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Chapter 19

Mary's POV

I wanted to slumber in Archie's embrace yesterday, I felt bad for not letting him sleep with me for it's his bed at least I would have slept in the couch for I was the invader but he acted the gentleman he always is. The day after tomorrow we will be leaving for my hometown, Lynna wasn't going to get home this weekend, she had boyfriend issues and Xandy asked Archie whether he could drop her off on the way and of course he didn't have a problem with it. Since I had visited Archie's home, I have always been in high spirits, always jolly. I woke with a smile on my face and used the bathroom for the boys were already awake then Archie drove me back to my dorm.

"Hey, how was the night at Archie's?" Tasha asked

"Wait, wait, so you spent a night at Archie's, girl you have balls" Derrick said

"What balls exactly? We had to meet some made an excuse to spend a night there and mark you he has a roomie" I said in my defence avoiding Tasha's gaze

"Lynna and Xandy sleep on the next floor but you decided to go all the way, girl that's twisted" Tasha said jokingly

"Tasha really! You know I couldn't just bump into them like that, Lynna is having boyfriend issues of late and Xandy doesn't want unexpected visitors, at least I was going to meet up with Archie, that was quite fine." I explained to the love birds who were roasting me.

"They are your best friends Babe, a night couldn't hurt so that's a very lame excuse" Tasha said teasing me

"Okay, she's way more comfortable to spend a night in a boy's room than a girl's, point taken" Derrick said with a smirk on his face

"Stop the roasting Romeo and Juliet. You guys are such a pain in the ass" I said

"we shall be if you continue lying to us" Tasha said

"Dean was there as well, Archie slept on the couch and I slept in his bed" I exclaimed

"Okay, you would have stayed here" Derrick said with a smirk on his face

"To hear moans and groans, no thank you" I said and then bust into laughter

"You bitch" Tasha whispered

"Excuse me?" I said moving towards my bed

"Girl you heard me right and I will be back in the evening I want to hear the whole story, okay? Tasha said seriously

"Babe, chill Mary Cooper. She won't tell" Derrick said through a laughter

"I will kill the both of you" I said through gritted teeth

"You don't have the guts Mrs. Daniels" Tasha said moving towards the door and hurriedly opened before I did anything to stop them, of course there's nothing I could do. I had never talked to Derrick for long and today I have realized that he's truly a nice guy and befits Tasha. I stayed in the room, tidying the place when I heard a knock on the door. My jaw dropped to the guard on seeing Lynna's boyfriend infront of me.

Levi Lodge is Lynna's boyfriend and a very close friend to Drew, Kevin and all the boys in their clique though he's not on the school team like the rest. Levi has never said much to me not Xandy and we made peace with it cause it's weird for your best friend's boyfriend not to be at least friendly with his girl's best friends so of course I was so surprised to see him at my door.

"Hi Levi, come in" I said surprised

"Thank you. Have I invaded your you time?" he asked concerned

"Not really, I have all the time till afternoon" I replied

"I won't take long. I want to talk to you about Lynna" he said

"Oh, what about her?" I asked like I didn't know anything that was going on between them

"I know you have heard about us having issues" he said sadly

"Mmmh, yeah. What do want to talk about exactly?" I asked

"I think she's seeing someone and just that thought alone drives me crazy. I'm head over heels for her and I'm willing to do anything for us but I don't know why I'm finding everything she does of late weird. Do you have any idea as to why?" he exclaimed

"No, I don't" I lied. I know that was so rude of me

"please, Mary Cooper, I couldn't approach Xandy, I thought you were easier. I know I haven't been a very nice and friendly person to you and Xandy yet you are my girl's besties. I would have done better and I'm so sorry. I'm just so furious about what's happening to my relationship" he exclaimed

I was also mad at Levi for what he had done at the team's hype house a few days back and I didn't want to tell him anything or advice him but for the fact that he had come all the way and apologized at least I know that he needs my girl and is willing to do anything to make her crazy for him again.

"Ammm, Levi we got to know about you and Cassie at the hype house. What were you thinking? That we won't get to know. Lynna spent almost the whole night crying and cursing, she felt betrayed, we comforted her till she slept off. The least you would have done was telling her and apologising instead of acting like nothing had happened" I explained.

Cassie is one the team's cheerleaders and is very hot with long legs and blonde hair. She was pushing herself on Levi that night at the hype house for Levi was too drunk to control his ass and everyone there saw them kissing, Lynna crashed when she had the news till now.

"I got drunk and I lost myself in everything when Cassie cane on me. I tried pushing her away but she took advantage of the wasted me and locked her lips with mine. I'm hurting and regretting having let her seduce me like that" he said

"I love Lynna, I really do and I don't think she's going to forgive me for my silly behavior" he added and he was so sincere

"I understand Levi, it should be her you telling all that. She also loves you, it's just that she can't get over it so soon. The only thing you can do is tell her everything, confess and maybe take her somewhere, you know, It kinda always worked with me and Drew. She might get over it slowly" I told him

"You are such an angel, Mary Cooper. Thank you. I didn't think you were a very genuine person but now I know why Drew wanted you back and Archie is head over heels for you" he said excitedly. What did he just say, that Archie is head over heels for me, that's promising.

"You are welcome Levi. Don't disappoint my girl again or else I will beat the hell out of you. Bye" I said moving behind him towards the exit and he said his goodbyes and left. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and ordered for lunch, a burger, fries and a milk shake, what a combination. On putting my phone on the bed stand ,it buzzed.Archie was calling. I remembered Levi telling me how Archie is head over heels for me but I didn't give it much thought, he hadn't yet made a move on me.

I answered the call and within a few minutes my delivery was made. I talked to Archie for almost an hour then ate and prepared myself for my afternoon class. The day went nice just like I had anticipated.

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