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Chapter 6

Archie's POV
Our geography teacher gave us an assignment but this time round he wanted it earlier so we had to get the ones we had been paired with.
Oh my, it's another evening evening to spend with Mary I thought to myself. She told me that I am the only one that calls her by Mary for everyone calls her Cooper which I think is awkward.

."hey good morning" I turned to see who was greeting me and my brown eyes landed on her, Mary. She was looking different today with another glow for I heard that her and Drew were no more. So this is your chance boy,my inner voice told me but I didn't let it control me. I have a girlfriend, remember. I told myself

"Good morning, how are you? "I asked
"I'm good ,as you can see, what's with the assignment?" she asked me with a smile that made my heart melt.
"This time round, he wants it earlier than the usual time, so when are we going to go about it because the school team is having a game tomorrow and I don't want to miss it "

"Amm, we are leaving school early today, how about you come to my dorm in the afternoon, I think by four we will have winded up, maybe grab a pizza at the pizzeria, how do you see? I was truly happy to hear that because I thought I was just going to spend only the evening with her though I was fine with it.
"that's great" I replied happily
"okay, see you then. Bye Daniels." she said as she wiggled her pretty sad out of the class
Why on earth would I have to look at a girl's ass, honestly speaking, this is not me. I can never so that but I had just done it.

"I see the way you look at her, trust me most of the boy's do that but it's only Drew that had gotten a chance with her but now they are no more" Kevin muttered to me
"I wasn't actually looking at her" I lied, I tried to change the topic because I didn't like where this was going so I asked him whether he was excited about tomorrow's game
"I'm truly excited bro, that's why we are finishing school early today and go for the last practice to the big day and about that I should get going but that doesn't mean I have left the topic about her, see you at the game dude " he said as he was moving to exit the classroom.
"alright boy"i replied in a low voice, I don't think he even heard

To my surprise, Drew came infront of me and I was dumbstruck for seconds, for goodness sake, my inner voice tells me that I want her and now her ex is right infront of me.

"Hey man," I said with a devilish smirk on my face
"I saw you talking to Mary Cooper,i know she's my ex but can I know the reason as to why" he said in a very pissed voice .
Why would someone want to know what's going on in their ex's life,i asked myself
"Amm... I was paired with her, so we have an assignment to go about together." I replied with a lot of poison in my tone I hated the fact that I was explaining myself to him like my elder brother.
"mmh, I see, so you are the guy she has feelings for or dating or fucking, I don't know which is which" he said, this time round with anger written on his face
"actually, I only be with her for more than an hour if we have been given an assignment for that matter I don't know what you are talking about." I answered and this time round I had started fuming, who does he think he is to question me like I'm some kid.
"okay, am so sorry dude. I'm just pissed that she broke up with me. I wanted to know who she's into nowadays...."as he was still talking Alistair called him to go for practice.

I turned to my desk to collect my things but I was truly pissed off by Drew for attacking me like that like that I moved out of the classroom and joined Dean who was already waiting for me.
"What was the Dawson guy telling you?" Dean asked
"Ammm.. Nothing much" I replied.
"you seem to be pissed by whatever he has told you, is it about the Cooper girl? Dude I told you not to get any where closer to her she's upto no good."

I just gave him a smirk and walked past him. He followed me but he was very wise to change the topic because I wasn't willing to talk to him about anything concerning Drew or Mary, nothing.

"man, I'm excited about tomorrow's game, we are to win as usual" he said with a smirk
"Owww, I will also there but first I have to finish this assignment we were given then see what next"
"Mmmh, another evening with the Cooper girl, Dude hold your guard"he told me

"actually, from afternoon till, see you later." I replied but I was already getting pissed for the negativity he was always giving me towards Mary because I have been with her and I know she's not what everyone thinks she is.
I wanted to get away from Dean as soon as possible.

The next chapter Archie and Mary will kiss, cant wait.

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