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Chapter 34

Thank you for following the story to this chapter. I'm looking forward to editing the story after the last chapters. Sorry for taking long to update.
Archie's POV

We had already come back to Stonehill and we were preparing for New Year's Eve. Mary and Posha baked a cake and now they were decorating it. As for me, Dean and Derrick were outside preparing for the night and tomorrow, Tasha was online looking for the coolest place to hang out tomorrow. As everyone was busy, when Kevin called me.
Kev: Dude we are at the gate, open for us
Me: Let me get to it. I left the boys and went inside the house, pressed in the codes and waited for them to get in.
"Kevin and the others have arrived" I said to Mary and Posha who were in the kitchen
"How many are they?" Posha asked
"Four" I replied
"Are you kidding me?" Posha was astonished
"I'm afraid not" Mary replied on my behalf
After their three minutes drive in the driveway, they parked infront of the house. We all waited on them and Mary's jaw dropped on the ground when she saw Lynna, she had come with Levi. She rushed to her and gave her a hug.
"Hey bro" Kevin hugged me
"Merry Christmas" I said jokingly
"I saw your posts, you had a great time with the Coopers"
"Yeah, I did" I went into a daze when we were in the snowfight, the women outsmarted us. I smiled at the memory
"Hey man" Drew interrupted
"What's up"
"Where do we start from?" Alistair asked
"I think I know" Kevin said getting to where Dean was. We were to camp around a bonfire at night. I had gotten blankets for everyone. I wanted to buy more groceries to keep us moving till.
"And who's that?" Kevin whisper-asked
"That's Posha, Dean's girlfriend" I answered
"Oh, I thought he was picky"
"Piss off Kevin" we made our way to where the girls were
"Hey Posha, this is Kevin, Drew, Levi and Alistair" I introduced them "And guys, this is Posha, Dean's girlfriend. Lynna already met her"
"Nice to meet you" Posha said with a smile
"We are so outnumbered" Lynna joked for they were four girls among seven boys.
"Dude, are there any cute girls around?" Drew asked
"You can take a look around you never know" I replied
I went inside the house to get my car keys, had to buy groceries when Drew approached me.
"Hey Dude wasap"
"Nothing really. I like your place" he said
"Thank you. Derrick will take you guys around. I'm going to buy groceries" I said getting my car keys from the key stand
"Wait up" he pleaded
"What's up, you good?" I asked concerned
"Yeah, I just wanted to thank you for taking me in and taking care of Mary" I was so surprised that those words had come from Drew, himself
"You did something, I couldn't do, being faithful. But dude, if you mess up, l will cut your balls off" he continued
"I won't, trust me and you are welcome" I replied happily
"Cool, hope there are some cute girls around" he said heading out
"Hopefully" we laughed, Drew is cooler than anyone could ever think, guess that's why he is Kevin's bestfriend. I closed the door behind me to meet Mary who was in deep conversation with Alistair. What in the world were they talking about even. I cleaned my throat, they both turned and looked at me.
"Babe, why that weird intro?" Mary asked
"I'm so sorry to barge into your conversation" I said apologetically
"It's okay dude" Alistair replied
"Cool, what's up, are you okay?" Mary asked with concern
"I'm fine, I wanted to ask you whether you can give me company to the market" I asked with pleading eyes
"Who am I to say no to the most handsome man I know" Mary was so happy now, what a mood changer
"Alistair, I'm so sorry I will bring her back" I said jokingly
"She's all yours Daniels, no worries" he said hands in his pockets moving towards Kevin who was jazzing with Dean and Drew. Since when does Dean chat with Kevin and Drew most especially, he used to despise them. The world is truly a small place and this winter break has put pieces together, pieces that no one thought will ever merge. I held Mary at the small of her back and headed to my car, hopped in and drove off.
"Good afternoon Archie" Mrs Anderson greeted me
"Good afternoon Mrs Anderson. How are you?"
"I'm fine, how have you been?
"Who's this little angel with you?" she asked with a smile plastered on her face
"She's my girlfriend, Mary Cooper" I replied with all the love and happiness she gave me
"Nice to meet you, Mrs Anderson" Mary said with a smile on her face
"Archie, never let this cute lady slip out of your hands, just by the way she looks and speaks, she's a real deal" why would I let her slip out of my hands even, she is my world.
"I can't do that" I assured her
"Uh... Uh.. You boys are not easy beings. If she goes out of her way to make you happy, whatever situation it maybe, fight for her. I'm an old woman telling you this. I see a lot of good in her" I was astonished by her words, can she foresee stuff, I don't know.
"Thank you Mrs Anderson" I said truthfully
"So, what can I get you?" she asked
"The usual, plus brocolli and lettuce, if you don't mind"
"You even have usuals here" Mary whispered in my ear
"Yes" I whisper-replied
"I don't mind son" she said grabbing all of the stuff I needed. She put them in polythene bags, I paid for everything in cash as Mary held some stuff out.
"Thank you Mrs Anderson for everything" Mary thanked her " You know these boys can take a toll on you" she whispered to her and they laughed
"You know I heard you, right" I smiled at her "You aren't good at whispering, you know" I continued
"Whatever" she smacked my ass, did she...... Oh my God I was going to punish her
" I like her" Mrs Anderson said making me snap from my dirty thoughts
"I knew you would, have a nice day" I said, who wouldn't love Mary Cooper, I can't tell.
"you too, send my regards to your mom and dad"
We put everything in the back seat and drove off. The car was silent for I was thinking of all possible ways I could punish my woman and for her, I didn't know what was going on in that pretty head of hers. I couldn't handle the silence anymore, I broke the ice
"I'm going to punish you" I said with a smile on my face.
"Huh" she snapped out of wherever she was
"I'm going to punish you" I repeated
"What did I do?" she asked like she didn't know
"You smacked my ass. For goodness sake who does that"
"I do" she replied not affected
"Then you will have to take your punishment" I said seriously
"The pleasure is all mine" she replied
She didn't know what was awaiting her. I was going to make her plead, she's so up for this and so am I.
"Welcome back guys" Posha welcomed us
"Thank you" I replied. Posha and Tasha helped us get the stuff from the back seat to the kitchen
"Well, well, well, this was some big shopping" Kevin interrupted
"It really was" Mary replied
"Is she tryna flirt with me?" Kevin said looking at Mary
"Who?" everyone asked confused
"Mary Cooper, whoelse for fuck's sake" he said
"Like she even can" Tasha said
"Piss off Kev" Mary snapped
"Archie" Posha shouted
"What?' I replied
"This" she replied looking at Mary and Kevin back and forth
"That's them being them" I said not bothered, for goodness sake they always do that. For the first time Kevin had said that, I snapped, I was soon tearing his skin off, for my woman doesn't flirt around with boys like that.
"You mean they always do this?" Tasha asked confused
"Yes" I replied
"Piss off the both of you" Tasha said to Mary and Kevin who were still on each other's necks. Those two deserved to be bestfriends.
"Where is Lynna?" I asked
"Helping out with fireworks and stuff with Levi and Alistair" Tasha answered
"By the way, Xandy and Alistair would be a perfect match" Posha said and we all looked at her like she was reading bad news to us
"She has a boyfriend, girl" Tasha said to her
"Oww, I didn't know for she was alone on Christmas and now that Levi is with Lynna, I thought they could amm...bood up, you know" she said in her defense
"You are so nasty girl" Tasha chastised her
"Cut the crap, what's for lunch" Mary interrupted with Kevin behind her
"Don't worry, I had your back this time" Tasha said
"We did the cooking with the little that was left and the boys had brought some stuff as well so lunch is available" Posha added
"Cool cause I was starving" I said putting a hand on my belly
Kevin went out to call the rest for lunch, Tasha and Posha brought the food to the table and we devoured it in silence, think everyone was ravenous for noone said a word, it was just forks, spoons and knives talking. Everything for the night, was already prepared, the cake was in the fridge. At a half past six, the girls went to the kitchen to do the cooking as for us the boys were out, chatting and drinking. Don't get me wrong, I don't booze, but the rest do. I was feasting on a smoothe my lady had made me. My mom and dad facetimed me as I was with the boys, I answered and talked to them, they were happy that I was having fun with a bunch of friends, my mom asked where Mary was and I told her she was cooking for the men. After the call, we went over drive enjoying boy time, Alistair brought a guitar and I was in awe, I didn't know that there was any instrument he could play for he's the funniest and stubbornest person I know. He started playing Brett Young's don't wanna write this song, that was the last thing I expected, a country song, hell no. I thought it was me and Mary that love that genre.
"There's a dress in the closet that I just can't through away. I know it might sound crazy but I haven't changed your pillow case, a heart half full or half empty is half gone either way with you goneee, what went wrong..... "
The girls joined us also dumbstruck like I was.
"Maybe the heart is broke..." Mary and I song along, we knew the song and we love Brett Young's songs.
"Cause we didn't break this heart, nobody cheated or lied still have to live with goodbye but how can I just move on, I have loved you for way too long I don't wanna admit that your gone, I don't wanna write this songggg..... don't wanna write this song"
We all clapped and cheered for Alistair. Even those that knew he could play a guitar were dumbstruck by the end of it all. It was phenomenal and unbelievable, not forgetting, unforgettable. Mary called us for dinner and after eating, we all got back outside with blankets, we had to get into the new year, awake.
"Dude, where in the world did that come from?" Tasha asked Alistair
"Long story" he answered
"Won't pry" she said
"For the first time ever" Derrick added
"She always does that" Lynna said hitting Tasha with a small stone
"I will murder you woman" Tasha said through gritted teeth
"Then you will first murder me" Levi said
"Enough of the murder sessions" Drew interrupted
"Anyone with a nice entertaining thing?" Kevin asked
"Who else apart from Alistair" Posha said
"So y'all don't have any entertaining talents" Kevin groaned
"And you as well" Mary said to Kevin
"Okay guys, how about we play never have I ever" Dean suggested
"That's a great idea. You are game talented" Kevin said
"Kevin enough" Mary snapped at him
"Not again" Posha whined
I just laughed at the whole situation, everyone was jolly and getting along. It hurts me that I had to spend a few days with them all together. College will start off not in a very longtime, good thing is I will be living with some friend of mine, Zack. He's also among those good friends I got at Stonedale although Dean is way much closer than he is. The game started and people were to drink up a lot for the game was hot.
"Archie" Posha called out
"Huh" I snapped out of where I was
"Your turn" she said
"Never have I ever boozed" I said
"Fuck you Daniels" Drew said drinking up, Kevin, Alistair, Levi, Derrick, Tasha all drunk up. Meaning, it was only me, Mary, Posha, Lynna and Dean that have never boozed.
"Nice one Archie" Tasha grinned
"Never have I ever given a fellatio" Mary said out loud
"Baby, what the f.. " I whispered
"What?" she replied
"You are nasty Cooper" Kevin said, think that was meant for the girls and it's only Tasha that drunk up
"You guys have never.." Levi said with a smirk on his face
"Fuck off, like you have ever" Mary stung her
"Your thing is so intense, I thought... " she didn't let him complete " Cut the crap Levi" she added
"Alright guys, Alistair it's your turn" Lynna said
"Never have I ever pissed in my pants" Alistair smiled and this one was so hot, Mary drunk up, Posha, Kevin, Drew and Tasha
"Gotcha, Mary Cooper" Dean said
"Can't believe you guys" Alistair added
"It was in fifth grade" Mary said, we all laughed at her childish demeanor.
It was Lynna's turn and she turned the game upside down. For the fact that some of us don't booze, we used energy drinks, I had bought many cartons.
"Never have I ever had sex" Lynna said with a smile
"Are you kidding me?" Dean said drinking up, this time round, we all drunk up, all of us, not leaving anyone
"That was intense girl" Tasha said "Never have I ever had sex in a public place" she added
"Girl, really" Lynna said disgusted
I was the first to drink up, Mary, Lynna, Posha, Dean and Alistair drunk up. The rest were culprits.
"Tasha why are you so nasty girl, Derrick...." Mary said in a surprised tone
"What? It was her idea" Derrick said tapping Tasha
"Levi, really?" Kevin was so surprised in all people noone expected Levi to be on that list
"Guys I feel drowsy" Lynna said yawning
"You are such a kill joy" Levi told her
"Think that should be goodnight" Tasha added
"Guys stay, it's only two minutes to the new day, don't ruin this" Mary said
" Fine" Lynna groaned
We all got up from the little camp fire we had made and went to where we had put our fireworks.
"Guys, it's only a few seconds" Mary said excitedly and we started counting
"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one" we all screamed on the last number and fireworks were making noise
"Happy New Year mi amour" Mary said and kissed me
"Happy New Year too baby" I said through the kiss
"Happy New Year guys" Kevin shouted, Posha rashes to the house and came back with a cake in hand
"Happy New Year lovelies" she said, Mary cut the chocolate cake and we devoured it till there was no trace of it.
"You can now have a goodnight" Tasha said to Lynna and Levi
"From now onwards, I will call you the Ls" Posha said
"Whoa, whoa, can you believe that I had never given it a thought" Drew added
"Goodnight Drew" Levi and Lynna bid us goodnight and left for their room that I had allocated them. We kept on reducing in number till it was just me and my lovely lady.
"Now that it's just us, can we, my lady" I said gesturing her to move to our cabin
"Something is fishy around here" she said
"You had already forgotten your punishment, my sunshine" I whispered in her ear
"Since when do you call me that?" she asked curiously
"That's a key name in today's game" I said, I wish she knew what I was going to do to her.
When we got inside the cabin, I looked the door behind us very well and played some music. I let the games start. She plopped into bed not minding me even. I just stood there looking at her when she sat up and scoot to the edge of the bed.
"Babe, are you planning on murdering me?" she asked jokingly
"Yes" I replied, though in the other way round. I laughed humorously, lowering my voice to a whisper. "Hope you are ready" I bit my lip at the thought of her pleading to me to inside her honeypot. I grabbed the back of her neck bruising her lips, I cupped her mound, feeling how drenched her thong was. I turned her around, leaned her head to the side and kissed her neck. A soft moan escaped her lips.
"on the bed" I smacked her ass. She climbed on the bed while I grabbed a silk tie that was purposely for this. Now it's time for her punishment for smacking my ass at the market. I'm going to make her beg. She was on her hands and knees. I stood at the edge of the bed propping her ass up undresses her and put her hands behind her back and started to tie them together
"Archie, what are you doing?" she asked
"You will see" I whispered. I admired my beautiful artwork, she was bent over in just the right position, I asked the view of her round ass. I rubbed her ass, hooking my fingers on her entrance.
"I'm going to fuck you hard. Keep your head down" I kneeled, coming face to face with her glistening core, I pushed her ass checks apart and sucked on her pudendum like she was my last meal. I pulled back and stuck two fingers into her heated core. She moaned
"You are fucking soaked"
She was panting and I knew what she wanted, I was dying to give it to her. She whimpered when I pulled out my fingers, think she was close by the way she clenched my fingers. I dropped my pants, gave my hard shaft a few strokes before shoving my length into her tight wet folds. I grunted, she felt so fucking good and sweet.
"Are you ready baby?"
"Yes" I pulled all the way out and sheath my cock into her again, picking up my pace. She moaned, it was music to my ears suppressing the real music from the woofers.
This pounding was going to leave her sweet honeypot sore. She will think about it the next time she plays with me. When she started to clench, I stopped and it took everything in me. I moved so slowly that even I, was ready to end the punishment. Everytime I felt her tighten I would stop. After a few times, she turned slowly and looked me with those puppy pity looks. "please" she whispered, her voice cracking. I was happy that she finally pleaded, I hammered into her until I felt her clench around me, draining my balls of everything they had in them. I slowly pulled out of her, she was panting, her head still down where she screamed her orgasm. I tugged the silk from her wrist, leaned forward and kissed her ass checks. I turned her around.
"Come on, let's wash up" she tried to stand but stumbled a bit. I carried her bridal style to the bathroom
"Babe that was so intense" she whispered
"Did you like it?"
I washed her up for she couldn't even do that on her own. I love Mary Cooper with everything in me, she lights up my world. We cleaned up the headed for bed, she didn't bother wearing her pyjamas, we crawled in bed, naked. Never in my life have I ever slept naked but since this amazing lady came into my life, I went out of my way in certain things
"Baby" I called her
"Yeah" she replied turning her head and looked me in the eyes
"I love you" I said sweetly
"I love you too lover boy" she replied
I planted a kiss on her forehead
"And I always will" I added
"Me too" she replied in a sleepy tone. She has always been a sleepyhead
"Goodnight" I whispered
"Likewise Archie" she said with her eyes shut. She slept off after a few minutes. I looked at her for sometime, she's such a beauty. Her long eyelashes, small pink lips, long nose, her baby face with her dark eyebrows. I love this woman. She let out a soft snore and I slightly laughed not to wake her up. I decided to drift off to sleep now that Mary was in deep sleep. That was the best 31st of December and first hours of January in my life, being with the woman I adore, cherish and hold a lot of love for, Mary Cooper.

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