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Chapter 25

Mary's POV

I was so excited for college but still knowing that I won't be seeing Archie every day brought sadness in my heart. We were to start off college two weeks after the winter break. It has been a week and five days since I last saw Archie, kissed, touched him and his sweet smile that sent shivers down my spine everytime he smiled at me. Ideas preparing myself since I was to leave this Sunday for Archie's. My mum was also starting to get on my nerves reminding me of condoms all the time, how protective of her. I was a grown up and I knew what I got myself into when I went intimate with Archie, I love this man so much and I'm willing to do anything for us to stay together, forever.
Today, Lynna and her folks were joining us for dinner, how badly I missed Mr and Mrs Michealson, they are my second parents. We prepared everything plus the dessert.
"Mary, you would have invited Archie to come over, I truly liked him" my mom said
"Owes, and he can't make it at this time. He's home alone worst of all" I said
"Poor boy, what is he going to do doing there" she asked
"Well, I think spend some time with his homeboys" I said
"First help me with that" she said gesturing me to look on my left. I gave her the bowl and I thought she was going to rest get case but turns out I was wrong.
"Thank you. So what will you be doing with Archie and the others for lol that time you will be there?" she asked seriously
"Mom, I don't know, I think Archie will enlighten me when I get there" I said
"Good evening" we heard my dad greeting
"I think Mr and Mrs Michealson have arrived" I said trying to get away from this roasting
"Let's get these to the table then" she said
When we set the table and settled, Lynna came later after her parents, for goodness sake she had to explain to me what she had been up-to.
"Don't give me that look, I know I owe you an explanation I know" Lynna said then sat next to me.
"Of course you do" I replied
"I promise but as for now, I'm starving" she said
After a short prayer, everyone dug into their food.
"So, Lynna, you are going to Archie's for the winter break?" my dad asked
"No, he's not my friend and Levi is not his close friend so I'm staying" Lynna explained
"Mmmh, I see. You are going to miss out" my dad said putting the last fork of food into his mouth
After dinner, Mr and Mrs Michealson left after twenty minutes and Lynna stayed. We sat in the couch and turned on the TV to our favourite TV show and curled our bodies in blankets.
"Big bang theory at this time, you two must be having issues" my mom said as she headed for the stairs
"Good night" me an Lynna both said in sync.
"Good night girls" she replied
After we had lost vision of her, I turned to Lynna with the "anha" look.
"Levi, had come without my parent's consent" she said
"Are you kidding me? Why didn't you come with him here?" I asked confused
"Girl, even my parents didn't know. I was afraid to introduce him to them, I don't know" she said sadly
"Why? Levi has the looks, he's humble. So what happened next?" I said
"He was in my room, he packed a few blocks away from our house. When my parents were coming. I told them I'm still doing something, I will find them there. I pushed him to where he had parked and kissed him goodbye" she explained
"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. Next time you have to, they will approve him" I said. We watched the big bang theory till one in the morning and I had started yawning when Archie video called me, I said my good night to Lynna and she went to the guest room then I closed the door to my room and picked up.
"Hey Babe"
"Baby, did I wake you up?" he asked
"No, I was still up, watching with Lynna"
"Owww, I'm sorry for not calling you earlier, I was caught up by the tenants" he said
"It's okay" I replied calmly
"That's no excuse, Keith called me for some stuff and I had to attend to him"
"I get it, how are you?" I asked
"I'm fine and you"
"I'm also fine" I answered
"I miss you already" he said
"I miss you too"
"That's so sweet of you. Now that I have talked to you, allow me to say good night" he smiled
"It's okay, good night " I said
"Good night too, I love you"
" I love you too bye" I said then ended the call and put my phone on charge. I changed to my pyjamas then curled myself in the bed. I was so calm, peaceful, happy and felt loved that alone got me to sleep.
I woke up in the morning feeling very happy, the day was gay and I was in high spirits, tomorrow I will be travelling to Archie's home town, that thought alone made me grin, I couldn't wait to held like a baby in his big chest, God knows how much I love this man, he will be the death of me.
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