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Chapter 8

Mary's POV
I was thinking about how Archie's mouth tastes all the night and I really wanted to kiss him again, he's mouth is so sweet and lips very fluffy just like I had imagined they would be. I was gotten out of my thoughts when my iPhone buzzed. A test from Xandy
"Good morning bestie, the match is today, expect to see you there, want us to catch up we have taken long. Bye, love you"
I texted her back and told her I will catch up with Lynna and find her there. It was already eight in the morning. I got up from bed and walked to the shower, the warm water massaged my body and I was feeling good. My stomach was already growling and I had to grab breakfast alone since Tasha had spent the night at her boyfriend's. I wore some skinny jeans, a red off shoulder and sneakers then made my way to the diner.
I ordered for a cup of coffee and sausages, as I was waiting for my order to be delivered, my face ran pale when Archie and Dean walked in. They greeted me and I did the same, I was expecting then to sit somewhere else but they sat next to me. When my order was brought I took it in silently but I could feel Archie's eyes on me, how I wished he didn't pry though I didn't look back. That's so not me, when someone stares at me, I look back I don't let them have their way with me to show them that I have noticed their presence but with him, it was totally different.
Thank God, Tasha called me and I was already done with breakfast so I answered her call while getting out of the diner.
"Hey girl, am so sorry for leaving you alone"she said on the other side
"it's okay, I wasn't that lonely anyway, how is Derrick" I asked
"he's just preparing for the game and I will be leaving for the dorm and him, school" she answered
"okay, I think everyone is going to be there" I said sarcastically
"yeah, but first tell me what happened between you and the Archie guy because you had the room to yourselves" she said with all ears
"Amm...nothing, we did the assignment and grabbed a pizza then he pushed me back to the dorm that's all" I lied seriously and I wasn't lying nothing much happened I told myself. The kiss, my inner voice was insisting.
"hmm, I don't think that's all but we shall talk when I get there,bye"
I replied and put my phone back in my pocket. How I wish by the time she gets to the dorm, she may have forgotten about the Archie stuff. I wanted to quickly rush from the place before Archie and Dean got out but I was just lying to self because they were behind me and the worst thing, moving towards me. I wish I was supernatural, I would flew form there right away. That's when I realised that I had talked to Tasha for quite some minutes.
"Hey, why the rush" the voice I had gotten familiar to asked
"Ammm.... Tasha didn't leave with her keys and I have moved with mine yet she is on her way I want to get there before she does" I lied
"Can we give you a ride?" Archie asked
Before I even thought about about it, he had told me not to deny his offer. Dean was glaring daggers at me, he was quiet all the way, he had only said hi to me when they found me at the diner. But I didn't care. When we arrived at the dorm, I wanted to wish out of the car but Archie held my hand and told me to hold on, so I had to listen to what he wanted to tell me.
"Will you be at the game?" he asked
"yeah, see you there" I replied not wanting to bring about the topic I don't want to have with him about what happened between us the previous day.
"Alright, though you have kinda changed" he said as he walked back to the car.
I know I acted so naive but what did he expect me to act like after yesterday's incident, to just keep talking and smiling at him like nothing happened, no, that's really not me. I walked to my room and closed the door behind me but I was only thinking about Archie's lips. He's just my friend, he has a girlfriend. I told myself but I couldn't seem to stop thinking about the kiss. Tasha pulled me out of my thoughts.
"Have you eaten?" she asked with concern
I love my roomie, she cares, she's adorable and I love spending time with her though she is so head over heels for her boyfriend which I find lovely.
"Yes, at the diner, and you?" I asked
"Yeah, before I left Babe's place"she answered
Tasha had gotten some DVDs from Derrick's place so we spent time watching, laughing and discussing the characters till my phone buzzed, Candy had sent me a reminder. I had even forgotten that I had to link up with Lynna and meet Xandy at the pitch. I told Tasha that we should get going and we got dressed up, I wore little make up, just mascara and nude lip gloss my favorite, then a dress top and boots then Tasha always wanting to look glamorous wore a lot of make up, a body hugging dress, an over coat and shoes that matched her outfit.
We picked Lynna at her dorm, it was already coming to five and the game was about to start. Tasha drove off to the school's parking lot and we moved out, we found Xandy already there and joined her, my mind was at ease until I set my eyes on Archie. He waved at me and I waved back with a smile, he was sitting next to Dean. When our team got to the ground we stood up and cheered, it was fun than I thought it would be. Fifty minutes after the game had started, I was already feeling bored as Drew, Kevin, Alistair, Derrick and the others were running around the pitch. I got up slowly for I didn't want the girls to notice that I was leaving, they were having a good time, none of them realized that I had left and I was grateful for my skills. Xandy and Lynna have always whined about me spending a lot of time with Tasha yet I belong to them.
When I reached the exit, I was surprised to hear Archie's voice calling me and I turned to face him.
"you look stunning" he said not drawing his eyes away from me
"thank you, you don't look bad yourself" I answered
"why are you leaving so soon, you are going to miss out on the best part of the game" he said
"I feel bored and my girls forced me to attend, didn't want to annoy them had to comply, you know" I sighed
"Can I give you company?" he asked
The game was on going and I knew he would miss out. Did he enjoy the kiss like I did, did he want to taste my lips again, I was asking myself
"sure" was all I managed to say
We moved to the diner, this time round, I paid we talked and things went back to normal between us I thought to myself. He gave me a push to my dorm and when he said goodnight, my phone buzzed, a text from Lynna.
"where are you?" the match has ended but we are first going to attend the after party, we have won as usual"
I replied her text and turned to Archie and told him that we had won and everyone was going to the after party but he told me he wasn't going to attend it. He said his goodbyes and left.
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