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Chapter 33

Mary's POV

Tomorrow, we were going back to Archie's. Those of Kevin were to join us the day after tomorrow. Most of the guests had gone back apart from my guests. Now we were all looking forward to New Year's Eve, everyone is jolly and the aura is so lovely. I pray this happiness never ends, maybe not so soon. I wanted to enjoy my time with Archie before going to college. Our relationship was moving on our own pace and he loved me as much as I did. We were having family time and my dad was truly getting along with the boys, Dean and Derrick. As we were still chatting, Archie received a phone call and he didn't answer it, after a few seconds, it rang again, he didn't answer. When it rang the third time, he got up with his brows furrowed, he was pissed. Who in the world was calling him and ruining his mood. Tasha gave me an eye and I shrugged for I didn't know who was calling him as well. After something like two minutes, he came back. I gave him a what's up look and he just used at me. I wanted to ease myself and went to my room, before I even got to business someone budged into in room, I kept quiet for I was scared fory dear life. It was Archie.
"You scared the shit out of me" I said
"I'm so sorry, didn't mean to scare you" he apologized
"Why did you sneak into here?"
"For this" he pulled me into his warm chest and kissed me. I pulled awat
"I came to ease myself, first hold up" I rushed to the washroom and did my business there, cleaned up and went back in.
"So.... "
"So..??" he asked confused
"Who was that calling you?" I asked curiously
"Ingrid" he said passing his fingers in his nice looking hair
"Oh" was all I said
"She's still on my neck. What should i do?" he asked
"I don't know. Block the number"
"Okay then" he pulled out his phone an blocked the number
For goodness sake what did she want from a taken man. I was now pissed but I snapped when Archie devoured my lips hungrily. I gave in, he owns me really. He dominates me and I submit, how romantic. We hadn't closed the day even, Archie kicked it and went back to business. He lifted me and dropped me to the edge of the bed. I love him more than I have ever loved any man on this planet.
"Babe, there are people down there" I whispered
"Don't you have any distraction" he whispered
"A woofer you mean" I got up and put on some music to distract the moans and groans that were going to fill the room and I locked the door very well, didn't want invaders. He held my hands up my head and slid his tongue into my mouth. I opened for him to continue his survey on me. He slowly removed my clothes off my body leaving me in my red bra and red g-string.
"Did you really wear, this for me?" he smirked, I just nodded and bit my bottom lip. I laid my hands on his chest and got this shirt up his head and on the ground it landed. He came down to me and kissed me gently while including my bra, the cold air made me shiver and he knew exactly how to warm me. He trailed down kisses from my jaw line to the neck then boobs, putting one in his mouth, I moaned. He did the same ritual to the second one, I was already soaked with anticipation. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down, leaving him in his Phillip Plein boxer. I smiled at the bulge in his boxer. He kissed me one more time then pulled my g-string down. I felt exposed but that's something I have come to get used to being at his exposure. He went back to licking my nipple as his other hand was down stuff to my core, his thumb was rubbing my bud as two of his fingers slid inside my folds. I closed my eyes and felt the moment, I moaned his name.
"Say my name baby"
"Arch" I moaned, his thrusts became fast and hard, he got deeper and deeper while working my bud and kissing me. I felt can't clench around his fingers.
"I'm going to come" I whispered
"Come for me Baby"
I held a grip on his hand and let my juices flow around his fingers and down my ass cheeks, he licked his fingers devouring my juices.
"You are so sweet baby" he kissed me letting me taste myself. I blushed, my cheeks turned red.
Now I knew it was time for Archie to go about his work. He pulled down his boxer and I looked at his tough throbbing erection ready to eat me. I bit my bottom lip.
"You like what you see huh"
"I always do" I replied
"Get on your knees and hands" he ordered me and I loved each and everything about it, I submitted. I did as he had told me. The coldness made me shiver, he got in between my legs and blew some air inside my throbbing sex, it was torture.
"Please" I pleaded
"Please, what?" he asked like he didn't know what he was doing to me
"Please get your crotch inside me" he didn't need second calling, he thrusted right in, I moaned. I was strenuously waiting on that, he held a very tight grip on my hair that I gasped and loosened it. He smacked my ass as he rode in and out of me, it was the best spank of all time.
"Arch, ahh"
"Yes hun"
"I want it rough" I said through a moon
"Yes boss" he held my waist tightly and slammed his cock, deep and rough inside my folds, he claimed me. He then slowly turned me to missionary style and my legs were up on his shoulders as he rode me to insanity. I lost my sanity, he's a sex god. My cunt clenched around his length, I dug my nails deep in his skin as I convulsed around him. His thrusts became fast and he was groaning, I felt another orgasm coming on, I also swayed my hips according to his pace.
"Baby, if you do that,i won't take long"
I didn't stop in my movements, I kept going and Archie held me tighter. I knew he was about to come and so was I, his face changed and there came that face that spoke that he was going to spill his fluids, my orgasm hit me at the same time with his and his warm sticky liquid was spilled in the condom. He collapsed on top of me and we stayed like that for something like five minutes. He pulled out of me and rested on my side. I helped him remove the condom off his still hard cock, he smiled at that. After regaining our normal breath, we made our way to the bathroom, naked. Archie used not feel secure being naked or sleeping naked around me at first but now he had gotten used. He would even dance for me while naked and his sick dangling from side to side as he danced, shaking his small butt for me and his crotch. I laugh my ribs out whenever he does that. This man just made my life more valuable and worth it. I used to have low esteem but he always complimented me saying I'm the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he's lucky have me, I blush on remembering those words come from his mouth. He is everything I ever wanted. When we got to the bathroom, we brushed then opened the shower, water flowed on our bodies. We applied soap an started cleaning up, Archie started tickling me, I chuckled as I lost breath till he let go of me. As I got soap to apply in my face, he rubbed his but on mine. Who in the world does that even, I rubbed mine against his as well, so stubborn of him, then we bust into laughter.
We got out of bathroom in towels, dressed up and headed down stairs. I was even wondering whether they were looking for us we left them chatting and no one realised that were gone. Maybe they knocked on my door and since we were busy and music was playing, we couldn't hear anything, so nice of us.
"Where have you guys been?" Posha asked
"Ammm.. " I was speechless
"Do you need to ask really?" Derrick interrupted
"Piss off dude" Archie said waving his hand dismissively at Derrick.
"We are stuck here because of you. We should get going" Derrick said
"Where?" I asked confused
"To the park, your parents suggested, remember" that's when I remembered that we had to go to the park. My mom had told me about it before Christmas, for all the loving making with Archie, I couldn't remember.
"Now I do" I said grabbing Archie's big hand with my small one. As we went towards the door, we found Tasha pacing back and forth. What was wrong with her
"What's up Mrs. Hawkins?" I asked
"You have the nerve to ask. You got me worried, where have you been?" she asked angrily and seriously but I know her too well, she will calm down soon
"For a walk" Archie answered
"In bed" Posha added, I glared at her and she raised her hands surrendering
"I rest my case" she said
I have grown to like her, how did she even end up with Dean for he over undermines and is very picky. I would like to know their story and that's my mission before we part ways. Archie and I grabbed our jackets and gloves for the rest were already done with that stage, we moved out and made our way to the drive way where Dean, Lynna, Xandy ,my siblings and parents were.
"Where had you guys gone?" my mom asked
I was so tired of hearing that question and so was Archie, I saw the way he looked when my mom asked where we were.
"A tryst, I guess" Dean answered, we didn't say a word about that. We moved from where they were, Archie coming after me. I know he was confused for I was heading to my car.
"Don't worry you are driving" I assured him
"Why not use my car?" he asked still confused
"I missed my baby and you have never been inside my car, so..."
"Fine" he gave up the arguing contest, I won
We hopped in and Archie started the engine
"It smells like you" he aid with a smik on his face
"Just like you do right now" I said and he pinched my cheek for that.
"Ouch that hurt" I said rubbing my chhek
"Sorry, but you deserved it" he smiled, that smile that melts each and everything in me. We drove off after my parents had drove out of the drive way and the rest followed. Archie drove with one arm on the steering wheel and the other holding my left hand, so romantic, right?
When we got to the park, we all parked in the parking lot and got out, snow was everywhere. People had come with their families kids running around the place, I saw Emery's eyes shine I knew she wanted to join the kids that were playing.
"That reminds me of my childhood stage" I said to Archie who was also looking at the kids
"The innocent stage" he said looming at me and placed a kiss on my forehead
"My parents used to bring me here on this very day" I said
"How was it back then?" he asked
"Lovely, I didn't have any sibling by then"
"As for me, we used to spend this day with Keith and our elder brother Todd making items out of snow and our parents used to yell at us to get back in the house but we were so big headed and stubborn. In the evening, we would be all sick, sneezing and having chills" he smiled at the memory
"You don't seem the stubborn type" I laughed at him
"Guys come on" Dean called us, he was hitting Posha with snowballs. A snow fight again.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Archie asked with a smirk on his face.
"Yes" I grinned, we joined Dean and Posha in the fight, men against women. We discussed how we had to win over the game and leave the man stunned, we thought it was just us laying strategies on turning, the boys were also discussing on how to outsmart us. This was going to be absolutely fun
"Now" my mom yelled and we all hit snowballs at the boys who also hit us, we collected snow and ran towards them like we were playing football, they didn't see that coming as do their faces said it all. I went for Archie, my mom to dad, Posha to Dean, Tasha to Derrick, Emery, Lynna and Xandy were off to Jeremiah who was running away. We knew the boys will fight us on this one but they were out numbered. Lynna and Xandy grabbed more snowballs and hit those that were resisting till they tapped on the ground surrendering. We won. We rejoiced at our victory.
"You women are so smart" my dad said getting on his feet, shaking off the snow
"As always" my mom replied planting a kiss on his lips
"Ewww " Emery closed her eyes and we all laughed at her child demeanor
We spent more twenty minutes at the park, Tasha took many selfies as she could, my dad requested someone to take group pics of us. It was something to always remember. I was happy that my parents like my friends and my boyfriend as well. He thanked the stranger and checked the pics that were taken.
"I will send them to you if you like to have them" he said looking at me
"Why not? Of course I want to have them. Memories" I said hugging him
"You are squeezing the life out of me" he squirmed for his dear life
"I love you dad" I said to him
"I love you too my baby" I smiled at the last word
"And I love you all. You made my Christmas the best of all time" we went in for a group hug. A tear fell on my cheeks, I was so happy. It's like I was living a dream.
"Come on" Archie pulled out of the group hug and hugged me. "I love you too" he whispered and wiped the tear away from my cheek.
"We love you too" Dean and Tasha said in sync. I was even surprised that it was Dean that said that
"Owww" I smiled
"We also love you" Posha and Derrick ganged up
"You guys complete me" I was extremely happy
My mom was smiling ear to ear at the sight upfront of her
"well, we the special ones come last" Xandy said
"You know how much we love you" Lynna added, I hugged them both, I love them a lot
"As you never did that to me" Tasha whined
"Come here" I hugged her
"Guys we should get going" my dad called us, we all groaned, he had ruined our sweet moment. We hopped in our cars and drove off.
"I can't believe he said that" I said
"Me too" Archie replied
"I think hes like me now " I smiled at the thought of Dean changing his perspective about me
"I knew that time will come. You are a very charming person, you know" he said eyes on the road. I smiled and pecked him on his cheek.
Good thing was our home town isn't that very big, within ten minutes, we were back at the house. Archie's mom and dad video called and talked to us and said hi to everyone. I helped my mom in the kitchen, we prepared dinner as my dad was dealing with the pics that were taken earlier at the park. The house was on fire, Jeremiah chasing with the pics that were taken earlier at the park. The house was on fire, Jeremiah chasing Emery from corner to corner for his toy, the rest chatting about their plans for New Year's Eve. I will never forget this festive season. This has been the best year of all years of my existence and I'm waiting for more years like this one. Dinner was brought to the table and my mom called everyone, ran after Emery and Jeremiah, got them to the table. She said a short prayer as usual and Amens filled the place. We all dug into our food.
"So when will we get to see you guys again?" my Dad asked looking at Dean then Derrick while putting the last fork of food in his mouth.
"We are not sure" Derrick replied
"But you are always welcome here" my dad said
"Thank you for everything Mr and Mrs Cooper" Dean added
"You are Welcome"
I did the dishes with Posha and Lynna as Tasha and Candy helped my mom tidy the place. After we were done with chores, my dad opted for a family movie. My mom groaned that we all bust into laughter at her response to my dad's suggestion. My dad put in the DVDs of princess switch, we all watched our bodies covered in blankets, Lynna shared with Xandy as the rest of us shared with our significant others. Jeremiah and Emery shared a blanket but Emery kept on whining until they slept off. The movies ended but it had just put us in the moods of watching. My mom helped me take Jeremiah and Emery to bed. We came back and watched the knight, a Christmas movie. When it ended, my folks bid is goodnight, everyone went to their room, bid ourselves goodnight and turned lights off. Tomorrow, we had to leave in the afternoon but I was going to miss family time in times like this.
Archie and I made our way to my room and closes the door behind is. We said a short prayer, I changed to my pyjamas and Archie in his baseball shorts. He kisses me goodnight, we slid under the comforter. I sang I'd a lullaby, how childish I know but Archie loves it. I dozed off, in Archie's embrace, I felt his soft snore, he was already in dreamlworld. These are one of the things I will never let myself forget. I had a dream where I was running from something, someone was chasing me, I got up panting and sweating that Archie woke up. I told him about the dream and he soothed me, running his hand through my hair and making circles on my back. I drifted back to sleep and so did he. What a dream!

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