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Chapter 17

Mary's POV

Archie's home is very beautiful and just at the first sight, you can tell that they are affluent, its white on the outside and in the inside as well. There are very expensive paintings on the walls and a lot of glass. The place is very quiet, you might even think no one is there. My eyes were roaming over each and every corner they could reach. There aren't a lot of stuff in the sitting room and living room, everything is spik and span, the air so fresh, I couldn't finish analyzing the place when Archie touched me and I came back to my senses.
"Hey, let me first look for my parents, they might be in the backyard" he said
"But you aren't leaving me here, right?" I asked nervously
"Feel at home, just keep here, I'll be back shortly" he said
"Oh my" I replied
I stayed there just like he had told me, I didn't move was afraid to get lost in this big house. My heart almost jumped out when I heard someone talking behind me.
"Holla, mamacita" a very handsome bloke, slightly taller than me was standing there with a smirk on his face, looking at me
"I'm waiting on Archie" I said nervously
"Don't be scared, I'm of no harm" he said
"I'm Keith Daniels, Archie's elder brother" he added
Now I had gotten the whole reason as to why they look alike and are both very beautiful though Archie is taller than Keith.
"I...ammm...nice to meet you" I said
"So, you are his new girlfriend?" he asked
"Huh....? No no I'm not. I'm just a friend" I said
"Hey man" Archie said walking towards us
"I didn't know that you were coming back home" his brother said
"I have just passed by, was at the park" he said
"Okay and what about this lovely lady" his brother said with a smirk on his face
"She's called Mary Cooper, I think you have already met" he said jokingly
"Let's say. Is she.... " before Keith completed Archie had already interrupted
"Dude, hold your guard" he said
These two brothers are very free with each other, one might even think they are just friends.
"Good evening, what do we have here" a voice of a lady came through and we all turned to face her.
"Good evening Mom" Archie greeted
"Your dad is coming down as well, who's this beautiful lady here?" she asked with a smile on her face
Archie's mom is very cute woman, with black brunette hair, tall and with a posh look and dressed in elegant claddings and has an English accent. I think she was born in English or United Kingdom .
"A very close friend of mine, she's called Mary Cooper" he said confidently
"Who is Mary Cooper?" a voice of an old man that I'm quite sure is Archie's dad came from the stairs and I looked up to where he was.
"This pretty young lady here" Mrs Daniels said
"Nice to meet you Mary Cooper" Mr. Daniels said
"Nice to meet you too" I replied
"So how long have you both been dating" Mr Daniels asked with a smile
"Dad, she's a friend nothing more than that" Archie said
"And that's what we have all been told" Keith shrugged
"Are you going to have dinner with us?" Mrs Daniels asked looking at Archie then she turned her gaze at me
When I said that I wanted to spend some more time in Archie's home town. I didn't see this dinner coming but I had no other option than to abide
"Sure" Archie said
I followed Archie's mom to the kitchen to help her with preparing dinner, she had already cooked all that was left to be done was preparing the table.
"Help me with that bowl of bacon" Mrs. Daniels requested and I handed over the bowl to her. I wasn't sure of what to say when she broke the silence
"You are a very beautiful girl, Mary. I see the way my son looks at you, he's in love with you but I think he's waiting on the right time to tell you" she said
"Amm.... I like your son and a lot but we have been friends since he joined our school and I'm afraid of pouring out my feelings for him. I'm scared of rejection" I said
"Oww, I see the problem now. But let him make that move, he will be blind not to propose. You both like each other but you are still doubting and waiting on the other to make a move" she said then smiled
"But don't worry, time will come, it may be today, tomorrow or soon. Hold on" she added
"I'm willing to wait. But we are still just friends" I emphasized
"You will get there" Mrs Daniels said heading to the dining place and I followed her lead. Mr Daniels was buzzing with the boys and they were laughing very loudly that you could think there is a party going to. We all sat at the dining table and Mrs Daniels led the prayers then after, we all dug into our food. The table was silent and everyone was busy with their food when Mr Daniels spoke.
"Mary, what's your father's name? I remember sharing a class with someone with the Cooper name" he said
"Anderson Cooper" I said
"What a coincidence! We went to the same college after high school and we were buddies by the way. After college, we parted ways and I didn't hear from him till now" he said
"Owww, really? He's a very known engineer now I think you have heard of him" I said
"Yes, but I wasn't sure whether he was the one so I didn't give it a lot attention" he said
"We are also part of the table" Mrs Daniels said jokingly
"We know" Mr Daniels replied to her and we all but into laughter
After having dinner, I helped Mrs Daniels with the dishes dishes and Archie came and told me that it's getting late, he has to drop me to my dorm then drive back to theirs. We said our goodbyes to Mr and Mrs. Daniels and Keith said he will walk us out.
"Its been nice to meet you, Mr and Mrs Daniels and Keith" I said
"It's been nice to meet you too" they all said in a sync
"you are always welcome here" Mr Daniels said
"Thank you" I said
Mr and Mrs Daniels moved back into their lovely house and Keith walked us to the car and said his goodbyes. Archie drove off and the drive was full of laughter and talks, talking about our parents and so on. Archie does me back to the dorm and Tasha was already asleep, it was still early and I wondered why, I will have to ask her the following day. Archie drove to his dorm and on his way he texted me goodnight.
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