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Chapter 16

Mary's POV

I was very excited to spend the day with Daniels, I wanted to make the best out of it. We had spent some good days without hanging out and I couldn't wait to have him to myself. Xandy and Lynna were really pissed attending the prom night. They had both gotten dates and I was happy for them. We had the whole winter break to ourselves so there was no need for me to attend the party with them.
I was all ready when I heard o knock on the door, it was Daniels of course. He was all looking cute, attractive, heavenly sent and his usual cologne. I had warm little make up, nude lip gloss and mascara, my look effortless but still stunning. I wore a black shirt wavy dress and pumps. I was just hoping Archie liked what he was seeing.
"just in time" I smiled
"I always keep time" he said
"You look very cute in that outfit, black looks good on you" I said truthfully
"Thank you, as for you, you're always pretty and stunning and black looks good on you as well" he said with a smirk on his face.
"I think we should get going" I said
"Sure" he said moving out
I closed the door behind me and we made our way to his SUV. His car is very nice and comfortable. It's smells like his cologne, the vanilla scent, very breathtaking.
When we hopped in the car, he played one of the Wutang record albums and he drove off. He was singing along and I was watching him like my favourite idol. He's very handsome, I can't get my eyes off him, he's such a beauty to see. I wish I could touch him, I want my hands to trail over his body, my fingers running over his chest.
"Hey" Archie said
"huh....." I muttered, his voice got me back to reality
"Are you okay?" he asked
"I'm fine, sorry, I was drowning in my thoughts" I said
"Okay, we are soon getting there, with in ten minutes we shall be there" he said
"I'm excited, had never been to this side" I said with a smile on my face
"We shall see my parents before heading back, if it's fine with you" he said
I didn't know whether I was fine with seeing his parents but I wanted to see where he lives so I had to buy the idea.
"It's okay" was all I said
I wanted to tell him that his parents might think otherwise but I kept quiet. On the other side, I kind of wanted them to know me just incase I became his girlfriend they wouldn't be so surprised. In a few minutes we had already arrived at a place that looks to be an amusement park. He parked in the parking lot and we both moved out. The place was really beautiful, I couldn't take my gaze off it and I realized that there was part of it that looked very nice for couples. There were a few people there, I made a mental note that they must be couples. There were very many people and I think they were all having fun. Archie and I made our way to the rollercoaster then after that we went to a photo booth, we bought popcorns and ice-cream, played around with them. I loved each and every moment I spent with him.
When it was coming to four in the evening, we went to the lover's park just to chill. As we were moving, Archie's hand made its way to my waist and I felt chills all over my body. I didn't say anything, I was enjoying each moment. We sat next to the dock and the aura was very peaceful. The air was fresh and there was no noise, it was so beautiful.
"I don't feel like going for the after party" I said
"Oh, why?" he asked
"I want to spend some more time here" I said. I wanted to tell him that I wanted to spend more time with him but I didn't want to make that move first.
"Oww, then we can prolong our time here. Someone is going to kill me though" he said
"Dean...huh?" I asked
"Yeah, I had promised him that I will be there" he said
"Mmh, we can go, if you want to make it up to him. I'm quite sure my girls will also get pissed but they will understand" I said truthfully
"Anyway, I'm not attending will show him how pissed I am" he said
"Did you have a roomie fight?" I asked jokingly
"You can call it that and it was about you by the way" he said
I wasn't surprised because I know that Dean doesn't like me and I don't care all I want is Archie.
"Ohh, I'm not surprised. That's him being him" I said in a low tone
"I'm so tired of his prejudice against you, he's never positive and it pisses me off" he said with a lot of seriousness in his voice.
My hopes for having Archie escalated after he said that. I was very happy that he supported me, put in word for me against Dean. I don't know why Dean doesn't like me but I still don't care about why.
"Anyway, let's let that pass and enjoy what we have right now. I like this place its very beautiful" I said closing my eyes taking in each and everything about this place
"Yeah, it really is, just like you" he said and I heard his breathe on my neck. Only that my made pants, I was still quiet, I don't know why
"I know it's so old fashioned" he added
On turning, his lips were an inch away from mine and without second thought our lips crashed and I devoured them rapaciously like my favourite snack. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth and I was happy it did. We snogged until I felt the need for air and I pulled away slowly but still kissing him. He let out a chuckle and we both laughed. That kiss was full of love, desire, passion and all those sweet things. It had already come to seven in the evening so we had to go to his home. When we got to the car, I was really nervous and Archie noticed it.
"Don't be nervous, we aren't going to stay there for long, come here" he said pulling me into his warm body. He hugged for about five minutes and I felt relaxed. He drove off and within ten minutes we were already infront of a very fancy gate and you would see the peak of the big mansion.
"I think your house is really big" I said
"Yes, it really is but I want to have something very nice and simple not so big like this one" he said as he put in some digits and the gate automatically opened itself and we spent three minutes in the drive way then the full vision of their house was in my eyes, what a nice house.
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