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Chapter 7

Mary's POV
I was waiting on Archie to knock on my door. I has already taken a shower, smelling fresh, taken care of my hair, I always put coconut in my hair and I was sitting on the bed in grey sweat pants and a tank top. My heart was racing like I was waiting for the king to sneak into my private chambers when I heard a knock on the door. After breaking up with Drew, my life just got better though kids at school were gossiping a lot but I didn't give a damn.
I opened the door "hey Daniels" I said with a sudden smile on my face that I didn't know where it came from.
"hi Mary, where is your roomie, I have even never met her, even now!" Archie said with concern
"Amm.... Tasha is always with the boyfriend, I at times get a chance to see her at the diner but she's not usually here maybe in the late night after a love fight" I told him them he laughed
"a love fight really" Archie laughed

We finished our assignment and started talking. I was really growinf fond of him and don't blame me, guy is gentle, funny, handsome, he has this nice dentle formula that I viewed all the time he smiled or laughed and he smells very good that vanilla scent does me good. I wanted to taste his lips because they are very pink, full and fluffy as to my sight. That feeling alone left my pants soaked.
"so tell me what really happened between you and Drew, he didn't take it very well" Archie said in a serious tone
What did he mean by he didn't take well,had Drew attacked him or threatened him. And yes, I know he can, he is so desperate right now, he wants to know whether I'm seeing someone. Oh my I was going to squeeze his balls after the game tomorrow.
"Amm... I was with over the weekend at their lakehouse though this time round his parents had come back so when I got time to talk to him, I told him my point of view and he didn't say a word till morning and in the morning he seemed calm and we tried to talk things out like adults do but I ended up getting a cold shoulder from him till I left the place." I explained to him
"Mmmh I understand that feeling"was all he managed to say
"so why did you ask, did he try something on you" I asked him
"Well,yeah. Before he went for practice he approached me and started asking me a lot of questions, I felt like I was being investigated and I made it clear to him that you are just my workmate nothing else. I felt pissed because I was explaining myself like he truly needed to act like that to me."
I was truly pissed right now, who does Drew think he is to attack Archie like he owed him an explanation.
"I think I have to make it clear to him again"i said angrily
"hay, what about the pizzeria?" Archie asked trying to make the aura clear again. So wise of him.
"I had even forgotten, I'm so sorry, let me first change." I told him moving towards the closet

I thought he was going to stay there and watch me strip infront of him just like most guys at school would do but he excused himself and moved out. What a gentleman, I don't know what part of him o like but I was falling in love with his personality. Was it really his personality, I don't know. I wore my green short summer dress and called him back in.
"Mmmh... You look stunning" he then smiled
"thank you, actually I really love this dress, it makes me feel the woman I am" I don't know why I even told him that but he just smiled at me.
"Can we?" he ushered me out of the room

The pizzeria wasn't very far but it was in a different place from the diner everyone at school goes to. We placed our order to a nice looking young lady but I felt anger growing in me when she was trying to flirt with Archie who wasn't even giving her his attention. Didn't she see that I was with him or am I invisible.. "Hey, why the frown on your face" Archie asked me. I tried to fake a smile but I was dying inside.
"Ammm..nothing, I'm sorry about that" I replied
"okay, I thought you didn't like the pepperoni pizza I had ordered for us" he said easily
"it's my favorite, by the way" I replied calmly
"your order is here" the nice looking waitress came back with a smile on her face and eyes glued on Archie. If looks would kill, my gaze at her would have sent her straight to her grave. I wanted to tell her that he's with someone but I just kept quiet until she left or fable and I let I a sigh I didn't know I was holding.

We ate our pizza and Archie told me he was going to pay though I was resisting. I have always wanted to show power but he hesitated and paid. Near the pizzeria was a park that didn't have many people, it was already coming to six in the evening. We moved to the park talking about tomorrow's game how we thought our team will win, again and then prom, how we didn't have dates yet but for me I wasn't planning on attending prom though my girls were insisting on me to be there since they are the only women I have. Archie told me that he was also not planning on attending maybe the after party and of course I had to be there at the after party, why not.
We sat somewhere, the park had a few people, I think it's because the place was still new, a few people knew about it I even asked myself how Archie got to know about it. The people around seemed to be couples, kissing and cuddling. O loved the place, very quiet, calm and the natural air, it was breathtaking.
"I see you are already loving the place" Archie said looking at me
"why not, it's really nice here, I had never gotten time to be here, we have always placed our orders and received them at our door step." I replied with a smile and eyes closed taking in every note about this place.
Archie told me about his home town, how he really loves his home, I was shocked to know that he was coming from a rich and known family. He acts like it so it suits him. He told me how everyone always calls to him for anything at his home. He is a very respectful person, oh my God why bring him to me at this time, from a break up. Are you falling for the guy huh,my inner voice was reaching out to me
"so tell me about you as well" he told me and I snapped out of my silly thoughts
"well.. I don't have much to tell you but I don't live very far from the city and we have a small family that I adore that's all." I said seriously
"Owww, I thought you were going to talk for more than twenty minutes but you have been brief that's not girly at all" he said with a smirk on his face.

We were at the park till a half past seven when my phone buzzed, I pulled it out of my small bag pissed at whoever it was spoiling this moment and on checking it was a text from Tasha.
"hey girl, I we be sleeping at Derrick's. Take care, good night xoxo"

I later smile at the last part and Archie asked what was the reason for the change in mood and I read him the message. When you ask me why I did that, I don't know. The evening was really sweet, Archie pushed me back to the dorm and when we got there I didn't know what came over me but my body was trying to betray me. Suddenly, I tripped almost falling to the ground after stepping on something when Archie held me tight, I felt safe in his warm chest. We stayed like that for a minute and God knows what came over us but our lips crashed and we kissed, I was the first to pull away and I muttered an apology right away but Archie looked like he was affected at all although he told me how sorry he was also about the incident. He said his goodbyes then left. What on earth had happened.
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