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Chapter 26

Archie's POV

I wake up feeling so happy and every part of me was excited, Mary was going to get to town today. I got to the shower singing to the imagine dragons songs, I washed myself clean, I dried my hair and applied coconut oil to it, I wore my cologne and moved to my walk in closet to get a suitable outfit for today, I wore a navy blue short and a white T-shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was looking so fine and Mary would define me as a greek sex god, how sweet of her.
Have you ever loved someone a lot that your love for them escalates each day that goes by and whenever you think about them you feel jolly and contented. That's how I feel towards, Mary, we both change the other in different ways, Keith is always nagging me about how l'm a married man and all that boyish shit, God knows how badly l want to ruin his perfect face with a punch, he can truly get under my skin easily. Mary had called me a few minutes ago and told me that she was about to reach, at least we would have some time to ourselves since the others hadnt yet arrived, Keith was going to be staying at Greendale till I don't know when.
After something like fifteen minutes, the bell at the gate was pressed and the car honked, I put in the codes and the gate opened. I bolted out of the house to wait for Mary, her car parked infront of me and she hopped out, goodness sake, why did she have to be so cute and sexy at the same time. She had worn her usual make up, nude, a blue summer dress and her hair caught in a pony tail, she looked so lovely than ever. I couldn't get my eyes off my woman, she is mine and only mine I hugged her and she held me tight, we stayed like that for a few minutes.
"I missed you" I whispered in her ears. She trembled in my arms because of my breathe on her ear, of course I know how it gets her, mesmerised
"I missed you too" she replied and gave me a soft kiss. Her lips are so pink and full always wet thus so kissable.
I helped her to get her things from the back seat and we entered the house. I took her straight to my room, there was no way she was going to sleep in one of the guest rooms. I had a cabin next to the big house but I wanted her to see my room. The first time she came here, she hadn't seen it and I was glad that she was going to this time. My cabin was so fancy and it cozy, Keith's cabin was next to mine, mine was in the middle of his and Todd's. During normal family days, I would sleep there and my other siblings would occupy my room in the main house. For the fact that it was just me and Mary around, I decided we would keep in the main house till the others arrived.
The main house wasn't going to be much of use since I was going to use the cabin with Mary and the others were to use Keith's and Todd's. Derrick had become a very close friend of mine, he's funny and cheerful, so why not, he had to be here for winter break. Kevin wanted to joined but for the fact that he doesn't have a stable girlfriend, he felt like he would be the forth wheel. For Drew, Alistair and the rest, we're to join us for a few days and go for their road trip. After arranging all of Mary's stuff that she had carried with her, I took her around the place and showed her the cabins but I didn't take her inside our cabin, I had a surprise for her, I know she will like it. I had bought candles, roses and some other romantic stuff, I had even bought her a present for Christmas. Never in my life have I ever been so romantic in a relationship like the way I was now. I made a mental note that I was so madly in love with Mary Cooper.
"Hey, is it fine if we go together and buy some groceries?" I asked
"Do I have a choice? I'm all yours, take me wherever you want to" she said happily
"Of course, I will" I replied in low tone that I don't think she heard me.
I grabbed my keys and started the engine, I opened for Mary and she hopped in the passenger seat and I drove off through the drive way. Why did my parents have to own a very large place like this, you can even be robbed without anyone's consent. I thought to myself. I drove us to the nearest market and bought everything I thought was necessary and Mary helped with the grocery stuff since she knows better in that sector, I was so excited that I will get to taste her food. I think she is really a good cook.
we drove back to the house and went straight to the kitchen, filled the fridge with all the stuff we had bought. We had bought a pizza and sodas, we moved in to the home theatre and got Dvds of our favorite series and sat there enjoying our time. Never had I been this happy in the last four years. Mary was the source of my bliss this whole time. As I was still focused on the big flat screen, I was awakened by Mary's lips the crashed mine out of the blue. However much she had caught me off guard, I kissed her back. Our kiss was getting do intense and I felt my crotch erecting, I slid my hand under her dress and unclasped her bra then it landed on the ground, I started kneading her small tits while the kids was ongoing.
She reached for my T-shirt and pulled it off my chest, on the ground it went, I wanted better access to her sweet little soft tits and I only had one choice, to remove her dress, now she was lying there with only her thong on. I ducked on her tit as my other hand was kneading the other, she moaned. How I love it when she moans my name.
"You sex god" she whispered through a moan
"Call me that one time and you will see the sex god I am" I said with a smirk
I reached for her thong and she was soaking mess. She reached for my short and down it why, I was only in my boxers now. I massaged her core with her thong still on and she moaned. Mary is so loud and for that I now. Her hand sneaked in my boxers and she started giving me a hand job and massaging my balls, I groaned. What was with her that drove me so crazy.
I couldn't hold it any longer, my erection was throbbing and Mary was smiling at the bulge in my boxers. I removed them myself and reached for the night stand and grabbed a condom, I wanted to her raw but I wasn't yet ready for that, after putting on the condom, I kissed Mary's wet lips very hard and started pulling her lace panties down, I'm quiet sure I left marks on her.
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