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Chapter 27

Mary's POV
If you have never seen a greek sex god, I have seen and been with one, Archie. It had taken him yonks to pull my panties down, how my core was soaked with anticipation, my clit was on fire as he was massaging it in circles. Without second thought, he inserted his whole length inside my rear and he groaned.
"You are so tight baby" he groaned
I didn't say a word because I was so much enjoying this moment, his movements were slow and they kept on getting rough and fast.
"Ar... Arch" I moaned
He thrusted in and out of me and he hit my g-spot as he was moving faster than before, we had both gotten to the climax and we were a sweating mess. My orgasm hit me in seconds and Archie's as well. After the long ride, we were all sweating, I had made a mess around the place and we were all panting and gaping like fish. He kissed me then collapsed on my side. They always say that whenever you have a taste of a crotch, you get addicted, now I was justifying that saying, Archie's crotch was my drug and I had become an addict.
"That was so awesome" I whispered in his ear
"Yeah, it was and now someone wetted the place" he said
"Oh" I acted dinghy and covered my face in my palms.
He tickled me and I chuckled
"Ready for round two " he said with a smirk on his face
"Archibald Daniels, you will be the death of me" I said to him
We kissed again and his fingers slowly massaged my clit, he slid one inside my folds and he groaned, a soft moan left my lips, I had started loving the work of his fingers. His finger was feeling my folds and I was a dripping mess again, his finger thrusted in and out of me and he added a second one, it was painful and a small ouch left my lips then removed it. His thrusts got fast and I had an orgasm right away. He got another condom and put it on his throbbing cock and I arched my back to give him access to my honey pot as he calls it. He thrusted his man into me and I moaned very loudly, this time round he was slow and so gentle that I felt him a lot.
"Babe owww" I moaned
"Yes hun" he replied and kissed me
Never have I ever been a fan of kissing but with Archie, I had started loving each and everything I never though I would love. His one hand was kneading my tit and the other caressing my clit, how hard it was, my nipples were so hard and whenever he would put one his mouth, he will smile and groan. There is that thrust he gave me and I was on cloud nine, I climaxed. His thrusting got rough and fast, he put on that face and I knew he was soon cuming and so was I. I started grinding my hips slowly against him and we had our orgasms at the same time. He collapsed on top of me and we stayed like that for minutes.
"I think we should wash up" he said then got up and I also came back to my senses, it was naked bodies all over, we cleared our mess, made the place tidy then we moved to Archie's bedroom, naked. I even didn't care if someone found us like this, I was enjoying this, him being naked around me proved something. However shy I maybe, I had forgotten about that and enjoyed the moment. We went straight to the shower and it felt good and so right to be with Archie like this.
After bathing, we dressed up and headed for the kitchen. I wanted to prepare for him something special, I knew he would love my food for I know how to cook. I prepared spaghetti and bacon, he was helping me out and I'm quite sure he doesn't know anything concerning kitchen stuff.
When everything was ready, I served us dinner and we ate, we all looked like a married couple, it was so lovely and God knows how I have longed to be in such a relationship. Archie was all I ever needed, everything about him is so right and I can die just to see him holding someone else in his arms. The rest were to join us tomorrow and we had this fabulous ourselves. We did the dishes together and decided to resume watching one of our favorite series, we watched until we finished the season and we made our way to bed, too bad for me I thought we were just going to sleep, how sore I was but I was so wrong.
On reaching his bedroom, Archie whispered in my ears and shivers went down my spine.
"Owww, Babe that will bye so nice of you" I whispered back
"Yeah, I know" he whispered
I was caught by surprise when Archie lifted me and put me slowly on his bed, I was a goner under his touch. I let him do whatever he wanted to do to me. We started kissing and the kiss deepened, we explored each other's mouth and kissed the pink out of our lips, I could feel Archie's erection wanting out of his pants but I think it was so early for that, he removed my tank top and I stayed in a bra and my short sweat pants. He sucked on my ear lobe and I couldn't help but moan so did and he continued down to the neck, I was already aroused but Archie was up to something. He unclasped my bra and on the floor it landed.
He ducked on my nipples, each at a time and all I did was moan, he kneaded my tits gently and teasing me with his tongue.
I felt like crying, it was too much but I decided on waiting for what's next. He kisses me all the way to my belly button and put his tongue out and licked it, it was so ticklish that I couldn't help chuckling and he knew I was loving it and he continued licking it then he started moving lower, he removed my pants off with his teeth and now I was left with only my thong on and in a blink of an eye, I was fully naked yet Archie was still fully dressed. He towered over me and then kisses my lips again while one of his hands was kneading my breast. His hands stopped doing everything they were doing but his lips didn't leave mine, confusion was written all over my face but disappeared on feeling his fingers caress my clit, my core was soaking with anticipation then he thrusted one finger inside my folds, I couldn't help but moan.
He thrusted his fingers in and out of my core while rubbing my clit and I was on the edge, my core convulsed, I had an orgasm without his crotch doing anything to me but just his fingers. He removed his fingers and licked my juices off them.
"Baby, you are so sweet" he groaned
I was so ready for whatever was coming but Archie left me and moved out of the room, I started freaking out, did I do something wrong but no, I hadn't. Why did he leave me here naked? I asked myself. I would have gotten my clothes back on but I didn't and I don't know why. I just curled myself at the edge of the bed and covered my body with a bed sheet. I was so mad at him for leaving me like this, in such a state. I don't know what he was up to but I was so mad at him, it was so devastating. I was so ready to slap his ass when he got back, I had only spent one minute but it felt like an hour. His absence physically and mentally is torture.
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