Me and you :the high school#book 1

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Chapter 2

Mary's POV

I was surprised when he touched me and told me to calm down and to stop crying. I looked at him in a blurry vision with confusion written on my face and asked him how much he had heard but he didn't answer my question. He talked me out of my mysery and we moved out if the room. Archie is funny and from the way he was talking he seemed to be responsible, his voice is soft, he smells good and he is very handsome.

He walked me to my room, I didn't want him to leave that fast, there was something about him that I got attracted to.

I woke up at three in the morning asking myself who was calling at this time of the morning. I checked the ID and it was Drew, what did he want at this time, I picked up still sleepy he sounded really drunk, apologising and saying a lot of shit at the same time. I ended the call and dialed Kevin ,I told him to pick up Drew from wherever he was, he could get himself into trouble since he was all zonked. Within a few minutes my eyes were already closed, back to sleep.

Our geography teacher paired us and he paired me with Archie,we were given an assignment as a pair so we had to meet and go about it. My roomie wasn't happy about this because I had promised to spend the evening with her at the diner but I cancelled it since I had to meet Daniels at his dorm. We discussed and got done with the assignment, it was already a half past eight. He decided to treat me diner so I accepted because my stomach was already making sounds. We didn't eat at the usual diner, we went to some other place that was very cozy.

I have always had problems, arguments, disagreements with Drew but we have always been making out. At times I want to cheat on him inorder to give him a reason to breakup with me but I'm not that kind of girl. I at most times even doubt whether I have feelings for him, I get him cheating on me several times but he apologizes and takes me out or at their lake house in his home town for the weekend and I'm left with nothing but to forgive him. So kind of me huh. How he could get to me so easily.

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