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Chapter 30

Mary's POV

I woke up to Archie's kiss, I smiled and kissed him back. It was so lovely and very romantic, he connected his phone's bluetooth to the woofer and Brett young's songs started playing. We really love country music especially on weekends and when we are making love but today wasn't a weekend, it was just yet another day of our love story.
"Good morning beautiful" he said his lips stretching into a smile
"Good morning lover boy" I replied
"You are so loud that I'm afraid the boys might envy me that's why I'm playing some music" he said getting closer to me
"Or the girls might envy me" I said reaching for his lips and kissed him, the kiss was full of love, passion and expressing what we both felt for the other. My cunt was already throbbing.
"A quicky or longy?" Archie asked
"A longy of course" I replied
Archie and I have our own words and Tasha told me she finds it very weird and romantic at the same time. We invent our own codes and it's only a few people that can understand. I was already naked so there was no need of removing clothes and so was Archie. He has always told me that I influenced him into sleeping naked and he never does it when he's alone.
Archie reached for my boobs and kissed each of them giving them ample attention making them harder and my core soaking wet, he kissed me from the tits going down to my belly button. His erection was rock hard and throbbing, he circled the fullness of my tits, they aren't big but he thinks they are the perfect size. His hand cupped the side of my face, I closed my eyes, sensing the warmth of his palm. I sucked his thumb that was playfully brushing my lips, his jaws hardened, gaze intensified and he took a sharp breathe. My tongue twirled around his thumb at the same time sipped it like a Popsicle.
"Damn, Baby. Stop that" he said
I released him, confused. I looked at him and his eyes dilated with desire, he cupped my face and crashed his lips in mine, his kiss was possessive but soft and firm. My folds were dripping and leaked even more when he pressed his erection against my core, he plunged into me deeply. I yelped with each powerful thrust. He rocked into me at a slow pace then he would go fast and hit my delicious spot. He was claiming me and I loved every bit of it, he was drilling into me until I cried in pleasure and lost my sanity.
He thrust into me with no finesse, not a minute later, I reached the extent of my orgasm at the same time, he came on my belly button. He collapsed next to me and were all sweating and breathing heavily. When we regained our senses we went straight to the shower and prepared for what the day was holding for us. I wore the perfect outfit for today's activity and so did Archie. We neaten our cabin and moved out. I had to prepare something before leaving, I made my way to the main house with Archie. The girls helped me out and we had breakfast then prepared what we were to have when we were back.
Today's activity was hiking, how I have always dreamt of going for such activities with my man and that dream had come to reality. We decided to use one car today, Derrick's. He was the one to drive us for today and the ride was the best, we laughed, talked and Posha was so so fun to be with, she jazzed us about how Dean loves dancing to slow music and he truly feels that genre, we all laughed.
"Him you didn't have to tell them" Dean said
"It's not bad to love dancing to such boring songs" Tasha said
"Archie save me" Dean pleaded
"I won't say anything, sorry bro" Archie said
"Five again one" Posha added and we all bust into laughter
Archie gave Derrick the directions to where we were going and in just twenty minutes, we had reached the place. We all moved out and followed Archie's lead, there were other people, we joined them. We divided each other into groups and went in different directions. Our group was of five, Archie inclusive, this group was going to be fun. I felt it in my guts.
"Baby, are you enjoying yourself? You like such stuff." Archie said
"I love every bit of it, all thanks to you" I replied
"Okay, lovebirds, this side" Dean interrupted. He was also in our group.
We took many pics and selfies, it was totally worth it, every minute I spend with Archie is worth. The new people we had met were also jolly and they lit up the mood. I had fun and we were still crossing the river, we met Derrick and the others, we moved with them into the forest. I was already feeling ravenous and I told Archie who told me that we were about to leave. Snow had started increasing everywhere and I think we were going to leave out some activities.
"Whoelse is starving like my woman here?" Archie asked
"We all are" Derrick replied
"Think we should get going then" Dean added
"Sure" Archie said holding me tight like someone was going to snatch me away from him, how I love it when he holds me like that. We bid goodbye to the people we had met and made our way to Derrick's car and we hopped in and hit the road.
"Dude, that place was breathtaking" Derrick said
"Very" Posha added
"Are you guys smooching?" Tasha asked and that's when I realised that all eyes were on me and Archie, my cheecks turned red and Derrick was seeing us through the rearview mirror and he just smiled at us, so good of him.
"Sorry" Archie said so apologetic
"It's okay" Tasha replied
"These lovebirds" Dean said
"I know" Tasha added
I was happy that Dean and Tasha were getting along. I was planning on a tryst with Archie when we reach at the house, I know the girls will look for me because I'm a great help in the kitchen but not today. I think Babe noticed that I was drowning in my thoughts.
"Baby, what's up"
"Nothing Babe" I replied
"Really?" he asked with a lot of concern
"Yes" I replied and kissed him
"Guys again" Tasha interrupted her lips stretched in a big smile and we ended the kiss.
"Tasha stop prying" Derrick told her pulling her head back to face the front
"I'm not" said in a defensive tone
"You are, girl" Posha said
"Arrgh, come on guys. I always want to check on my bestie, just bad timing I guess" Tasha replied
"I'm with my boyfriend, he's harmless" I said
"How many horror movies have you watched so far?" Dean asked me
"Many" I answered
"Boyfriends can be harmful" Dean said
"Cut the crap, dude" Archie said
"We all rest our case okay" Tasha said
"I wasn't among" Derrick interrupted
"Me too" Posha added
"We are here lovebirds" Derick said parking the car
"At last Tasha is going to stop pryinh" I said
"Girl" Tasha pointed her lips
"Guys come on" Posha said gesturing us to move out of the car.
When we all moved out, I grabbed Babe's hand and we got lost into some place of the house, they all didn't know about. Thanks to God this place is very big, you can hide and no one finds you.
"Baby, everything good?"
"Shhh" I put a finger on his cute lips, he didn't say anything again
I kissed him and he kissed me back, we snogged for about ten minutes till we all felt like we needed some air, the kiss was so hard and that's when Archie spoke again.
"Is this what I think it is?" he asked
"A tryst, yes"
"They are going to look for us, you especially"
"I know but we are first getting done with this" I said
"Sir yes sir" he said jokingly
Our lips crashed again and we kissed so slowly and passionately and as I was reaching for his Giuseppe Zanotti belt, someone opened the door and that person was Tasha.
"I knew it" Tasha said rejoicing
"You are such a kill joy" I said
"You lovebirds are so full of yourselves" she said
"Fine Tasha, let's go" Archie interrupted
"Sure" she replied
"I'm going to hate you for this" Archie added
"Me more" I said
"I'm sorry guys burbs had to look for you" she said apologetically
"I told you I will find them" Tasha said, the rest turned and looked at us
"You can pry" Dean said
"I needed help here and hey, they have the whole night" she said in her defense
"Stop being a perv" Derrick told her
"Is that really you telling me that?" Tasha asked
"I'm afraid yes" Derrick replied
"Okay, stop" Posha said "Mary we are so sorry but we need some help here" she added
"So you two girls can't cook?" Archie asked seriously looking at both Posha and Tasha
"Babe, it's okay" I said
"You sure Baby?" he asked with concern
"Yeah" I replied
"Okay, I will be with the boys playing cards" he said
"Cool" he pecked me on the forehead, how romantic
"Okay what do we have here" I said turning to the girls
We prepared dinner and set the table then I went to call the boys as Tasha and Posha were making juice, the blender was making a lot of noise though.
"Dinner is ready" I called them out
"I was starving" Dean said getting up and they all moved out
They followed my lead to the dining room and sat ready to dig in.
"Hold on hungry birds" Posha said, we all laughed
I said a short prayer and we all forked into our food, it was really delicious, my taste buds loved each and every part of it. For cooking, I know I'm really good at it.
After dinner, we watched Siren season two i didn't know that Derrick and Dean loved watching series. For Tasha and Archie we have always watched together and I wasn't surprised when Posha was a fan, think all girls are. At a half past ten, we all moved out of the house and Archie locked it then we made out way to our cabins, bid ourselves goodnight and walked inside.
Archie and I played cards where if one loses, they undress and thanks to me I was only having my bra and thong on while Archie still had his shirt and his boxers on.
"Babe, you have won" I said
"I always win" he replied and moved closer to where I was. "Can we?" he added gesturing me to the bathroom. We brushed and showered but did we really shower, I don't really remember since Archie claimed me from there. Sex in the shower had become one of my favorite, next, I wanted to try the kitchen but I remembered that we had company. After he made love to me in the shower, he washed me like I was a baby and we cleaned up then moved back, naked and grabbed my pyjamas, kissed ourselves goodnight. That was all for the day.
"I love you baby" he whispered in my ear
"I love you too mi amour" I replied
I rested my head on his chest, his heart beating very normally, it was music to my ears. We both slept off at almost the same time. Archibald Daniels is going to be the death of me. I can't imagine a life without him, it's torture and I know together we can overcome each and everything for relationships always have ups and downs.

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