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Chapter 5

Mary's POV
I don't know why I hugged Archie the other day but it kept on roaming in my head. We had taken time without getting assignments, so I would only say hi to him in class and nothing more. My love for Drew was truly decreasing on a very high rate, I started faking that my girls wanted to spend more time me, assignments, guitar lessons and all stuff I would fodge inorder to dodge him. Kevin told me that Drew had a thought that I might be seeing someone else. Yes, I have started developing feelings for someone that doesn't even show any interest in me but sees me as his good friend.

Today, Drew wanted me to go with him to the lake house and I accepted because I had planned to meet with him and tell him that I no longer want to be his girlfriend. This time round, his parents had come back from New York and I decided to get some few decent clothes. His parents are really nice people, funny and caring. I really loved them. I have always felt at home at their place but today I was kinda nervous and pale because I didn't know how Drew was going to react to my breaking up with him.

After dinner, Drew's said their goodnights. Mr and Mrs Dawson are really in love with each other despite their age and they inspire me. I did the dishes with Drew as he was flirting with me and I was giving him a wicked smile. Now it was just us, we made our way to the couch and got some DVDs of the series of 13 reasons why,we sat there with his hand wrapped around my waist.. I didn't feel anything when he touched me, he suddenly crushed his lips on mine, I wanted to be resistant but kissed him back because it was going to be his last. I broke off the ongoing kiss and decided to talk about what we were watching.

"I can't believe that Zac and Hanna had a very sweet thing ongoing despite everything she had been through " I said eyes focused on the TV

"oh yeah but let's first focus on this first we will get back to that later " he said trying to pull me closer but I resisted and pulled away from his tight grip and told him that I wanted to tell him something.

"I.... I think we should break up" I said nervously

Drew didn't reply, he kept silent for about five minutes and stood up and want upstairs and slammed the door behind him that I even heard it. I made a mental note that he so pissed, I couldn't follow him and talk things out. I just stayed there watching my favorite series.
Next thing I knew was Drew caling my name without any anger in him, seems like I had slept off while watching. He turned the TV off and told me to get up and to go bed, on straining to look at the wall clock, it was a few minutes to three in the morning. I didn't want to move, I kept resisting till he carried me from the couch and walked towards the stairs. I don't know how I had gotten a blanket on but I woke up in the morning in Drew's bed, he was still sleeping. I didn't want to wake him up so I got up slowly and tiptoed my way to the door when my hand stopped at the knob on hearing Drew call my name in a sleepy tone.

" I thought you were deep in sleep, didn't want to wake you up" I said truthfully

"can we talk about what you told me last night Mary Cooper?" he asked in his sleepy tone still like he wasn't angry anymore

"yeah, but you are still a little bit sleepy dont you think we can do it after breakfast, you will be way more steady than now" I replied heartily

" it's okay but I want to come to terms with you, can you at least stay here with me till breakfast because I think it's my last time to have you in my bed" he said sadly

"Ammm..... Okay" I walked back to him and laid there with him. Silence filled the room, I wanted to speak but to my surprise he kissed me without giving me time to resist. I pulled myself from the kiss for the need of air, almost suffocated

"I have to get to the guest room, your mum might want some help in the kitchen and she doesn't find me there" I told him, eyes on the door. I wanted to get away from him as soon as possible

"oh, so you now don't want to look at me huh are you seeing someone? Who could that be? I want to beat the shit out of someone " he said angrily

"I'm not seeing anyone, I think this whole thing between us wasn't working out from the start though, we were trying our best to make ends meet but it has always come to vain"

"okay, you can knock yourself out" he only said that and covered his head.

I walked out of his room and went straight to the guest room. Within thirty minutes I was already out, fresh outta shower and I held my hair in a pony tail then went down the stairs. It was already nine, I found Mrs. Dawson in the kitchen and greeted her then helped her take breakfast to the table, where Mr. Dawson was sitting already reading a newspaper, I greeted him and he replied with a huge smile. While we were all at the table, Drew came down, the stairs and greeted his parents but didn't say a word to me and I understand the meaning of that. Mr and Mrs Dawson looked at themselves then us but didn't say a word, I was truly happy about that because if they had tried to say something about it then the aura at the table would have changed. They know when keep quiet.

That evening, I said my goodbyes to Mr and Mrs. Dawson who told me that I am still welcome in their home, I just smiled at them as they moved back inside the house to leave me and my ex that they think is still my boyfriend to talk.

"Drew, I know I have hurt you but that was the right thing to do than keeping it ongoing yet my heart is really not into it, I'm sorry " I said heartily

"don't worry, I'm fine, see you at school. Bye, Mary Cooper" he said though I couldn't read his eyes I wanted to know what he was thinking but nothing, I don't know why he calls me by my full name even.

"bye Andrew Dawson" I said as he moved back inside the house

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