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Chapter 29

Archie's POV
Derrick had arrived with Tasha thirty minutes back and now I was opening for Dean and his girlfriend that I don't know a lot about. Mary was more than happy when Tasha and Derrick arrived and so was I. I wish Dean and Mary solved issues between them, this winter break would be the best in years. We were expecting Kevin, Drew, Alistair, Levi to join us and maybe keep around for one or two days it was going to be more fun with them around. I was wondering whether Levi was going to come with Lynna but for the fact they were going somewhere to have boy time, if I was single, I would have joined them but now I had the most amazing girlfriend ever, I couldn't leave her not for an hour just for something I can o anytime I felt like.
"Hey Bro" Dean said hugging me
"Missed me huh" I said hugging him back
"Why not? By the way meet Posha" he said gesturing me to face the read headed cute girl that was standing next to him.
"Nice to meet you Posha, I'm Archibald Daniels though I use Archie and that's what everyone calls me" I introduced myself
"Nice to meet you Archie, it's Posha Kirby" she said with an English accent
"What's with the intros" Tasha interrupted with Mary and Derrick
"Oh, Posha is Dean's girlfriend. This brunette here is my girlfriend, Mary Cooper and these two love birds, Tasha Wallace and Derrick Hawkins" I introduced them
"Nice to meet you all, you can call me Posha, Posha Kirby" she introduced herself again
"Hi Dean" Mary greeted
"How are you, Mary Cooper?" Dean asked
"I'm fine" she replied gripping my hand very tightly
"So guys today we have an activity" I said
"What's that?" Dean and Derrick asked in sync
"Sky diving" I said
"Babe that's scary" Mary said
"I will be with you" I assured her "Anyone afraid if heights?" I asked
"No" they all replied apart of Mary
"Alright we can get to it. Mary has already prepared food for us, we will eat when we are back" I said and grabbed my car keys. I was going to drive my Honda it was given to me as a present on my birthday but I left it home and decided to use my SUV at school. We all hopped in our cars, Dean and Posha didn't get a chance to settle in. We all parked next to a place that's close to a cliff and there were two small buildings. I led them all cause I know the place better.
"Hey Mr. Smith" I greeted the old man
"How are you Archie? When did I last see you here" Mr. Smith asked
"I'm fine just on an adventure with friends" I said
"It's the usual price per person. Follow me" he said leading us to the other small room and got and brought the necessities for all of us. When I was preparing for the winter break, I counted everything on me and I was expecting a discount since we were six and I was known all around for respecting people an being humble. I paid for us all and we headed to the cliff. Mary was nervous, I could tell.
"Babe, I'm scared of this thing" she said with pleading eyes hoping I could allow her to stay back
"I'm going to help you out, you will love it. It helped me stop having height phobia, I used to fear heigjts" I said
"I'm going first" Dean said holding Posha by the waist
"The floor is all yours" Tasha said in a not so happy tone and we all turned to look at her
"What? Mary you should be defending me" Tasha said looking at Mary
"It's no big deal, she's always like that" Mary said and we all felt relieved
Mary told me that Tasha got pissed at Dean after telling her how Dean didn't like her. Since then Tasha always feels like sucking the life out of Dean and today she wanted to make sure that he gets a taste of her anger. After Dean returned, Posha followed and she was really enjoying the dive, who knew that Dean would get Mrs Perfect as he thinks. In my perspective, Posha is cute, not so talkative yet since she's new to us, she has a body like foe models, no curves and slender. Mary and Tasha are way better than her according to me. After Posha, I followed them Tasha, Derrick for Mary was too nervous and decided to be the last. We all stood next to her waiting to see what will happen when she's in space. I kissed her and I felt her tensed body calming down then slightly helped her to dive into space.
"Babe, this is so scary" she shouted very loudly
"You will be fine" I convinced her and we all laughed at her nervousness
"Calm down, you will like it after a few seconds" Tasha said
We looked at waiting for what she was going to do next
"It's fun" she shouted
"I told you" Tasha responded
When she got back to where we were all standing, she kissed and sighed like she was holding it for hours.
"Hope you like it" I said
"Sure" she replied
"You did well out there" Derrick told her
"Oh please" she smiled at him
"Let me assume that you guys have had fun" Mr. Smith said
"Yeah, thank you Mr. Smith" Derrick said kissing Tasha on her forehead
"Thank you for coming. Archie send my greetings to Mr. Logan" he said waving at us
We drove back to the house, I moved out of my car and pressed in the code for it to open. Derrick drove in first then Dean and I came last. We parked in the parking lot this time.
"Before anything else, Archie. Take us around" Derrick said
"You are not hungry?" I asked
"We are but lets first do the tour" Posha said
"This way then" I said
I showed them the cabins and where each couple will be based for we were going to use them a lot.
"Archie, your place is so big and nice" Tasha said
"Thank you" I replied
"Don't you know his dad? Logan Daniels" Derrick said
"You are kidding, right" Posha said with a surprised look
"I'm afraid not" Dean said
Since Dean arrived, Mary wasn't saying a lot, I thought they had started getting along, I just can't my mind around it. After taking them around our place. We went inside and the girls helped Mary to organize lunch. Everyone complimented Mary saying she's a good cook, I couldn't help but feel proud, even Dean complimented her, that's quite some progress. We got some DVDs and headed for the home theatre. In the evening, Mary and the girls cooked and after dinner, I locked the main entrance of the main house and we all went to our respective cabins.
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