Me and you :the high school#book 1

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Chapter 28

Archie's POV

I know Mary is puzzled for I left her hanging and so aroused after she had had her orgasm. I tasted her juices and oh my God, they are so sweet to devour. I want to do something that will surprise her. I went to the kitchen, got ice cubes and whipped cream, I was hoping she would forgive my sudden absence but I know she will fall for this. I wanted to take it to a whole another level. I got whatever I wanted from the kitchen and went back to the bedroom. I found Mary wrapped in bed sheets, I even thought she had already dressed up.
"Hey baby, I'm so sorry for leaving you" I apologised
"What happened?" she asked
" I wanted to get something to spice up" I replied
"Okay" was all she said and to my surprise, she removed the brothers off her body and walked sexily to where I was. My eyes were stuck on her body, her buxom body. She removed my T-shirt and kissed me, I had already put my goodies aside. I allowed her to be in control. She then slid one of her hands in my pants and started stroking my man. This wasn't the time for him to eat so I changed everything and carried her to bed, I reached for her core and she was already wet. I wanted to feel comfortable so I removed my pants and stayed in the boxer, I grabbed the bottle of whipped cream and sprayed the cream on her boobs and started licking, she chuckled for it was cold and my tongue was doing wonders to her body.
I sprayed the cream on her belly button as well and she chuckled the more, I knew I was on the right track, when I reached her honey pot I grabbed an ice cube and started rubbing it around her clit, she was a moaning mess, moaning my name.
"Say my name Baby" I whispered
"Arch....Archie" she moaned the more
"Don't stop Babe"
The ice cube had started melting and I started licking around her core taking in her juices and the melted water as well, I have never given a girl a cunnilingus and I want Mary to be my first though that's not today. Her movements were leading me to going down on her but all I did was lick her clit and on top of the core where the water was dripping.
"Right.... there " she moaned
"Babe" she moaned so loud than before
"Yes baby" I replied and moved back up and kissed her lips, she was breathing so hard and she held me tight almost digging her finger nails inside my skin, she came. I was proud of myself for giving her orgasms back and forth minus using my crotch. Her breathe started getting normal and that's when I removed my boxer and let her see how hard I was. I was so patient cause I hadn't given my crotch a chance to dig into her earlier. She arched her back to give me access to her wonder land and I was so thankful for that, I started teasing her with my crotch. I had already gotten a boner and I wanted in. I was moving it up and down at her entrance and she was a moaning mess.
"Baby, you are so wet" I groaned
I thrusted into her without second thoughts, I groaned on her tightness and wetness.
"Ba... Babe, we havent used a condom" she whispered
Of course I knew that I hadn't used protection and it made me happy that she minded about her health and lives.
"I know Baby. I'm going to withdraw" I replied
"Okay" she said
I first thrusted into her using the missionary style and she had put her legs up my shoulders. I had never had unprotected sex and it was my first time with Mary. I then turned her to face the bed and I hit from behind while doing a little slapping, now I know why she calls me a sec god. I rode her and all she did was to moan so loud, I hadn't yet reached the time of my release and same applied to her. I lifted her and put her against the wall and fucked her life out, she was already a goner.
"Babe, I'm soon.... " she didn't complete and moaned "Arch... Archie"
I took her back to bed and made sure my pelvic bone was touching hers then I went rough and fastest, I had reached the edge and so was Mary. I remembered that I hadn't hard protection, I pulled out my crotch right away and her juices flew out of her core and made a mess on the bed while mine was flowing down on my thigh. I kissed Mary again and collapsed next to her, we were all panting and soaked in sweat. When we started regaining our breathe, I was able to speak.
"You will be the death of me" I said
"And so will you" she said then kissed me
Mary was never a fan of kissing but the more we kissed, the more she fell for it the more. We made our way to the bathroom and made love in the shower as well, oh my, we couldn't get enough of each other but it was worth it for we won't be doing it a lot when the others join us, there are a lot of activities we have to do, hailing, camping outside, fishing among others. When we got back to bed, Mary was all sore and I know it so I gave her all the time to get sleep, she was sore and it was already coming to four in the morning. I kissed her good night and we both blacked out, her head on my chest, how sweet.
I'm not one to wake up late but Mary has all the sleep in the world and I felt sorry for her cause I had to wake her up and give her a proper breakfast before the real breakfast.
"Mmmh, Babe what's up?" she asked in a sleepy tone and her eyes still closed
"Good morning Mrs. Daniels" I greeted her
"Good morning Babe" she replied with her eyes closed still
Derrick and the others were to come in the afternoon so I wanted to have her to myself before their arrival. I didn't wait for her permission, I crashed my lips on hers and she kissed me back lazily.
"Still sleepy huh" I said and lifted her from the bed to the floor, that's when she opened her eyes and smiled at me. That's just gave me a go ahead. I licked on her nipples and that woke her up fully, she started moaning and with no time, I thrusted into her folds and rode her gently. She couldn't help but pull my hair, scratch my body that I even couldn't feel any pain. She moved her hand down and started massaging my balls as I was thrusting into her, I groaned. I hadn't yet reached getting done with her, I lifted her to the bathroom and I placed her close to the sink, I know it's always cold but I don't think she felt it for her core was radiating with a lot of warmth.
"Babe, harder" she moaned in my ear
I did as she had asked and I went hard and rough at the same time, I was so crazy and forgot the gentleman I am for the moment. Mary looked like she was enjoying and I was getting to my climax, I didn't want to be selfish, I let her have her way as well.
"Faster, Arch..... awww " she moaned in my ear as I rode her faster, I couldn't help but let myself shiver for I was going to cum. I pulled my crotch out of her and kissed her as my cum ran down my thigh and her juices dripping on the floor, it was so massive. We didn't go anywhere and showered then we moved out and got dressed, cleaned the room and my phone was buzzing, messages from Derrick, Dean. They were on their way. Mary prepared something for us to eat, I was so ravenous. When it clocked twelve, noon, Derrick was already outside the gate with Tasha. I pressed in the codes to open for them. This was going to be fun.

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