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Chapter 21

Archie's POV

I woke up to the laughter downstairs, who in the world was laughing that loud very early in the morning. I was still gathering myself to get up from bad when I heard a knock on the door. I was still kinda sleepy I told whoever it was to come in.
"Good morning handsome" Mary said hands on her lips
"Good morning beautiful, what's that laughter all about and why are you dressed like that" I asked
"Early morning jogging, sorry for waking you up" she said
"Its okay though I'm still kinda sleepy" I said
"it's okay you can go on and sleep. I will wake you up for breakfast" she said swaying her hips and but out of the room
"What did she want in my room, I asked myself, I might have lost the chance to do whatever I don't know I wanted to do to her, I even didn't ask. Sleep took over me while I was still thinking
I woke up a half past eight in the morning, showered, dressed up in jeans and a white T-shirt hugging my chest then made my way down stairs.
"Good morning Archie" Mrs Cooper greeted me
"Good morning Mrs Cooper" I replied
"You can call me Alexis" she said
"Alright, where are the rest?" I asked
"I think jogging their way back" she answered
Now I see the reason as to why Mary has a buxom body, she exercises. Most of the girls at school don't do that and I was surprised that Mary did, she really is full of surprises.
"Mom, we are back" Mary's voice echoed in the house
"Owww, Archie is also awake. Are you going to first eat then shower or?" Alexis asked
"I'm truly ravenous, so I'm eating first" Mary replied
"Good morning Mr. Cooper" I greeted
"Good morning Archie, let's hope she hasn't roasted you to your departure" he said
"Not really, actually I want to keep around." I said
"That's good boy" Mr Cooper said
"How are you Mary?" I asked
"I'm fine, how are you?" she replied
"I'm okay" I answered
"Boys breakfast is ready" Mrs Cooper called out to us.
We moved to the dining table laughing, Mary's family is really a very nice family and so simple. We had breakfast then looked forward to what the day was holding for us. The say was gay and I was in high spirit, this was the right time to pour out my feelings for Mary. She had gone to her bedroom to shower and her parents had gone to their bedroom as well but had planned to spend sometime in the back yard.
I knocked on Mary's door and she didn't open, I made a mental note that she was still cleaning her body. For the first time ever I wasn't the gentleman I have always been I opened the door then moved in and sat on her bed. Her room had a very nice view of the outside, she had put some clothes on her bed, think that's what she was going to wear. I had water flowing and her singing and I smiled, everything about her was so breathe taking. I even didn't realise that the water had stopped making noise.
"Hey Archie, what a surprise" Mary said
"I'm so sorry for breaking into your room without your consent. It's just....." I ran dumbstruck
"It's just...?" Mary asked confused
"I... I...amm.. I want you to be my girl. Can you be my girlfriend?" I confessed and then looked away even
Just her touch send shivers down my body, she sat next to me and I was inhaling her sweet scent that I have grown to like very much.
"Arch" Mary said then silence filled the room for over six minutes
" I'm sorry if I'm a bit too fast but I have been looking for the right time to tell you. If it's not fine with you, we can just be friends" I said truthfully and nervously that she could reject me.
"Arch, my silence doesn't mean that I don't want to, I'm just processing. I realised that I had gotten feelings for you though I thought you might be just seeing me as a friend" she explained
"Owww, then I'm such a fool. I would have acted earlier" I said jokingly
"Noo, so can I get dressed before anything else" she said with smile on her face
"You want your new boyfriend to get out and give you privacy huh" I said then we all bust into laughter
"Oh please new boyfriend, you can stay if you can close your eyes" she replied
However badly I wanted to at least sneak a peek at her body I didn't want to ruin this moment, I moved out of her room and gave her privacy because I knew with time I will get to see all that. I went downstairs and joined Mr. Cooper who I had gotten to know his other name, Jacob. He was watching a football match
"Hey Archie " Mr. Cooper said
"I didn't think you are a fun" I said sitting next to him
"I really am actually, fun of all seasons" he said
"Wow and what's your favourite team?" I asked
"Manchester United " he replied eyes on the screen
"That's my fave as well" I replied
"Cool then. I have seen you moving out of Mary's room" Mr Cooper said facing me now
"Actually, I was asking her to be my girlfriend" I said happily
" And?" he asked curiously
"She said yes" I said passionately
"Wow, I saw that coming" he said
"What did you see coming?" Mrs Cooper interrupted
"That Archie and Mary will finally be an item" Mr. Cooper replied
"Wow, I'm happy for the both of you" Mrs Cooper said facing me
Mary came downstairs after a few minutes and sat next to me. Mr and Mrs Cooper had arranged something with the Michealsons so I had all the time with Mary she was going to take me around their town bit leaving out her fave spot. We spent all the time talking, snogging, this was truly a new feeling and I had been defeated at my own game. Later that evening, we left for the house and called it a day. It was the best day since I joined Stonedale high, I was madly in love with one of the most charming girls I have ever met.
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