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Chapter 20

Archie's POV

I was confused when Dean told me that he saw Levi moving out of Mary and Tasha's room and I had come to understand that she was alone. I let myself drown in thoughts but when I remembered that I will be going with Mary to their home town today, I felt overwhelmed and promised myself to ask her about Levi on the way. Levi is my friend as well though not so close and stays next door at the dorm. I last time I heard, he was Lynna's boyfriend and I don't know the rest of the story.
I spent the whole morning and afternoon with Kevin and his clique. We played basketball for a while, talked about school, the team and the dorm. I asked Kevin about Levi and he told me he was still Lynna's boyfriend though they were having issues. At my former school, I was on the school's basketball team and some cheerleader made a move on me and things got messed in that relationship I was by then so I understood what Levi was going through. I made a mental note that he might have been convincing Mary to put in word for him. At five in the evening, I said my goodbyes to the boys then drove off to the dorm.
I put my phone on charge and showered. I packed a few claddings and put in them in the trunk then drove to Mary's dorm. She hadn't yet prepared so I had to wait for her. I sat on her bed while Tasha was buzzing me about the team and I told her I was with Derrick and the others for long hours. After Mary was out of the bathroom, she dressed up and packed a few essentials.
"Can I come with you?" Tasha asked looking at Mary then me.
"Why not? We can wait for you to get ready" Mary answered
"Girl, I'm kidding. Have a nice weekend" Tasha said with a smile on her face
"Thank you. Will you go to Derrick's?" Mary asked
"yeah, don't worry. I will come back on Sunday evening. What about you guys?" Tasha asked
"Okay though that's long from Friday to Monday. I'm going to miss you" Tasha said
"I'm going to miss you too. Send my regards to Derrick and by the way Xandy is going with us. Bye" Mary said
Bye, Archie" Tasha said
"Nice time" I said
Xandy joined us in the parking lot and I drive off. I dropped off Xandy at her home town and continued the journey to Mary's home town.
"How do you manage to stay that close? Xandy doesn't live in your home town" I said
"It's just a ten to fifteen minutes drive from her hometown to ours so, there's nothing like distance " Mary said
"Owww, I see. And Lynna?" I asked
"She's my immediate neighbor. I think her parents will join us for dinner, Mr and Mrs Michealson are really excited to meet you" she said
"Wow, it's not going to be easy as I thought" I said
Mary just laughed at me. In ten minutes we had reached Mary's. It looks very beautiful than ours that takes you three more minutes in the drive way before getting to the house. I parked outside their beautiful home and we both moved out. We moved inside with Mary leading me. At the entrance, we heard laughter and we both looked at ourselves when a very beautiful elegant lady with brunette hair, green eyes like emaralds and long legs, walked towards us. With just that, I could tell tat she's Mary's mother.
"hi, you must be Archie Daniels, come in" the lovely lady said leading us to the big living room..
"Wow, Mary, you please looks really beautiful" I said
"Not more than yours. I will show you around if they let me to" Mary said
"Alright" I said
"Hey world, meet Archie Daniels" the lady I had come to know as Mary's mum said
"I ain't disappointed" a gentleman in his late fortys said
"Ammm Archie, that lovely couple you see on your right is Mr and Mrs Michealson, Lynna's parents then on your left it's my mum and dad" Mary said
"Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Michealson and Mr and Mrs Cooper said
"Mary you can show Archie his room" Mrs Cooper said
We went up the stairs with Mary and moved to the last room in the corner. Mary told me that that's where I will be slumbering I unpacked and put my clothes in the closet while talking to Mary who was sitting on the bed.
"Hey we should go back downstairs, They might start thinking otherwise"she said
"Owww, what are you afraid of? I asked jokingly
"Okay, you will find me there" Mary said getting up from the bed
Before she could reach the door, I grabbed her by the waist and confusion was all written on her face. I don't know what came up on me but my lips crashed hers and I devoured her sweet mouth tasting each and every corner of it and she let me do that. Her tongue explored my mouth and my hardness wanted to penetrate through the zip. Our lips were still locked together when we heard a knock on the door. I wasn't afraid of one of her parents finding us smooching but she pulled away first and I didn't insist. She didn't say a word and opened the door. I wondered whether I had caused a blunder.
"Dinner is ready" Mrs. Cooper said
"We were coming downstairs" Mary replied.
In a few minutes we were all sitting at the table. The food looked so delicious to devour that even my stomach started growling, I hadn't realized that I was so ravenous. Mrs Michealson led the prayers then everyone dug into their food. I was surprised that no one was talking, table was so silent until Mr. Michealson broke the ice.
"So Archie, where do you live?" Mr Michealson asked
"Stonevillle Sir" I replied
"Oh, that's a very developed town" he said
"By the way, I know someone by the name Daniels, Logan Daniels. He is a tycoon of Stoneville and once my classmate and good buddy" Mr Cooper said
"That's my dad. He also told us about your story, last time I was there with Mary" I said
"What a coincidence!" Mrs Michealson said
"I know" Mrs Cooper said
The table went silent again, Mary didn't say a word till we all finished eating. Mary went to the kitchen with her mom and did the dishes while I was watching soccer with Mr. Cooper and Mr and Mrs Michealson. I was even do surprised when Mrs Michealson knew almost each player in Manchester United.
When it was coming to eleven at night, Mr and Mrs Michealson said their goodbyes and left. Mr and Mrs Cooper also wished us a goodnight and left for bed. Now it was just me and Mary, alone. We watched the third season of the series of Riverdale, till it was a half past one in the morning. When Mary decided to go to bed, I also followed. I wanted to get perfect time to tell her whatever I felt for her but this wasn't the time.
I said my good night to Mary and went to my room, took a shower then slept off. I got up in the mid of the night when my phone buzzed, it was three in the morning. What did Dean want at this time, I didn't answer his call, I promised myself to call him the next day. I instead switched off my phone and within a few minutes I was already back in deep sleep. How I wish I could sneak into Mary's room and hold her really tight.
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