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Chapter 18

Archie's POV
I know my parents truly liked Mary on the very first sight, she can truly make an impression. I started calling and texting Mary everyday, we would talk for almost an hour about a lot of things. We would hangout after classes and weekends but this weekend was going to be quite different, we were to spend it at her home. Her parents had told her that they wanted to meet me, I was so nervous because for all my past relationships, I had never met with the girl's parents. I promised myself to make her mine at their place.
Final exams were on the way and we were to have them in two weeks time. Everyone was nervous and excited at the same time. I had already made plans to spend the winter break at my home with Mary and a few interested friends.
Dean had stopped talking about Mary and whenever I told him something about her, he would be brief with his replies. The last time he had negatively spoken about her, we spent almost a week without talking and I used to spend a lot of time with Kevin and Alistair. We started talking again last week over the weekend and I told him to keep some things to himself and he agreed. Drew had become a good friend of mine and we used to talk though not that much.
This evening I had to meet Mary but she was insisting on coming to my dorm. There are eyes and ears all over the place so I didn't want people to make notes before I made it official. She won the insisting contest and I didn't have any other option but to let her come. I don't know how Dean will be acting infront of her since, he had last been around her on his birthday. I want them to be friends, I want Dean to like Mary for me but seems like its in a long run and I'm willing to wait. I hadn't told him that she will be coming nor had I told him that I was planning on making her mine, I didn't want his opinion on this one so I kept everything to myself.
In a few minutes, Mary had arrived and she knocked but I decided to let Dean open for her, she was really fast, I think she had already started moving when she texted me that she was on her way.
"Hey Dean, " she said
"Hi" Dean replied
"Amm, Is Archie..." before she conpleted, Dean was already replying her and letting her in.
"He's inside, come in" he said calmly
"Thank you" she said moving in
I smiled on seeing her cute face in my room
"Hey Archie Daniels" she said
"Hi, Mary Cooper, how are you?" I asked happily
"I'm fine and I know you are too, not for that long smile" she said and sat next to me. I hadn't realized that my lips had stretched into a very long smile not until she talked about it. Dean was throwing glances in our direction, I think he was glaring at us even. He can also mean to take a toll on me but I let that pass since Mary was here.
"Why the big bag? " I asked confused
"Ammm.. Derrick is going to sleep over at out place and you know what happens when two love birds are in the same room" she said
"Owww, why didn't Tasha go to his place instead since you were around, if you weren't it would have been fine" I said
"Derrick has some issues with his parents, he made a mental note that they might invade his cabin and scold him for whatever so he decided to spend the night at his girlfriend's" she explained
"Ammm, so you are spending the night here as well?" I asked curiously
"Yes" she replied happily
"You aren't afraid, two big boys and one not so powerful girl" I said jokingly, Dean was just glaring at us for we were talking like he wasn't in the same room with us.
"Cut the crap, what's for dinner?" she asked
"We can order the usual stuff or go to the diner" I said checking for my wallet
"So you two have usual stuff huh? Dean asked with a wicked smile on his face
I expected Mary to say something but she kept quiet and I didn't have any option but to answer him, I think Mary was on her guard. How protective of herself
"Yeah, we do" I replied calmly
"Okay, so what are we going to do because I'm starving" Dean said
"Don't you guys have any simple groceries, I can prepare us something?" Mary asked
"We don't, for the fact that we don't have a kitchen, we have a main kitchen on the ground floor and it's for everyone" Dean replied
"Okay, let's go to the diner. I'm driving" I said grabbing my keys from the bed stand.
The drive to the diner was full of silence, Dean was asking me a few things and all I did was reply. Mary was just on her iPhone doing whatever business she was doing there until we reached the diner. We all moved out and entered, as usual most of our classmates were there and so was Kevin, Alistair, Drew and Levi. This time round Derrick was MIA.
When we walked in ,they all threw gazes in our direction. We sat three tables away from them and Kevin waved at me and I waved back. Before we placed our orders, Dean had already started whining.
"Dude, why do they have to over look our way" Dean said frustrated
"Don't mind them and don't forget that they are my boys as well" I stressed the "my boys" because I wanted to make it clear to him that I have other friends besides him, he can be a real pain in the ass but I love h still. Dean is so protective and too much at times and it drives me nuts. Kevin and the others moved out after ten minutes of our arrival and they said their good nights when they were heading out. Drew said hi to Mary and her reaction was so unexpected, she first took a few seconds to reply. She's one of the easiest people I know and I didn't expect that from her, I think she would have replied not affected by his presence but it was the opposite. No one talked about it, we all acted like nothing was happening until they left even after heading out of the diner, we didn't bring up the topic.
When time for bed came, I decided to take the couch and I kneq Mary wouldn't agree to that but in Dean's presence, she's always quiet, she didn't say a lot and curled her self in my bed. How bad I wanted to sleep holding her and giving her all the warmth I had. She said her good nights and within a few minutes, she was already in dream land, I wished that she was mine, I would have kissed her good night. I also slept off after she had went deep in sleep, such a lonely night.

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