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Chapter 31

Archie's POV

It's been one week and four days since Mary came here and tomorrow we were going to her home town for Christmas, Tasha and the others were willing to join us, so we all had to leave tomorrow to Mary's and her folks were happy that she was going to bring her friends over.
I woke up to Mary, nuzzling my neck, I looked down at her brunette hair placing a kiss on top of it. Her arm was wrapped around me, our skin keeping each other warm in the chilled winter morning. Her erect nipples indented into my chest. I trickled my fingers down her back, over her soft back. I slowly turn a soundly sleeping Mary to her back, I kept her lower body covered with the comforter, her breasts making themselves known by her dark rose-colored nipples hardening more. I have been with girls but I have never seen anything more beautiful than this woman lying before me.
I slowly positioned myself on top of her. She shifted but continued to sleep, how she loves sleeping. Now I was looking at her small sized breasts, anchoring my weight to my elbows on either side of her so I can run my tongue on her soft skin. I trail my tongue around one of her nipples then ducked it into my mouth, a soft moan left her lips. I continued trailing my tongue to the other repeating my actions and she arched her back pushing her breast further into my mouth.
I stopped my movements and looked at her, damn. I love this woman. I reached for her pyjama bottoms and pulled them down her legs. Her legs splayed open for me, beckoning me to lap her juices like a dog. And oh, it was quite a sight to see, she shivered and I knew just how to warm her up. I lowered my head to her sweetness, I let out a shaky heated breath over her moist sex. She moaned, I almost lost my power not to stroke myself and shove my dick deep in her. I pulled myself back up and kissed her then slipped a finger into her, she moaned loudly over the unexpected pleasure. I pushed my finger further as much as I could, twirled it in her wet honey pot.
"Oh, Ar..... Arch, God faster" she moaned and gasped as I skillfully worked my finger.
She looked sated, she was dripping and I added a second finger, she had no choice but to accept the pain and pleasure. She thrashed and trembled, a few seconds later, she was screaming my name and shaking uncontrollably bucking her hips to the music I made her dance to, I claimed her. She was mine.
I kissed her then pulled away, she caressed my face. I removed my fingers and licked her juices off them, how sweet they were.
"Good morning" I smiled as we stared into each other's souls. She sat upright with a warm smile. "Good morning handsome"
"How about breakfast" she added
"Sure" I replied
"But first I have to clean up" she stretched her hand above her head
"I know you don't mind me joining you"
She blushed and laughed, swatting my arm playfully
"Okay then" she said
We showered together, it was sexy and romantic. God knows how much I love Mary Cooper. She did things to me that's couldn't have imagined could be done to me. She drive me heights that I wish not to fall from because it would kill me. I was in love with her and I had become addicted to her. After showering, I wore a simple shirt and shorts then Mary, a sweater and some joggers. It's not like we were going anywhere anytime soon. We moved to the main house and it was only us, the others were not yet up. Mary prepared breakfast for us all but we had ours for we couldn't wait for the the rest. She offered me a plate of food and a mug of hot chocolate on the table, so wife material.
She joined me on the table, sat and we both dug into our food. When we finished, she cleaned the dishes, she refused me to help her out. Outside, was a blanket of white snow, that's when Tasha and Derrick joined and after two or three minutes, Dean and Posha joined.
"Good morning guys" I greeted
"Good morning" they all replied in sync
Mary offered them their breakfast on the table and they were thankful.
"What a wife!" Dean whispered
"Shut up dude. I know" I whispered- replied
We both laughed and they all turned and looked our way
"Nothing" I said to them
"Okay" Posha said sipping on her hot cocoa
I wanted to do something in my room, I went upstairs and left Mary and the others down stairs. I wanted to wrap her Christmas present and the others, I had bought everyone a present for we were going to spend Christmas together and Mary's folks plus her two siblings. I just wish they don't notice for the presents were many, I don't know how I will carry them without anyone's consent. After wrapping the presents, I closed the door behind me and headed down stairs.
"Mary?" I called out
Where would they have gone, maybe they went somewhere. They didn't leave a note or something. That's when I heard screaming and yelling outside that knocked me from my thoughts. That's when I saw the woman I craved, that causes me so much joy, crouched low with a snowball in hand. She didn't have gloves even, so reckless. Then I saw Dean chase her with one in his hands as well
I was happy that they were getting along each day that passed. She threw the snowball, hitting him with excellent aim. Others join in, I stare at the ongoing laughter and banter they shared in their playful snow fight. Mary looked up then over in my direction. Her look became menacing as her ungloved hand scooped up a snowball, and she ran right toward me. My eyes widened scythe realization of what she was going to do. She opened the door.
"It's on Babe!"
I went to some room where we kept stuff to use in winter, grabbed my boots, jacket and gloves. I moved out and grabbed a handful of freezing snow and focused on my target, Mary.
I chased her, aimed and hit her a few snowballs from the back. Derrick and Posha had taken me by surprise. I picked up some snow and made small balls then chased them, hitting Posha, she tripped and fell. Dean rashed to her and picked her up. We all laughed at her clumsiness.
"Baby, it's fucking freezing out here and you are not wearing gloves"
"I didn't have time to grab any"
I pulled her to me, taking off my gloves and put them on her hands. I rubbed some warmth into her hands. I leaned down and gave her the most breathtaking kiss.
"Get a room" Tasha yelled, breaking up our kiss. Snowballs rained down on us.
"Ready to kick their asses" she whispered
"Hell yeah" I gave her a wink
We moved back to the house and Posha sat a bowl of broccoli soup on the coffee table and sat necrotic us. Mary was curled up in a ball on the couch, sneezing.
"You should have worn gloves" I chastised her
"But we hit those lovebirds" she said defending herself
"Yeah and now you are sick"
"I'm not Babe"
"But you are getting sick"
"But it's worth it" she smiled. I go into a daze, thinking of when I smacked Posha and she tripped. I smiled to myself
"Eat your soup Baby"
"Fine, Dad" she drawled out like the sassy teenager she was
"Yes mommy"
"Okay lovebirds" Posha interrupted "Archie get out, she will eat her soup without any distraction from you" she added
"Fine" I stood up and kissed Mary's forehead then went outside and joined Dean and Derrick
"How's she?" Derrick asked concerned
"Getting sick" I replied
"She's a stubborn creature" Dean added
The soul helped Mary, she was improving though still do naughty and so stubborn like she always is. Have you ever adored someone, she is your ride or die, you rather die before you lose her. I can't afford losing Mary, she's everything a man will ever want their woman to be and if I lose her, I will have to regret doing that for the rest of my life or do all sorts of things to reconcile with her. I lover her, I really do and she also loves me from the moon and back as she confessed her love for me. Posha and Tasha prepared lunch for Mary wasn't so well.
"Homemade beef stroganoff"
It wasn't bad though but if Mary was on the team, it would have been so delicious than it was. It smelled delicious and my stomach rumbled my appreciation when the smell fog around me. It smelled so good, I got enough food for me and Mary who was insisting on helping out her girls.
"You sure you don't need any help?" she asked
"No, it's no problem" Tasha replied
"Okay" she folded one leg under and sat on the chair. It was a little chilly inside here. The snow outside was coming down thick, blanketing everything like a bedsheet. It was so natural and breathtaking.
After eating, we all made our way to the home theatre with blankets and got some DVDs, started watching. How I miss a pizza for such moments but no one could deliver and it was understandable. I got into a daze, thinking of when Mary and I had an euphoric ride in this very place. I smiled. I think she was also reminiscing, she smiled at me as well. It was so overwhelming. We watched and in the middle of the movie, Dean and Posha excused themselves. Dean winked at me and I knew what they were up to, that wink spoke volumes.
For the fact that Mary and I were watching our favourite series, we didn't care about anything and that's when my eyes landed on the two lovebirds, Derrick and Tasha kissing.
"Guys, really?"
Mary also turned to see what I was referring to
"Stop prying" Tasha said
"But you always do in our case" Mary replied
"True" I added
"Get a room" Mary said seriously
"Fine" Derrick stood up and Tasha followed his lead and they were out, now it was just us, me ND my significant other, alone in this room once again. I would like to rewind the stuff that happened here but Mary wasn't feeling so stable, I didn't bother her. I just pulled her into me and we continued watching till, she snapped.
"Babe, we have to do dinner a little bit early today"
"Yeah, I know"
"We have a lot to do, you know"
"Sure" I stood up and pulled her up, we tidied the place and moved out. I locked the door behind us.
"You guys are so full of yourselves" I said referring to Derrick and Tasha
"Oh please, dude" Derrick said
"I know" Tasha said defensively
"Excuse me" Mary moved heading to the kitchen where Posha was. Dean was watching something, I joined them. Tasha and Derrick went to the basement to play pool.
The smell from the kitchen hit me real hard and my stomach started grumbling. When Mary sets her foot in the kitchen, you all bow and wait for a delicious meal. She really knows how to cook, I'm a proud bloke for real.
Posha and Mary set the table for dinner as I went to the basement to call the two lovebirds and I wasn't surprised to find them doing something else that's not pool, making out. I didn't want to be a kill joy, I didn't interrupt, I left bad went back up.
"Where are they?" Mary asked
"Handling something" I replied
After a few minutes, the two lovebirds joined us at the table and none of us said a word to them for we all knew, they were handling themselves. The table was quiet until Tasha broke the silence.
"So at what time will we be leaving tomorrow?" she asked
"Noon" Mary replied
"We have all the time to pack then" Tasha said
"I just can't wait" Derrick added
"We will be back to spend New year's eve here" Dean said
"That will be the best" Tasha said
We finished eating dinner and the girls did the dishes and tidied the place then headed for our cabins. We had some packing to do after all, I was only going to take a few essentials for I had many presents to take with me. We got ourselves busy when we got to our cabin till packing was finished, we showered and I knew exactly what to do next.
I wrapped my strong warm hands her shoulder and she quickly spun around, I presses her against the wall. I stood there, staring down at her with a smirk on my face. I slammed my lips into hers and everything in my mind went black. She threw bet arms around my neck and opened her mouth to invite me in. I took the bait and slid my tongue into her mouth so lightly, brushing against hers. A moan left her mouth filling mine as my other hand came around her ass and grabbed a hold of it. I pressed my body into hers and she could feel my growing erection. She jumped up until her legs were wrapped tightly around my hips. I groaned and gripped her ass tighter. Her lips still on mine. I lifted her and placed her on the bed as I pounded into her from behind, at the moment, I had her up on her hands and knees and stood over her, sinking my crotch so deep and from a different position than we were normal to. I gripped her throat and chin as I relentlessly pounded. I claimed her.
She screamed and moaned for a solid hour, orgasm after orgasm ripping through the both of us.
"You like it when I pound your wonderland?"
"Yess!! Oh, Babe! Arch! another orgasm slammed through her. I grunted at my own release once more.
We both collapsed to the bed, breathing heavily and sweating. Mary peeled her eyes open as she watched me pull the third condom off my cock, noticing that it was still hard as a rock. Exhaustion was taking over her quick and I knew she wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer.
"Babe, I think we should wash up and sleep" she said in an exhausted tone
"Anything you want my love"
I carried her to the bathroom and showered, we were fresh now, we brushed, wore my baseball shorts and covered ourselves in the the duvet.
"Good night baby" I kissed her forehead
"Good nighy Babe" she replied and rested her head on my chest, in a few minutes, she was already sound asleep. I had worn her out and she was very sore from the euphoric ride. It was like what had happened was all a dream, I justified being a sex god to Mary. As we were sleeping, a call woke me up, who was calling me at this time of the night, it was a new number, I just answered it
"Hello" a female voice came from the other side of the line
"Hey, who's this" I was till sleepy and Mary shifted, I didn't want to wake her up
"It's me, Ingrid"
Are you kidding me right now, my ex-girlfriend had called me in the late night, what did she even want. We broke up in very bad terms. I grew distant from her and she was pulling me not until I blocked each and everything concerning her.
"You woke me up, that's not proper. What's up?"
"I'm having a hard time without you. I miss you and my life is all messed and miserable. Can we have a coffee one time?"
"I'm afraid not. I'm sorry for putting you through that. Good night" I ended the call and switched off my phone
"Babe" Mary called in a sleepy tone "Go back to sleep" I said and held her tighter, in a few minutes, we were back to dreamland. Everything about her was so right.

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