Me and you :the high school#book 1

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Chapter 4

Archie's POV

I have never wanted a girl to be my friend so bad like the way I want Mary to. I want to be friends with her, talk, laugh, joke, with her which I truly think is weird as for my personality. Dean has always told me that Mary is into Drew a lot and they do shit and according to him, I shouldn't go anywhere closer to her saying she's not my type and way out of my league, she's so jumpy and I deserve someone way humble like I am. I was kinda let down by his words because I expected him to tell me her good side.
And with Kevin, he would just tell me to do what will make me happy and at ease which was at least uplifting compared to what Dean had told me.

It was already evening and I was waiting on Mary to send me a message for me to get to her dorm.

"Hey dude, why are you holding your phone like you are expecting a call from heaven? " Dean asked jokingly

"oh, I'm waiting on Mary to text me, we are a pair, remember? I said heartily

"Mmmh, I see you truly becoming real friends with her" he said seriously

I looked at him questioningly, why in the world is he never positive about her. As I still wanted to think, I snapped out of it when my phone buzzed.

"I'm at the dorm, room no.15, see you"

I hurriedly stood up and my goodbyes to Dean, I walked out of our room and shut the door silently behind me.

I found Mary in her room wearing a tank top and blue jeans, she looked sexy in that outfit. I sat next to her and I inhaled her sweet scent of raspberries, she looked like she had just taken a shower a few minutes back, looking all fresh and beautiful. I must admit to myself that's she's such a beauty among all the girls I have taken note of at my new school. Hey she has a boyfriend and you also have a girlfriend ,you should stop having such thoughts. My inner voice was doing it's job and I snapped out of my thoughts.

We finished the assignment in a very short time and started talking. She told her likes and dislikes and seems like we had a lot in common. Pop music, country, series, and what I didn't expect was her love for rap music. We talked about our close friends, did I mention that we were to have prom, we told each other what we thought about it and all that stuff about prom. Then suddenly we went silent, I was thinking of what to say when she broke the silence and asked me whether I had a girlfriend.

I never expected our conversation to come to this but I was Frank and told her that I had one. She just smiled at me, I expected her to ask me more questions related to that. It gave me a chance to have it back to her and ask her how her boyfriend was doing. I didn't expect her to act as she did but had kept quiet for some few minutes then told me that she was thinking of breaking up with him. I was shocked because I have always seem them flirting at parties, after school so I thought that they were so madly in love with each other. According to Kevin, he didn't think their relationship would last.

I decided to change the topic and I asked her about her home town. She really loves her home and most especially her adorable folks. As I was still laughing at her joke, my phone buzzed and I pull it out of my pocket,it was a text from Dean.

"Hey, I thought we will go to the diner together, it's already eight, are you still at Mary's? "

I texted him back with a frown on my face, saying I will be there in ten. I said my goodbyes to Mary and unexpectedly she hugged me, I couldn't stop thinking of her plush lips on mine and her hands wrapped around my neck. She pulled away from my chest and said her goodbyes.
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