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Chapter 9

Archie's POV
Since I joined Stonedale, I have always been having problems with my girlfriend and I was tired of her whining all the time not until I broke it off to her a few days back that I was no longer interested in our relationship. I know she cried her eyes out but damage was already done. The one thing I managed to tell myself was, I'm a single and free man. And not forgetting the kiss I had with Mary, last week, her mouth tasted like my best flavor, vanilla and her plush lips, oh my I didn't want to stop but she pulled away from it first.
I had started getting ideas I'm my head that I had started having something for her, but just like any other lucky dude, you can't blame me, she's very cute, nice legs, the pretty hazy eyes and little curves with her round but. Just perfect. She had become veryuch of a friend and close as well so just any other person I couldn't help it. I wanted to send her a message but I refrained myself from doing it, I just left that.
Everyone at school was talking about prom that we to happen in a months time and we were all on a count down for its one the best days of school time. I used to talk to Mary though not that much not until Dean's birthday, he arranged a simple party at some diner, I had never been to and asked me to invite Mary if I didn't want to get so bored since he wasn't going to keep around me full time. Mary was hesistating, saying she thinks Dean doesn't seem to like her company but I managed to convince her. Of course Dean has always been negative about her since day one so she had to be on her guard.
She came to the party that was already on going and my heart skipped a bit on seeing her, she worn her usually simple make up and a very nice black dress that hugged her body and I appreciated what I was seeing, the curves, sexy legs and small tits and the curved in waist, she is really nice to look at.
I snapped out of my lusting thoughts when she approached me.
"hey"she greeted
"I even thought you weren't going to make it and you always manage to look stunning damn"i muttered and she let out a sexy laugh. Dammit what was Mary doing to me
"Thank you and you look stunning as well Daniels" she replied
"we have taken sometime without hanging out together, I missed you" I even was shocked by own words, why did I say that however true it was, oh my God, I'm a dead man. To my surprise, even my jaw was about to be collected from the ground, when she replied.
"I missed you too Daniels, I have been having a boring life, what have you been up to?" she asked
"nothing much, my art lessons have Bess taking a toll on me" I answered
"oh, Lynna told me that you are good at art, she's in your class" she said with a smile on her face
"if you have time, you can come in the evening after classes and see my work, if you don't mind" I was going to add on "spending another evening with me and maybe..." but I left out that part, and maybe? i questioned myself at the back of my head what in the world is getting into me.
"maybe on Friday, I will be so very free, will come and I will be your model" she answered jokingly
My heart raced a bit, I really want to see her naked body laying under my sheets. Jeez what am I even thinking about.
" I'm just practicing the human body, not yet good at it" I told her truthfully
"don't mind me, I was just kidding around" she said as she turned to Dean
"Happy Birthday Dean" she said with a smile as she handed him a gift bag to my surprise. That's the least I had expected of her since she also knows that Dean is pretty not much of her fan.
"Thank you Mary Cooper" Dean replied with a fake smile plastered on his lips.
When he turned to me, I have him that look of -i told you she's not bad as you think"
"hey bro, enjoying the party?"he asked
"yeah, here's what I got you big man" I replied handling him a black gift bag.
"thank you bro, you really didn't have to do that" he said with a genuine smile on his face then he waved us goodbye. The party went on smoothly, to my surprise, when Dean opened the gift bag Mary had given him, it was a very nice box that I think had a watch, chain, men's bracelet, I will get to know after the party. Party was over and Mary had given Dean a men's bracelet, it looked really nice and authentic, he appreciated and told me that at least she has a side he didn't think she had.
I left Dean and told him that I had to drive Mary back to her dorm cause it was getting late and I was the reason she had come to the party in the first place. He didn't say a word and I exited the diner where the party was. I found Mary sitting outside scrolling down on her iPhone and when she noticed me,she pressed the power button and turned to me. I told her I will be giving her a ride to her dorm and she was thankful.
The journey to her dorm was full of laughter, talks about the party, Dean's reaction to the present she had given him until I parked at the dorm's parking lot. Silence fell in the car all over a sudden, I was asking myself what Mary was thinking about in her pretty head then she broke the silence by thanking me for the ride, I wanted to kiss her badly and tell she need not to thank me but I didn't, the coward in me had taken course. I don't know what in the world happened to but I instead told her that I had broken up with my girlfriend two weeks back, you can kill me asking why I told her that but I don't know.
"okay. Bye Daniels good night and thanks again, I enjoyed myself" and she left the car. Had I made the wrong move, I expected her to ask me why, what happened but she never said anything about it, it got me puzzled all night.
I drove out of the parking lot when she had made her way to her door step.

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