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Chapter 32

Mary's POV

I couldn't stop thinking about the person, Archie was talking to at night, it bothered me. I heard a female voice of someone called Ingrid. Who was she to him? Why did she call him in the mid of the night? I had a lot of questions going through my head and it's only Archie that could answer me.
"Hey baby, are you having nostalgia for your home?"
"Amm, I don't know really" I replied
"Are you okay?" he asked concerned
"I am" I replied plainly, jealousy was taking over me
"No, you aren't"
"I am" I got up and took some things with me and placed them in the trunk. Archie followed me and we put all of our stuff in the trunk same applied to those of Dean and Tasha. We had already had breakfast and I was fine, no longer sneezing like yesterday no morning quicky or longy as we call them, we have many terms we use as a couple and yesterday, Archie calls me mommy, so sweet. We set off from Archie's as the rest followed in their cars. The drive was so silent and I know Babe was asking himself why I was silent cause I always talk even when I'm not in shape. I just had a lot of thoughts, my silence was speaking volumes to Archie and I know he had to ask anytime from now. When we were out of his home town. He broke the silence.
"Baby there is something off about you that you aren't telling me"
"You heard me, what's wrong?" he asked
"Archie I heard your conversation with Ingrid, yeah Ingrid. I'm sorry for eavesdropping but when your phone rang, I also woke up but I stayed there"
"Oh, so that's the reason for the change in mood hug?"
"Yeah, I was just thinking of a lot of things" I replied
"Baby, that's my ex and she had called me to lure me into taking her back in and I turned her down for I have the most charming and amazing woman now"
"That's sweet"
"Yeah, so stop being insecure, I'm yours, okay?"
"Yes Babe"
"Someone was jealous"
"Piss off"
After that conversation, the aura changed, we started chatting and yes, I had nostalgia for my home. I had never spent spring break, thanksgiving and winter break away from home, this was the first time ever. We talked about Christmas and Archie told me that Christmas is not that fun in his family, they eat and do a little presents then that's all and yet to us, it's a big day, we cook lots of dishes, a few relatives come, we party, do presents it's always fun and this year's Christmas was going to be the best with the man I loved with the whole of my life and my friends, it was going to be so fun. Xandy and Lynna were also going to join us, Mr and Mrs Michealson were going to roast me. Xandy's parents usually join us on Christmas, thanksgiving and new year's eve they are usually out of the country leaving Xandy and her siblings with a baby sitter for they have little ones. Many people were going to be with us this Christmas, Xandy's family, Lynna's, Tasha, Dean, Derrick, Posha and some few relatives and not forgetting my love, Archibald Daniels. Those of Dean were coming behind us for none of them knew the directions, they were following.
"We are here" Archie said
"Oh yeah"
Archie parked and those of Dean parked next to his car. We all moved out my mom and my siblings were outside waiting for us all smiles.
"Hey mom" I hugged her
"We are happy to see you. Come in" she gestured all of us to come in
"Lynna is inside and your Dad"
"Oh, then this is going to be a nice evening"
We all moved in, joy and introductions filled the house
"How are you Archie?" my dad asked him
"I'm fine, how are you Mr. Cooper?"
"So fine, are you lovebirds going to introduce us"
"Ammm, dad, this is Derrick Hawkins, Tasha Wallace, Posha Kirby and Dean Stone, guys this is my dad and mom plus those two kids you see there Jeremiah and Emery"
"Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Cooper" Derrick said
"Nice to meet you all" my folks said in sync
"Enough of the intros, what's for dinner" Lynna interrupted and hugged me, Dean looked so confused
"Ammm, she's my immediate neighbor. Posha this is Lynna my bestie and Lynna this is Posha, Dean's girlfriend"
"Nice to meet you Posha, congs Dean" she added
I joined Lynna and my mum in the kitchen to prepare dinner as my dad and Archie were catching up, they looked so nice. I helped my mum with poaching the fish as Lynna was dealing with dessert, for desserts they remained a relic in the family. I dealt with the casserole as my mom handled the rest of the stuff. We finished preparing dinner and Tasha helped us set the table for we were many, very many. I sat next to Archie and my dad and mom at the extreme end, then others found themselves seats and my mom said a short prayer and we all dug into our food.
"So you all graduated in the same class?" my dad asked looking at Dean and the rest
"Yes sir, apart from this sweet lady here" Dean replied
"Oh, she didn't graduate with you" he asked
"She graduated but at a different school" Dean replied
After their short conversation, the table went silent again until we were all done and I helped Posha with the dishes, Lynna helped as well. Tasha was dealing with the table, I put the plates in the dish washer. After cleaning up everything, we joined the rest, who were deep in conversation about the big day tomorrow, Christmas. My friends had gotten along with my parents and they all looked so happy and comfortable with the other. Tomorrow was going to be full of bliss and joy, some relatives of ours were joining us but for the Michealsons were coming early in the tomorrow to help us with everything. I had gotten presents for Archie, Tasha, Lynna, Xandy, Derrick, my folks, the Michealsons and the two lovebirds, Dean and Posha, I think for everyone. My parents bid us good night and I helped my siblings to their beds then went back down stairs. We watched, Derrick and Tasha were the first to leave to the room I had allocated them. Dean and Posha followed after a few minutes and now it was just me and Archie. We kept up watching till midnight, I started yawning. Archie didn't even ask me whether I wanted to pash, he lifted me to my bedroom, he took off my clothes and helped me wear my pyjamas, within a few seconds, I was already sound asleep. I felt Archie kissing me on the forehead and whispered good night in my ear, he wrapped his warm hands around me.
We woke up to the noise down stairs, the two couples had slept on the second floor, Lynna and Xandy on the first floor. Archie was also woken up by the noise and we were both wondering what was happening. I told Archie to stay, I went down stairs still a little bit sleepy.
"What's not happening" I asked in a sleepy tone
"My bad, Mr and Mrs Michealson arrived and they were arguing about something with the Smiths" my mom answered
Mr and Mrs Smith are Xandy's parents and they are our family friends as well, we love them like our own. I went back up for I still had an hour of sleep, Archie was still up waiting for me.
"Baby, what was that about?" he asked
"The Michealsons, Cooper's and Smith's thing" I replied
"Okay" he held out his arms to me and I crawled into bed, he held me in a tight embrace
"Good morning baby, Merry Christmas"
"Good morning, Merry Christmas too my love"
He kissed me and I opened my mouth, he twirled his tongue inside, I held him tighter. My heart raced with anticipation, he took it very slow, he brushed his lips against mine, teasing me, then I coaxed to kiss him, partying more to beckon. A guttural groan slipped from his throat, his hand cupped the back of my head. He thrust his tongue deep inside my mouth, I gasped. Heat erupted my skin, I gripped his strong arms and pulled him. Our eyes were clouded with love, we were both breathing heavily. He smiled at me, that smile that sends shivers down my spine.
"You drive me insane Mary Cooper" he whispered
He kissed me again with sweet, soft and innocent smooches. I slid my hands down to his chest, my heart beat was faster like his. He slipped his tongue inside causing a moan to escape from me. The kisses heated, wilder and hungrier, he pressed his hips into mine in a move I didn't get, letting me feel his huge bulge trapped in his sweatpants. He started kneading one of my breasts making me arch as his soft lips ignited the fire inside me. My nipples were painfully hard and aching as I ground myself into him. I was a proud woman. He travelled his damp lips to my jaw down to my neck, I arched it giving him access to explore further. The more we made love, the more we loved each other.
He yanked my pyjamas off and I was totally naked. His pupils were dilate with excitement. I tentatively raised his shirt and looked at him in the eyes, they were so cute. Archie was beautiful in many ways a piece of art. My mouth watered on seeing the tip of his hard length poking out against the waist band of his sweatpants. He tore the foil pack and sheathed his length, I had gotten some rubbers for us, his eyes glued on me and my breathing quickened. I parted my legs voluntarily as I noticed his arousal. I bit my lower lip when he rolledup the rubber to the base of his cock. He settled on top of me and kissed me again. I pressed his cock against my soaking entrance then rubbed it up and down
"I love you" he whispered
"I love you too"
He leaned down to press my lips and kiss me as he simultaneously sunk into me
"Baby you are so sweet"
I erotically dug my fingers into his skin. He kissed me. He thrusted again and the sensation was hard to resist. My cheecks were blossoming a flush of red.
"I want it rough" I whispered
I pushed myself against him. He buried his man deep into me, his hips pressed in against mine with pure excitement and bliss. I screamed his name though not so loudly as usual for many people were in the house. I ran my fingernails at the skin of his back, it felt so good. We were both having a lot of fun and at the same time, enjoying the feelings we shared. He slammed fully inside me and my mouth formed an O shape, my eyes widened. He smiled at his work, so nice of him. I couldn't last, Archie was really doing things to me, it felt so damn good. He thrust over and over again into me, encircled his hips and sought for the right spot. I went wild, my body shuddered, my back arched. His jaw locked harder, think he didn't want to come before me.
The thick vassal of pleasure almost sent me soaring high to the realm of euphoria. He forced his cock to be deeper inside me, his balls slapped against my ass. Our mingled moans echoed in the entire room. My honey pot spammed around him and he held me tighter. We merged am, it was euphoric and cute. We kissed again, he hit me in the right places, we were dampening in our sweat. He ducked on the sensitive skin in my neck, think he left a mark there. My body tightened, breathing turned into pants and raspy then that was it, I clamped Archie tightly, my legs quivered, I convulsed as I reached the peak of ecstasy we both shared. He kissed me and shuttered on top of me. He groaned as the strong building of orgasm wanted to erupt, he called my name before he released till he was empty.
We rested for half an hour then showered, dressed up, tidied the room and headed downstairs. I was so hungry however much Archie had given me the best Christmas breakfast ever.
"Good morning lovebirds" Tasha greeted
"Good morning" I teplied
"You guys have been the last ones to get downstairs" Tasha said
"I wasn't feeling so well and he was taking of me" I lied
"Bedside I think" she laughed
"You such a pain in the ass" Archie said to her and went to the table, greeted everyone and Posha helped Mrs. Michealson get everything to the table.
The house was nicely decorated, my mom can never leave that in the past, it remained a relic. The aura was so peaceful and full of bliss. We had breakfast and I helped Lynna with the dishes then we got back to where everyone was. It was time for presents, I went back to my room and carried every single present I had wrapped. To my surprise, Archie came back with a bunch of stuff, how did he even park all of that without my consent. He's good at keeping things low key. I still couldn't believe that Archie had gotten a present for everyone that I had told him would come for Christmas. Everyone gave out their Christmas presents and joy filled the place. Archie bought my man some baking tools for she loves baking, I had told him, a lot and my dad a very expensive watch. I had gotten presents for Mr and Mrs Daniels but for the fact they weren't around for Christmas, I kept them for the day I will get to see them. I had gotten Archie, a very nice and expensive parfum, he's worth my effort. He had gotten me an elegant very beautiful dress, for the way it looked, it was expensive, a silver necklace plus a pair of black heels. I loved everything he got me.
My mom was happy that he spent a lot of dimes on me, I knew I deserved it as he deserved everything I offered him. My parents bought me a very elegant bag and watch not forgetting the mac book, I had bought my dad very expensive liquor, Archie gave me the idea and it was a nice one for my dad liked it and my mom a necklace. I gave the rest their presents. Tasha had bought me a Kylie package, I loved it. This is the first Christmas in my life that I received very many presents. I was happy. After exchanging presents and unwrapping them I got mine and carried them to my bedroom, Archie got his and put them in the trunk of his car, how reckless.
As the women of the house, we prepared lunch, my mom had baked a cake for the say. The work around wasn't exhausting since we were many, Mrs Smith helped with decorating the cake as Mrs Michealson and Posha were setting the table. Jeremiah and Emery were outside playing under the snow, after preparing and everything, we joined them and hitting each other snowballs and yet for me I was missing out on many shots at him. Our parents were just looking at us, smiling.
"Are we going to keep them out of this game?" Xandy asked me playfully
"Of course not" I replied
Before they could even get time to run, we had already hit them with a few snowballs, the Smiths are really good at these games, they chased after us as they were hitting our backs with snow. Lynna was chasing after her dad as my folks and Mrs Michealson were also on the game, Archie was being chased by Tasha he slipped and fell. I couldn't help seeing him lying there, I ran in their direction and helped Tasha get him up. That's when Dean and Derrick hit us, Posha was chasing Candy. It was so fun. This was the best Christmas of all seasons.
After the snowball fight, we went back inside. I sat with Archie and Lynna at the fireplace. We had lunch and my mom suggested that we should watch a Christmas movie, we all booed her but she never let down her guards. We rested our case and left her get the DVDs we watched till the movie ended, at first we were not feeling it but at the end if it turned to be fun. It was a comedy, we laughed and discussed the characters. My mom brought the cake where we were seated and she cut it into pieces, it was so sweet, very delicious with the vanilla scent fogging around the place. I moaned at the sweetest.
The day went on so smoothly, we cleaned up the house and bid ourselves goodnight. It was a long day, Mr and Mrs Smith stayed. The Michealsons went back to their home but Candy stayed and slept with Lynna. Mr and Mrs Daniels video called Archie and they talked for some good minutes. He said they wanted to say hi and joined him
"Hey Marg, merry Christmas"
"Merry Christmas too Mr and Mrs Daniels"
"Ee are sorry, we couldn't make it but we will organise something when we get back" Mrs Daniels assured us
"It's okay. We have had lots of fun" I replied
"That's good, Archie has told us that he has enjoyed himself " she said
"We truly have" I answered
"Great. We should get going, goodnight to you" Mr Daniels said with a wide smile
"Good night too" Archie and I answered in sync
He ended the call and switched off his phone and put it on charge. I will never forget this Christmas, it was phenomenal and unforgettable. Archie kissed me goodnight.
"Goodnight Babe"
"Goodnight too Baby"
" I love you" I whispered.
"I love you more"
"Of course you do" I said playfully
We slept off. What a day to remember, like it wasnt goingm to end.

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