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Chapter 22

Mary's POV
Earlier this week, everyone was talking about university and the last high school party. Unfortunately, I was both happy and sad, happy that Princeton University had accepted me and sad that Archie was accepted at a different university, Yell. I didn't know what the odds were here but I was willing to take that bus and see him every weekend. For goodness sake, it was just the start of our romance, now we are going separate ways truthfully, I'm not loving this, it sucks.
My parents were so happy that I was going to Princeton but they also felt my pain of being distant from the man that had just become my boyfriend. It hurt me real bad though Archie kept on convincing me of how we shall handle the situation. I don't know what I was really scared of, Yell is said to have the hottest girls than any university, I think that was my top insecurity and when I told Arch about it, he laughed his lungs out and told me not to worry, he's mine and I'm his. What he said tamed my heart. I was rest assured that he only has eyes for me. We had taken things slowly, incase we had left out a detail about ourselves when we were still friends now nothing was left to ourselves. Lynna was very happy for me when Mr and Mrs Michealson broke the news to her however much I wanted to do it myself.
A few days back we had done our finals and nothing so serious was happening at school, people partying everyday, making love everytime was almost every couple's routine but me and Archie were taking things lightly after all we had the whole winter break to why the hurry, my parents had allowed me to stay at Archie's place however sad they were that they weren't going to spend the winter break with me and I had promised to come back for Christmas then go back. Archie's parents were so excited to see me again, not as just a friend this time round though, they were to spend with us a few days then leave for the states. I had started getting along with Dean and he always asking me how I was, we would talk about a lot of things and I was really happy for this progress. Dean was also going to spend the winter break with me and Archie, I was excited for this since Tasha was also going to join us with Derrick as well as Dean's supposedly girlfriend.
We were finalizing all of the stuff about our last senior year and today was the last party and it was held at Kevin's. It was going to be my fisrt time there though it's a usual hang out for Archie. I decided to dress to kill for this one time, Tasha did my make up and didn't leave my eyes unnoticed and my usual nude lip gloss, my make up was nude and looked so nice on me, I wore a black off shoulder dress that hugged each and every curve on my body. I looked so beautiful, I pulled on the look with nude heels that Archie had bought me on my birthday, speaking of which.

"I had told Archie about my birthday before he became my boyfriend, I was even surprised that still remembered. On the very day, Tasha lured me into going to some place I even didn't know of but for the fact that I had no plans and didn't know that Archie had planned something, I followed Tasha's lead and we entered some dark quiet place I even didn't know what we were doing there, while I was still whining, lights were turned LG and I couldn't believe my eyes, Archie, Xandy, Lynna and some other friends, Kevin, Drew, Alistair, Derrick, Levi all shouting "happy Birthday." Tasha whispered in my ears " I love this boyfriend of yours." I knew Archie was behind all this,he walked towards me and hugged me.
"Happy Birthday Baby" he said romantically then kissed my fore head, it was so lovely.
"Thank you Babe" I replied
The best part of it all was that of receiving presents, Dean gave me a watch, my best friends combined forces and organized a tour to some national park, girl's trip and my parents bought me a car, brand new landrover then my significant other bought me a pair of nude heels from Chanel and an elegant both shoulder and hand bag from Louis Vuitton and organizing the surprise birthday party was enough, it was the best birthday since I don't know when "

Back to the party, Archie was to pick me and Tasha at the dorm, Tasha is the best roomie of all seasons, she's not just a roommate but my best friend.
"Hey Mary Cooper, does my round butt come out very well in this dress?" Tasha asked looking at herself in the mirror.
"Yeah, it does Mrs. Tasha Hawkins" I replied
"Really, Hawkins? Okay Mrs Mary Daniels" she said
"Get used to it roomie" I said
In a few minutes, Archie's SUV was already parking in the dorm's parking lot.
"Baby, you looking so sexy and stunning" Archie said
"Thank you, Babe" I said
"Okay, love birds, I have to also see my man, remember?" Tasha said
"Tasha, I had recognized your presence, you are all so smart" Archie said
"Thank you Archie ,but we should get going" Tasha said jokingly
It was just a thirty minutes drive to Kevin's home and loud music caressed our ears from a distance. Archie had told me that Kevin's parents were off to New York. Archie had gone up stairs to look for Dean and on moving around, I met Drew of course there's no way he wouldn't be here however much he's the last person I wanted to see or talk to.
"Hi Mary Cooper" Drew greeted
"Hey Drew " I replied not having a lot of words to say
"How have you been? I don't remember when we last talked even" he said
"Good, everything has been very good Drew" I sad
"Owww, you no longer wordy. Congs by the way, you and Archie, you know" he said
"Thank you. Oh Xandy has signaled me I have to get going, it's been nice talking to you Drew" I lied
I moved upstairs then found Kevin talking to Derrick, I didn't want to interrupt but they instaed called me and I had no other option.
"Hey Mary Cooper, you looking so stunning" Kevin said with a smirk on his face
"Shut up man, Daniels will bust your ass" Derrick said jokingly
"Okay. Thank you Kevin, have you guys happened to see Archie this side?" I asked
"Yeah, he was also planning on looking for you. He is with Dean, that side" Derrick said gesturing to get to the next room
"Okay, thank you" I said moving to the room they had showed me. Archie was there standing talking to Dean
"Hey Babe, why are you stuck up here with your roomie?" I asked
" Baby, nothing much to worry about" he said
Archie and I don't get wasted, we always sober, we don't use and not of our friends always tell us that we befit. Dean had gotten wasted and caused a fuss at the back yard, that's when Kevin came to Archie and told him about what was happening. We both moved to the back yard and found Dean laying there bruised. Alistair and Archie gathered him up and took him to Archie's car, they put him in the back seat, Dean was smelling awful, he had had a lot to drink. I texted Tasha for the fact that I was leaving, I didn't want her to look for me or worry.
"Hey girl, I have left with Archie, we are going to drive Dean back to the dorm, he's so wasted. I'm so sorry, Archie has texted Derrick, think he will drive you back. Enjoy, xoxo"
On the way, Tasha replied saying everything was okay with her. Archie drove with the other hand holding mine, he is a helpless romantic. When we reached at their dorm, we struggled to get Dean up stairs, the elevator had stopped functioning since last week that I even took my heels off, something that made Archie laugh all the way to their room. We placed Dean on his bed and in seconds he had already started moving.
I was so tired, I even don't know why but all I needed was a fresh warm bathe and I promised myself to get to it when I get back to the dorm. I made out with Archie and we were all on the verge when I pulled away from his plush lips for air. We were breathing so hard like we were from a home run, when we came back to our senses we laughed at ourselves. Archie decided to drive me back since it was getting late, he kissed me good night and left. I was happy that Archie didn't rush things, I didn't want to have my first time at a dorm.
I had a warm bathe and wore my pyjamas then slept off, Tasha was going to spend the night at Derrick's. I had the room to myself all night although I had missed her presence.
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