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Chapter 15

Archie's POV
I'm truly attracted to Mary and think she's also attracted to me but she's very friendly which confuses me. She might be seeing me as only a friend and yet for me I'm willing to pour out my feelings for her I have spent some good days without hanging out with her and am not at peace with myself for that. We have a lot of art work and projects to go about and I have been spending all of my time doing that work and learning the human figure. I'm happy for my progress by the way.
I have been communicating with Mary every day and I usually talk to her after the geography classes but for a short time. Art classes are taking a toll on me, the only thing I hate is not having time for Mary. Prom is to happen over the weekend and I will be spending the day with her. Today I had to present my work, I was truly exhausted by the end of the day after all I had to present all of the work I had done. When everyone had left, I organized my things and put them in the trunk then drove off. I didn't want anyone to strain me for I had had a long day, I was really tired all I wanted was a hot bathe and grab something to eat and maybe watch. Dean wasn't yet back, he had some family issues to handle. Before I had put my plans in action, I had a knock on the door.
I was flabbergasted, Drew was standing right infront of me. What did he want from me after all that had happened.
"I'm truly exhausted, I don't want to argue or have another fight with you." I said calmly
"Dude, I haven't come all the way to put up a fight, Can I come in?" he asked innocently
I didn't want him to come in but I'm a very peaceful person, I wanted to know the reason as to why, he had come here.
"Alright, come in"i said getting inside and he followed my lead
"Archie, I have come here to apologize, I truly was an asshole to you" he said
I couldn't believe that Andrew Dawson was apologizing to me in all his glory.
"What makes you think I can accept your apology?" I asked him
"I know you are a very generous person, Kevin talked me out of my anger and I have made peace with the fact that Mary Cooper broke up with me. I have come to understand that you are just another friend of hers" he exclaimed
"Dude, you acted like a raving lunatic. I hadn't done anything wrong to deserve that treatment and still you reached to my nerves that I beat the hell out of you" I said
"I goaded you, just like any other person you reacted. I'm so sorry dude. For all this time, I couldn't believe that she had jilted me. I loved her however much I wasn't the most honest and faithful boyfriend. She deserves better and I believe you will make her happy" he said sadly
This whole thing was intricate to believe and to take in. Was Drew finally letting go of Mary and placing her into my hands. I was getting relieved at the thought of that.
"It's fine, I understand that feeling but at times you should let something go. You can still get someone who is very much better than your last" I said. But who could be much better than Mary, I don't know for real, she's a full package and Drew was a jerk to let her go.
"Kevin was right, you are a nice bloke. If you want to be with Mary Cooper, I'm totally fine with it. You're even lucky, we hadn't yet gotten intercourse. She's very special and I will beat the hell out of you this time round if you mess with her" he said jokingly
"I know she's something to die for. I think all how needed was tranquility for you to put yourself right" I said
"Yeah and all thanks to Kevin. He has been with me in every step" he said heartily
"That's Kevin being Kevin" I laughed indeed thanks to him really, who could see this happening
"Yeah, indeed. Anyway thank you for your time, not all people would grant you a chance. I should get going." he said
"Alright, I was also planning on refreshing. Good night" I said preparing myself for the bathe
"Good night" he replied and moved out. He shut the door behind him and I heard his car making noise in the parking lot.
I smiled at the thought of kissing Mary, finally I was free to have her. I had a hot bathe and ordered for something simple to eat, my stomach was growling. I woke up at ten after my phone had buzzed, Dean had sent me a text that he will be coming back today. Everyone was preparing for the prom party which was to happen tomorrow. I got up and made the room tidy, did my laundry and ordered for breakfast. A few minutes after showering, the delivery was made. I got some DVDs and settled. Mary texted me and I was almost jumping off the bed because of excitement.
"Hey, we have a date tomorrow"
Did she just call it a date, I couldn't believe my eyes, I was excited about tomorrow. I couldn't wait to tell her saying that I hadn't forgotten and the time we shall be meeting. Mmmh, take this chance and ask her out. We both know you want this, my inner voice was doing it's job. In the evening, Dean joined me at the diner and we had dinner then drove back to the dorm. He was going to attend the prom party and he had gotten a date though I didn't ask for details. I was so anxiously waiting on tomorrow.
I woke up in the morning very excited and Dean was totally not getting the reason behind my happiness.
"You aren't going to attend the prom night but you are so excited than I am" he said
"Yeah, I will be going somewhere today but I will come for the after party" I said happily
" Is this about the Cooper girl? Did something happen between the both of you when I was away?" he asked
"I fought with Drew a week ago, when Mary had gone back home, I didn't talk to her till she was back. Now yesterday, Drew came here and apologized, we talked and now we are in good terms" I said with a smirk on my face for the last part.
"Dude, why did you have to keep me in the shadow?" he asked fuming
"See! Now that is the reason as to why, I was able to handle my issues. You act like my elder brother, I'm a grown up and I can handle issues by myself, I don't need guidance everytime. You don't like Mary and I made peace with that but stop over showing it" I said truthfully. I have been waiting on the day I will say it to his face. I love Dean but he's too much at times.
"Okay, so this is all about her. You fought with Drew and you still think she's good for you? There are many stunning girls that are your type I don't know why you are insisting on keeping her" he said
"You weren't her friend and you still aren't so you don't know what person she is. Stop your prejudice, I have grown to hate it. You don't know what's good for me, who's is my type and who ain't, I should be the one deciding for myself, not you" I groaned. He was truly getting on my nerves
"She's just some random girl with a messed up reputation. Maybe I will get to know the good in her in time to come but as for now I advice you to be on your guard" he said seriously
I was so angry with Dean, how I wish he knew that I was planning on asking Mary out, he would have been positive at some issues. I was still fuming when my phone buzzed
"Daniels, I'm getting ready, are you?
Mary had texted me, I replied her saying I will be at her dorm in thirty minutes. I smiled and passed by Dean to the bathroom. In ten minutes I was already out, looking for what claddings to wear. I wore a blue T-shirt and Jean daks and wore my favorite cologne. It was a very simple outfit with a pair of black sneakers. I didn't say a word to Dean, I got my phone off charge and moved out. I hopped in my car and looked for Eminem's album then drove off. The day was gay and I had a feeling that it will end very well however much it had started with an argument. I let that pass but I was still pissed at Dean. When I remembered that I will be spending the rest of the day with Mary, my mood lightened up and a smile appeared on my face.

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