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Chapter 23

Mary's POV

Me and the girls had planned to leave the dorm on Wednesday and today is a Monday, Tasha had already left to Derrick's now I was all alone, Lynna was also at Levi's and Xandy was also at Nate's. Nate, Nathanial Davis is the most reserved bloke on the school team, he's a good friend of mine however much I don't usually talk about him, we text and call each other as well. Since Levi came and asked for advice from me, we became tight friends, best friends even.
I was so bored and I decided to text Archie.
"Hey Babe"
He replied right away
"Hey Baby, how are you?"
"I'm fine though extremely bored" I texted back
"Ammm, I was doing something here but can you get an Uber and you find me in Greendale" he texted back
"That's kinda far but let me get ready" I replied
"Okay, you will find me there" I sensed a smirk on his face
The girls have always been telling me that ever since Archie and I became an item, I have a glow.
I packed a few essentials and ordered for an uber, I left my car in the parking lot for I didn't know Greendale very well and after a few minutes it had already arrived. I had to let Tasha know that I wasn't going to stay at the dorm for two nights. I texted her when I got inside the uber.
"Hey girl, I have left for Greendale to see Archie, I will be back on Wednesday morning. Take care xoxo"
It was a thirty to forty minutes drive and I kept on communicating with Archie for directions. I have ever been to Greendale but I hadn't been to every place, now today I had to meet Archie at some place I had never been to. I got off and saw him buying something at the diner, I moved to where he was standing and he noticed me without even thinking, we were cuddling. After purchasing food stuff we went to some elegant apartments, electricity was off and we lighted a few candles for light. I have ever been alone with Archie, just the both of us but today it was different.
First, the both of us were on phones, it was getting weird, I didn't want to get off phone because I was so afraid of what was going to happen between us. After sometime of silence, think Archie couldn't hold it anymore, he broke the silence between us.
"Baby, can how help me remove that lip gloss from your lips" he said still facing his phone
"Huh" I didn't know what to say, my heart was beating a thousand miles away
"Yeah, you heard me right" he said facing me now
"Okay" was all I said then got some wipes from my bag and removed all the make up I was wearing
With no time Archie's lips crashed mine and I kissed him back, we both explored the other's mouth with the tongue in turns. The kiss was getting more intense, we kissed each other very hard my hands were wrapped around his neck and one of his hands was on my waist and the other held a tight grip on my hair and we started getting off our clothes slowly by slowly till I was only left with my bra and thong on and Archie in his boxers. Archie shifted from kissing my lips then to the neck, he knew the exact spots to touch with his lips, anticipation was growing in me already I was feeling so hot, my pants were soaking wet and Archie was now kissing my navel, I was on cloud nine already just by his kisses.
When he reached for my thong, his eyes were full of love and desire.
"You are already wet for me Baby" he said getting my thong down my thighs and in no seconds it was already on the floor.
He got back up and kissed me again while his hand was unclasping my bra and other rubbing my sensitive spot. This man will be the end of me, when my bra landed on the ground his plush lips landed on my nipple and he kissed it very hard while two fingers were having their way into my folds. I arched my back to give him access to my core and he didn't stop his movements.
His fingers were thrusting into my folds while his lips were massaging my nipples I started breathing real hard as I felt his hard crotch on my thighs and with no time my first orgasm hit me like lightning. Now I wanted him so badly and he was still teasing me. He stopped all his movements and moved his hand to the bed stand and grabbed a condom
"Relax baby, the night is still young, a bunch of orgasms are awaiting you"
We kissed again and in no time, his length was thrusting into my already wet core. I was on cloud nine as he thrust in and out of me, it was both pain and pleasure. At first, his movements were slow and gentle and he went on increasing the speed, I couldn't help the tears flowing down my cheeks, I felt joy and so much pain as well.
"Baby, can I stop" he asked with concern
"No, it's fine you can go on" I whispered
I was already on the edge and I felt my orgasm coming and Archie was also moving faster, I knew he was also soon cuming. Our orgasms hit us t the same time and Archie collapsed on the other side of the bed. We were both panting and sweating.
"Baby, you are so tight. I'm sorry for going hard on you on your first time" he said
"It's okay, actually I enjoyed it" I said
A few minutes ago, the room was full of moans and groans .i realized that I'm not so quiet I think the neighbors got to know that someone called Archie was hitting each and every corner of my precious honey pot. I was felling hungry but for the fire I was feeling down there, I lost the appetite. I didn't stop Archie from eating. I knew he was starving for he had hit it real hard for the last fifty minutes.
When Archie was still eating, I had already started longing for him again, seeing him walking around the room naked with his hard on, my core was already soaked. I bit my lower lip and he noticed my change in mood, without seeing thoughts he hopped back to bed. This second time was magic, I kissed him with all the love I had in me. He thrusted in and out of me gently and smoothly, I still felt the pain but the pleasure more.
"Mary, you will be the end of me" Archie whispered
"I want to have my forth orgasm, so..... " I said
He didn't reply and just increased on his pace. I moaned. Every part of my body was on fire how his crotch fitted me like it was made for me was magic.
"Arch.. " I moaned
"Yes baby " he said giving my hair a tight grip I knew he was on the edge now just like I was
"I love you" I said with difficulty because I was feeling myself getting to climax.
"I love you more Mary" he replied and he lightened his grip on my hair then we both had our orgasm and he collapsed on me, our bodies full of sweat but we didn't care for the love between us, was bigger than anything. Trust me when I say that we didn't remember what time we slumbered because we made love all night till we blacked out.
I woke up alone in bed and on opening my eyes, TV was on, water flowing in the bathroom. I reached for my phone on the night stand, on checking, it was already mid day.
"Wow" I said as I got up from bed, how did I get to sleep this much
The bathroom door opened and Archie moved out water dripping from his hair, body wet and he only had a towel on his thighs. His body is just an attention seeker, he has sick packs on his abdomen, he's so hairy and his fur looks good on him. He is so handsome as always with his nice eyes and kissable lips.
"Hey sleeping beauty, you up already" he aid moving towards me
"Yeah, a few minutes back actually" I replied
"I see" he aid getting closer to me.
Anticipation was already building ine, I pulled his towel away from his thighs and tossed it on the ground taking a full sight of his man. I devoured is lips like it was breakfast to me. He kissed me gently and our kiss became more intense, in no time he had already started thrusting into me. After the long ride, I felt fit for a shower, my stomach was growling I was so ravenous. Archie joined me in the shower and he left me there because I had a lot of cleaning to do on my body.
"Hey, I have gone out. Will be back in a few minutes" Archie said as I was still in the bathroom
"Okay" I replied. I was happy that I lost my virginity with the man I truly love, whole heartedly. After showering, I felt fresh and good however hungry I was, I wore a tank top and shorts. I reached for the remote and landed on my fave TV show, Archie came back with our supposedly breakfast or lunch, I don't know. We devoured it and watched. We spent the rest of the day inside, watching, talking and laughing. God knows how much I love this man, I love him with all the love I have in me. We ordered for Chinese food in the evening and after eating, we made love non stop till we passed out.
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