Me and you :the high school#book 1

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Chapter 35

Archie's POV

Those of Kevin, Drew and the others had just left. Tasha and Derrick were also planning on leaving today. We had to prepare for college and this was the right time. We had a lot of fun on New Year's Eve, everything went down as planned, we went to the park and came back late in the night. Everyone was jolly and all smiles, this has been the best festive season of all time. The next day, Dean and Posha were to leave and I was to drive Mary back home and I even didn't know when I would get to see her again. My folks were to come back the day after plus Keith, Todd and the rest.
"hey dude" Derrick called me
"Think this is goodbye. We are leaving"
"Cool, safe journey. Where is Tasha?" I asked
"Outside with Mary" he replied
"Alright then, it was nice having you guys around"
"Me too, see you" he went outside and joined Tasha and Mary. They bid is goodbye and left, now it was four of us left. I was in the home theatre when Mary joined me.
"Babe" I paused what I was watching
"Yes" I turned to face her
"Where are the two lovebirds?" she asked
"I don't really know, I have been here since those of Tasha left" I replied
I resumed from where I had stopped. I wished for days like this not to end very soon. I was enjoying the time of my life with the most amazing woman plus a bunch of friends that are full of life. As we were still watching, Dean came in with Posha behind him, I paused again.
"Hey man I think we are leaving today" Dean said
"Oh, why?" I asked confused
"I have received a call from home and there are somethings I should handle before leaving town" he explained
"Cool, my g. It's fine" I replied calmly
"Alright, I'm leaving with Posha"
"Nice time lovebirds" Posha said
"You too" Mary waved them goodbye
They were around for more ten minutes packing their stuff. They came back in and told us they were leaving. I escorted them outside the house to the driveway then went back in the house and opened for them. Now it was just me and Mary, like before. This was going to be very hot and fun. I had to plan for this day. We locked the two cabins and Mary took the bedsheets to the laundry room, we cleaned up everything and tidied the house as well.
After all that work, Mary made us something for lunch and we devoured it silently. Place was very quiet now like the very first day. That's when an idea pooped up in my head, Mary was outside, taking in each and everytbing about the universe, she loves nature a lot more than I thought. I didn't make any noise when I was approaching, she didn't even hear me. She only felt herself being lifted bridal style scrupulously. She didn't fight, she just laid her head on my chest, looking at me straight in the eyes. I fancy each and everything about her, I feel so complete with her, she is all a man will ever want and Drew messed up big time. I kissed her forehead and put her down. I started to undress her but she never resented, I thought she was going to chastise me. I took off every detail of a cloth she had on her till she was fully naked. Everything was so tranquil and calm nothing ordeal.
I lowered her into the hot water and she laid back relaxing in it, I left her there for a few minutes then came back, naked. I slid in the other side of the jacuzzi and she placed her legs over mine.That's when she spoke.
"I love this, Babe"
"It's my pleasure mommy"
"Come here" I said as I reached over and pulled her on top of me by her hips, her knees on both sides of mine
"Soo??" Mary asked confused. I think today we weren't to do a lot of talking but actions. I pulled her head down to kiss her. It quickly heated with passion, I started hardening under her. I stopped the kiss to lean over the edge of the tub to grab a condom, she scoot back so I could put it on. I scrutinized each and every move she made. It was more of actions than words, my crotch tapped her tummy as it throbbed waiting to be inside of her. I quickly took the rubber from its package and rolled it over my rock-hard shaft, water covering half of it. I pulled her to me, pulling one of her breasts in my mouth. I roamed my hands over her body. I sucked with such urgency that it made her throw her head back moaning, my tongue pleasuring her. She gasped as I switched to the other one giving her the motivation she needed to drench me with her juices even in this water.
"I'm going to ride you Daniels" she whispered, I was surprised by my mate's dirty talk. She had never done that
"But do you know how?" I asked curiously
"Practice makes perfect" was all she said
I lifted her hips, placing my dick at her tight entrance. She slowly eased herself down on me, she moaned loudly, her chest heaving think she will never be used to my size.
"Baby, I don't think I will ever be able to get enough of you" I whispered
I grabbed hold of her hips, lifting them until she was at the tip, then slowly lower her down again, her core swallowing my shaft with ease. I picked up the pace as the water sloshed around us. Her breasts were bouncing to her rhythm. She placed her hands beside my head on the rim of the tub to steady herself. I groan as she was speeding up while she moaned in delight. My dick was rubbing her walls as she ride me, her orgasm was building quickly for I felt her clench around me. I sucked and bit her neck leaving marks of course. Her walls clenched a few seconds later in the most glorious, breathtaking way. "Arc.. Archie" she screamed my name.
"Yes baby" I replied
U sucked her nipple again before pulling her off my still concrete crotch I moved so that I was on my knees behind her.
"Lean forward and rest your head on the edge of the tub"
She did as I said. I grabbed her hips and pushed into her again, filling her with one go.
"Ahh.. Babe" she moaned
I slammed into her again, she yelped think she wasn't ready for that. She gripped the tub harder, rocking to my beat, my strokes were deep and hard. I grabbed one of her breasts to use as balance and used the other one to twirl my pearl. She tightened around me once again. I let out a loud groan as I released my hot semen into the condom. I pumped into her a few more times before resting my head on her back. I grabbed her breast and hugged her tightly then trailed kisses down her back. We stayed like that till we caught our breath. I slowly pulled out of her, she turned to me and she was surprised when I pulled her into a deep, longing kiss, out bodies clashed when I pressed her to me.
"Let me clean up in here and you go lay down a bit hmm?" I rubbed her back soothingly
She nodded her head and grabbed a towel to cover up which I snatched from her then lightly smacked her ass.
"Oww" she whined
After handling everything. I went to my room where Mary was, still naked. She was asleep already. I snuggled into her neck and wrapped my arm around her waist, scooping one of her breasts. I truly love her breasts a lot. I also slept off right away.

Mary's POV
I woke up with Archie's arm wrapped around my waist, I wiggled free from his hold careful not to wake him. I grab my phone, toothbrush and towel and head to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, used the bathroom and started checking my phone for messages.
Tasha : Eat that dick well lady. So nasty of her
Lynna : At what time will you be arriving tomorrow?
Me: in the afternoon if all goes well
Lynna : cool
Tasha : I miss you already
Me: I miss you too
My phone Rand signifying Tasha calling, so I answered
Tasha: where the hell is Daniels?
Me: Cool off, he's sleeping. Mind lowering your voice, he might wake up.
Tasha: Someone is from a euphoric ride
Me: Tasha!
Tasha: Fine, let me leave you to it, bye.
Me: Bye
I laughed at her craziness. I got in the shower and let the water roll down my body. Archie drove me to ecstasy that I would have never achieve. As I was still showering, I heard a whisper close to my ear, making me shiver. How come everything Archie does to me drives me crazy. I'm a goner for his touch, kisses, everything and anything. He grabbed both of my hands placing them on the wall to make me bend slightly. He reached down to between my legs, coating his fingers before plunging two inside of me, I gasp. He thrust in and out of me slowly as I moaned.
"You are so wet for me mommy" he nibbled my earlobe
"Ahh... " I moaned as he thrusted faster. I whimper when I feel the loss of his fingers which were quickly replaced by his thick cock.
"Fuck, baby" he groaned, picking up speed
It was only moans, groans and skin slapping that could be heard. My orgasm hit me hard. After a few more thrusts, he came behind me. I turned to peck his lips. He stepped out to flush the condom. He came back in and washed me thoroughly before he washed his own delicious, masculine body. After we finished and got dressed, we ate cereal for we were both too tired to make anything more. I looked up at Archie who was busy eating his cereal, I couldn't help but ogle at this wonderful bloke upfront of me, he is everything I ever wanted. We had breakfast for dinner.
I was still sore for a night round all I wanted was to slumber nothing else. We cleaned up then went upstairs to Archie's bedroom.
"What's for the night?" Archie asked
"I don't know babe" I replied
"How about cards?"
" A few wins won't hurt" I teased him
"You know I am ace at that"
"Whatever lover boy. I'm winning today"
"Only if I give you a chance to" and of course he was right, Archie is a pip at playing cards as for me, I always lose and he laughs at me all the time. Archie won the first two rounds, I was figuring out what to do to atleast have a win. I had to play smart.
"I only have one card left Baby" he said excitedly and it was my turn to play. I had to think a lot before placing my card. I had a seven and four, I decided to take my chances, I played my seven then placed my four on the ground when Archie placed his six. I had won. I laughed at him, rejoiced and smacked his ass.
"You do not want to start that game" he warned me
"Fine" i rested my case
"I'm even feeling sleepy" Archie said
"You want to run after I have won, you don't want to be defeated"
"It's not that, you also know the way sleep gets to me. I feel drowsy" he said with pleading eyes
"Okay Babe, we can sleep. I was just fucking with you" I grabbed my pyjamas and plopped on the bed as Archie got his baseball shorts and nothing upstairs. He crawled onto the bed and kissed me.
"Why do I love you so much"
"I don't know. The heart wants what it wants" I replied
"I have never loved someone so much like the way I love you" he said
"Oww, that's sweet lil Arch. Me too"
We covered ourselves with the quilt and cuddled, my head on Archie's chest
"Sing for me Baby" Archie requested
"Are you kidding me right now"
"I'm afraid not" he replied
"I'm not in the moods today but I will if you remind me some other time" I assured him
"If you say so my queen" he kissed my forehead. I had started dozing off when he spoke again.
"Goodnight baby"
"Goodnight too Babe" I replied in a sleepy tone
"I love you Mary Cooper"
"I love you too Archibald Daniels"
I felt a smile creep on his face, then he pecked me on the lips. I pray for more nights like this one, sleeping in my man's embrace for a lifetime.

Archie's POV
I rolled over to find Mary gone. I wondered where she went to without my consent even. She never wakes up early for she's a sleepy head. I got up and walked into the dining room, seeing a plate of pancakes, eggs and bacon. I was still sleepy.
"Good morning sleepyhead" I heard her sweet voice from the kitchen heading towards me
"Good morning baby. You know I'm not a sleepyhead like you" I replied
"That's something you have inherited from me" she praised herself
"I was even worried when I didn't find you in bed"
"I wanted to make breakfast for my hubby" she said handing me a cup of hot chocolate
"Thank you" I said truthfully
"You are welcome my king. It's my pleasure" I laughed at her statement
"I wanted to prepare something heavy for we didn't have proper supper" she added
"You make a perfect wifey" I complimented her
She blushed, " I know" she joined me at the table with her own cup of hot chocolate. We ate our breakfast in silence, it was eating me up. I hate it when we keep quiet like this, so I broke the ice.
"I'm going to miss you my lady" I said sadly
"I'm going to miss you too Archibald" I smiled at that. She never calls me my full name, it's always been Archie.
"Which is why I want to do something before we leave" I said getting up from the table
"What's that" she asked curiously. I pulled out a small piece of cloth and blindfolded her then undressed her.
"What the hell Arch?" she chastised me, I didn't reply. I lifted her to the kitchen island and sprayed whipped cream on both breasts topped with a grape. She gasped on feeling something cold. I sprayed on her honey pot topped with a sliced strawberry. I put a trail of kiwis and grapes down on her stomach. I removed the blindfold revealing what I had done. I was proud of my work. I had undressed as well, it was fair for her, we were both naked. She is the most delicious meal that was made for me and I don't think I will ever be tired of having her. I ate her up, leaving her a shivering and moaning mess. My face had whipped cream everywhere. He crawled up on eating the fruits that lined her body, kissing where they laid, she was a moaning mess. I made it to her breast, giving them ample attention, she moaned very loudly. I looked in her face, she laughed and wiped my face.
"You are filthy Archibald" she informed me
"In more ways than one" I said kissing her. By the time we were done, we needed a very hit shower. I lifted her bridal style to my bedroom then headed to the bathroom. I washed her up very well then did the same to my body.
After that, we dressed up, tidied the house and everything. Mary had already packed her stuff. I still can't believe that I won't be seeing her most of the time, it hurt me real bad. We got her stuff to the trunk, I locked the house then we drove off. J'Cole's songs playing then we turned to country Luke Comb's one arm out the window and one hand on the wheel..We were singing along to them, it was so perfect and flawless. Country music is so our thing, music as a whole actually. I'm better together with Mary when she is right here. I switched arms, one arm on the wheel and the other holding Mary's hand. I never want to leave or lose her, she completes me fully. When we reached, Jeremiah and Emery's noise welcomed us as they were chasing each other. We got out and they ran towards us, we hugged them. I carried Emery and we went inside the house.
"Good afternoon, Mr and Mrs Cooper"
"Good afternoon Archie, we missed you guys" Mrs Cooper said hugging me then Mary
"Mom, I'm suffocating" Mary joked and her mom let go of her.
"You have a glow" Lynna interrupted
"Shut up" Mary said waving her hand dismissively at her
"Well, well everyone have a seat" Mr. Cooper said
I stayed with the Coopers for an hour and it was time for me to go. I didn't want to get caught up in traffic jam. They all bid me goodbye and went back inside, it was just me and Mary. How I was going to miss her, I don't know. I even don't know when I will get to see her again.
"Babe, however much I don't want to. I have to say goodbye" she said sadly
"I know Baby. We will see each other again don't worry" I assured her but I was consoling myself as well
"I know my king, we will be communicating that's the good thing" she said
"Yeah, everyday" I assured her
"Bye Babe" she said leaning into me and kissed me, I kissed her back passionately
"I love you Mary Cooper"
"I love you too Archibald Daniels, safe journey"
"I will call you" I promised her
"Alright then you should get going" she said
I hopped in my Honda and drove off, I was driving back home but my heart and soul had stayed with Mary Cooper. She holds each and everything I have in me.


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