started insulting me. I wanted to get away from him but...." I went silent

"But??" Mary asked in a very serious tone

"He came at me and punched me in the face. I also returned the punch and gave him others till he was on the ground cursing. It was a total blunder but I know that's no reason for silent treatment. I'm so sorry, I was truly pissed, I would have took it all out on you" I exclaimed

"That lunatic, who does he think he is to meddle in my life like that. I should be the one apologizing, for my ex is acting like an asahole" Mary said very pissed

I have always seen her smiling, laughing and joking around but this time round she was truly pissed, very angry and ready to attack someone. Thanks to God, Dean didn't get to know what had happened or else he would have told me to stay away from Mary because I was getting myself in trouble.

"Hey it's okay, this is my fight. He started it so I gave it to him, let me finish it" I said

"I'm really sorry that he did that to you. How are you?" she asked

"I'm fine, I just put some ice on my face but trust me he needed a full sack of ice for what I did to him." I said jokingly

"Hahaha, he deservedit for real" she laughed

"Have you eaten?" she asked

"Amm, not yet" I replied

"I have some snacks, I brought with me from home, if it's fine with you. We can go to my dorm and get them" she said

I was happy that I was feeling relieved now, I was truly fifty shades of nervous but now I'm fine. She truly does have an effect on me.

"it's okay but let me first have a shower" I said happily

"Alright, let me wait for you. Take your time" she said

After taking a shower, I dressed up and we both walked to the dorm's parking lot. We hopped in the car and I drove off. On the way we talked about prom which was to happen next week.

"Do you still want to hangout with me?" I asked

"I should be the one asking you that question because I have caused you a lot of trouble" she said looking me straight in the eye

"I'm willing to take the risk" I said truthfully

"At least I have someone willing to take up a risk for me" she said jokingly

"Thank you Daniels for being a good friend to me" she said heartily

I wanted to tell her that I want us to be more than friends but I kept that to myself. I will let it out when I feel its the right time.

"You're welcome, you are a very nice person and you deserve better" I wanted to tell her that she deserves a man like me but I just told her that she's worth being loved.

"how was home anyway?" I asked

"Very fine and I enjoyed a lot, can you believe Lynna told our parents about you and everyone roasted me now my dad wants to meet you" she said

"Ohh, I think I made an impression on them already" I said jokingly

"They always want to know what's going on in my life. I love them for the support they give me, you know" she said

"Wow, I think I must do some shopping" I said and we both bust into laughter

I parked my SUV and we both moved out. I have fallen for Mary even more because of her sincerity and simplicity she had shown me today. We made our way to her room, for the first time ever, her roomie was there. I have always heard a lot about her from Mary and Kevin had told me that she's Derrick's girlfriend when I had just became friends with Mary. She looks gorgeous and stunning with her blonde hair but still Mary is way more stunning, beautiful with blonde hair but still Mary is way more stunning, beautiful, cautious and fine.

We ordered for a chicken pizza, sausages and sodas for lunch, we jazzed a lot and watched the first season of the series of siren. Tasha is very funny and she was always pushing Mary towards me which was absolutely fine.

In the evening, I said my goodbyes and Mary walked me out to the parking lot. I drove off listening to Meek Mill's championship album and singing along. I had taken long without having this feeling. I'm in love.

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