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Chapter 24

Archie's POV
I was sad that we had to go back to the dorm, the two days. These two days I spent with Mary were the best days in the last four years of my high school. I have been with girlfriends but Mary is the best girlfriend ever and I want her to be my last. She kind of disturbed me when I was making love to her since it was her first time. I'm proud because I was the first man in her life to have her and I want to keep it like that till. She has a very stunning body with small boob's, curved waist, round but an little hips with outstanding legs, the real definition of a buxom body. On addition to that, she's so cautious and fine with long eyelashes, dark eyebrows, green eyes like emeralds, a birth mark on her left eye with full pink lips, long nose and perfect a jaw line.
I woke up next to the woman I loved, her head on my chest and my hands on her waist. I kissed her forehead and moved slowly out of bed inorder not to wake her up, I have realised that she is a sleepy head she has all the sleep in the world. I took a shower and dressed up in a deep blue T-shirt and shorts, Mary was still sleeping, I think she had forgotten that we will be going back today. I ordered a pizza and Dean called me, when I picked up that's when Mary woke up. I talked to Dean for a few minutes when I had a knock on the door, I paid for the pizza and got back to bed where Mary was sitting ,still sleepy.
"Good morning sleepy head" I greeted her
"Good morning, I thought it's already noon" she said
"Not really, have you forgotten that we are leaving today?" I asked
"I wanted do forget because I wanted to spend more time with you" she said and pecked me on my cheek
"Wow" I replied happily
We first ate the pizza, she was so hungry and so was I. Since we became friends, we discovered that we are pizza lovers. She then went to the shower and she took all her time there, her phone was buzzing every after a minute and it had started getting to my nerves, who was that texting her so much but I made a mental note that it might be her girls since she was to leave the dorm today with them and Mary was their ride home. When she got out of the shower, she noticed my uneasiness and she looked confused
"Hey Babe, why the long face?" she asked
"I'm so sorry, I'm the jealous type you know. It's just that your phone has been buzzing every after a minute and I was getting thoughts" I exclaimed.
"I'm only yours Babe and you are mine alone" she said in a sexy tone leaning to my ear and ducked on my ear lobe. She had awoken the sleeping horny man in me, I wanted to have her right there but we had to leave, at least we have the whole winter break so I didn't give it a lot of thought. She noticed the change in mood.
"Babe, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean.....I didn't wait for her to complete her sentence.
"It's okay. Everything you do turns me on I guess" I said with a smirk on my face, of course everything about her, everything she does is a turn on point to me.
She grabbed her phone and then turned to me with a wide smile on her lips.
"You are so jealous Babe" she said
"Huh" I looked at her quizzically
"See, it's Lynna and Xandy. I think they are already set and for me, I'm not yet even half way of anything" she said then laughed at me
"it's just that, know" I whispered, I don't know whether she even heard the last words.
"It's okay" she said then dressed up in sweat pants and a tank top, I was even surprised about her outfit, it was so weekend and evening
"What's that look Mr? She asked
"You...ammm your outfit, it's so out of the day's range" I said truthfully
" I know but hey I'm going home and I am going to be driving so no one will even mind" she replied
"I get it now" I said as I was organizing the place. It's Keith's apartment and he had told me that he won't be around so I asked for his keys and he didn't even ask for deets. After organizing everything and gathering all our stuff and put them in the back seat of my car, I closed the apartment and we at off for Stonedale. The drive was full of silence and my reason for being silent was that I didn't want to say goodbye to Mary, I'm my opinion our romance had just started blooming now we had to keep apart for two weeks till she comes to our place, I think that's why Mary was silent as well, we were going to miss each other a lot. After forty minutes, we had arrived at Mary's dorm, she first stayed in her seat for two minutes without saying a word until she turned to me.
"Babe, I guess I'm going to say what I didn't want to say. I have been contemplating on it since we hit the road" she said
"I know Baby, me too but we shall be together after two weeks and for a long time so it's fine" I consoled myself
"Alright then, I love you. Bye" she said sadly
"I love you too Baby. Safe journey, take care" I said not wanting to sound so sad. I have to be a man.
"You too" she said and gave me one last kiss before moving out of the car. This kiss was not like the usual kisses we have been sharing, it was full of love, kindness and respect, she gave a slight kiss on my lips and moved out of the car. God knows how much I was going to miss her for the two weeks.
I left the parking lot when she made her way to her door step. I drove to my dorm, Dean had told me that he wanted to leave when I was there and I found his stuff already packed and he was just on his phone when I got in, he looked at me and I know he had to ask me about Mary and I.
" I'm smelling a lot of Mary on you" Dean said jokingly
"Don't be a pervert dude, I was with her of course but I don't think I smell like her" I said with a smile on my face
"Of course you do, so I want deets" he said
"oh please, stop right there. There is no way I'm telling you anything" I said
"Archie Cooper" he said with a smirk on his face and laughed out loud
"Dean, you are such a pain in the ads for real" I said
"Fine, I rest my case" he said
"Thank you" I said happily, he had let his guards down
I called Keith and told him that I will be coming back home and he told me that I wasn't going to find anyone there which was so abso-fucking-lutely fine with me. I was used to being t home alone or with Keith and at times some other siblings of mine would come and don't stay for long. I wish Mary had stayed with me but her parents asked her to stay with them for those two weeks since she will be with me till January, that thought alone gave me a lot of bliss. I dropped off Dean at his home town since I had all the time then drove home, I reached in the evening and Keith was right, no one was there.
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