Me and you :the high school#book 1

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Chapter 3

Mary's POV

"I want this assignment to be done with the person you were paired with" our geography teacher said

Archie tapped me, I turned to him.
"Hey," I said with a smile on my face

"I think we have an assignment to go about " Archie said

I stared at the beautiful man infront of me, his smile full of sweetness, the white cute little things in his mouth and he was smelling like he had just come out of the shower, how could someone manage to smell like that in the mid of the day. He was smelling like vanilla and want to taste his mouth to see what flavour is there.

"What are you thinking about?" Archie asked

I snapped out of my lusting thoughts and gave him an innocent smile.
"nothing " I managed to say

"okay then we will meet at your dorm, okay? " he said

I told him that I will meet him there after classes in the evening, before he even replied his boys came and grabbed him and he turned his whole attention to them. For the first time ever while I'm in a relationship, I want another bloke to give me attention which I think is very weird. I didn't give it a lot of thought and I walked out of the classroom to go and meet my girls.

"Girl, there is a party at Kevin's we all have to be there " Lynna said jumping around excitedly

"I have an idea, we shall put on some black pussycat costumes" Xandy said with a smile from ear to ear

"I don't want to attend that party, I have to do a very long assignment with Archie" I said calmly but that wasn't the only reason, Drew was going to be there and I didn't want him all over me.

"Girl, that new handsome, hot, awww boy at times I look at him and my pants get soaked. He's just too cute though he seems to be the introvert type. Is he your friend?" Xandy asked

Before I even replied she had started talking again.

"I want him to be my friend and maybe friends with benefit. So you guys are going to be together, alone! The next thing you will tell us is you scrolled your tongue down his throat" she then laughed, her wicked laughter and it got some people's attention and then turned their gaze at us.

Xandy is very jumpy and talkative compared to Lynna who is kind of reserved and keeps some of her stuff confidential.

"Hey, we are still at school, mind your mouth " Lynna said to Xandy.

I just gave them a smirk before I turned to see who was calling me and for the first time ever I didn't feel like cuddling, kissing, hugging and touching him. Drew was standing in the hallway with all his glory as the team cheerleaders were all eyeing him with lust and desire and biting their bottom lips. He was just smiling at them not to give them a cold shoulder, silly him, he doesn't know that all they want is for him to have them in his bed.

I turned to my girls and told them I was leaving them to go and talk to Drew. I thought Xandy will drop the Archie topic but who was I lying.

"You tell me how that new hit boy tastes like, I really want to know. Bye girl, see you." Xandy said and they left me moving down the hallway to meet Drew.

I didn't want to spend a lot of time with my boyfriend anymore, he had started annoying me more than ever and I don't really know why. He's known at school, every girl dreams to have their arms wrapped around his neck and tongues twisting but I don't feel like he makes my heart skip anymore like before. What had changed, I asked myself.
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