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Nelson is heartbroken, the "girl of his dream" the one he had dated all his life had just called off the relationship. He had given up on meeting someone he would love the way he had loved Rita, until he met Rose, Rose is in her early twenties. Less than six months of dating she had given him business ideas that yielded a fortune for them. His love for Rose went platinum until he bumped into Rita in the city mall and the whole story is about to change. Will he go back to the girl he had loved all his life?, What is the fate of Rose?, What led to the assassination attempt on Nelson? Follow up, as we find out in this electrifying romantic story.

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Present day, October 3 2018, about 9:25am.

It was drizzling that morning against the weather forecast of a sunny morning, i got up from bed feeling tired, it was hell of a stressful day at work yesterday.

Knelt beside the bed and i said a short prayer. i picked my phone from the bed afterwards and went to the balcony of the apartment. It is a nice view from there, and the cold north wind up there is like that of the breeze from the ocean. Then on my phone, i scrolled to my dialled calls, i had gotten 3 missed calls from Rose, i quickly dialled back.

“Morning sweetheart, I’m sorry, i missed your calls i just got up, i feel so tired”

“Oh, i didn’t know you would still be in bed, i was driving to work, so i decided to hit you up, are you okay?” She asked me on the phone.

“Yeah, I’m fine.. just a little bit of body ache” I replied, yawning and stretching up.

“Sorry about that honey, do you need your baby over there right now to come give you a massage, i could be there in a millisecond” She said with a soft tone

“Nothing better would i have wished for right now, than for you to be right here all over me” i replied, wearing a bright smile on face.

“My C.E.O went to work this early, you got some appointments to meet up?.. I bet someone could be getting fired today" I added, still wearing a smile on my face.

“I got called by Ms Cedric, she won’t let them take her measurement, she just want me.. she could be annoying sometimes... And for you Mr!, i don’t fire my employees, i gave them opportunity to explore their skills in some other organizations... for the record, i only fired the guy because he wasn’t productive and he wasn’t ready to grow" She replied, laughing hard.

“I got you baby, every businesses needs seriousness and creativity to thrive and grow to a significant level away from previous years” I gave my opinion in her support with a smile.

“Business is Business baby, if i can’t cope with the bar my employer has placed, i will rather leave than cause the organization to crumble, but as human we felt the need for employer to tell us the defaults in us which we refuse to treat, which are fully aware of” I gave another opinion to support her.

“Okay!.. enough of the business talks haha, what do you have planned for the day off?” She broke in abruptly, ending the business discussion.

“Mm-hmm, i’mma hit the gym, then go to the mall, i gotta get some groceries for the house and maybe get myself a gift” I gave a big smile.

“Mm-hmm... i trust you baby you sure know how to do yourself a treat” She blushed on the phone, smiling.

“Baby, i couldn’t go above 15 squat per rep... But i pushed through 3 reps this morning" She complained.

“Oh wow.. you had time to do that this morning?.. That is a lot of dedication baby.. most importantly, you are just a starter, don’t force yourself.. just do what you can do and trust the process” I said, while commending her.

“Always have a way of calming my nerves haha, thank you baby... Oh! there she comes, I gotta go, could you check me at shop later, pleasseeee! love youuu!” She said.

“Okay baby, you got it.. i will!.. bye. Love you better!” I said, smiling as i end the call.

I dropped the call and head back into the room, picked my favorite jersey, i am a big fan of basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, i had couple of jerseys in his name.

Few minutes later i was all dressed and ready for the gym, i got to my car, it was so dirty as a result of the rain last night, i entered and drove out of the building towards the estate gate, about few houses from mine i picked up Jude and we drove off through the gate to the gym, it was about 5 minutes drive from the estate. We had conversation in the car as we were going, he asked about Rose and i told him; “Rose has been the best gift God given to me that year”. We discussed business and of course boys discussion.

We got to the gym few minutes later and we did our various routine. My routine in the last 3 months has been a 150 minutes in the gym twice a week.

Later the day as we left the gym house, i took my car to the car wash opposite the estate gate and we trekked inside, that was the first time i would trek into the estate since i moved in, it wasn’t really far though.

1:45pm at the house

I got home and straight into the kitchen, i took a blended smoothie, a combination of apple, banana, and carrot. Then went into the shower and had a long one... I got out of the shower about 20 minutes later and start preparing to go to the mall. At exactly 2:18pm, i was dressed to go.. the car wash guy had brought my ride parked outside the compound dazzling as it was 2 months ago when i bought it, i rushed down quickly to meet him.

“Wow, you guys did a good job, i almost didn’t recognise her” I said, in admiration of how clean it looks.

“That is what we do sir, we are good at it” He replied, with a chuckle.

He start walking off in direction of the estate gate, i said to myself “is he going to walk back to the car wash after dropping off my car!” i drove and pulled over few distance from him.

Come on in! let me drop you off at the gate” I urge him.

“Oh.. thank you sir, it’s not really far” He said reluctantly.

“That was not a request, and i insist!” I said, insisting he entered the car.

So he got into the car and we drove out of the gate where he alighted and i head out for the mall.

The city Mall is about 12 minutes for anyone in my area going at 50km/ph, but i am not a fan of going that slow, so it is approximately 8 minutes 34 seconds for me at 70km/pH.

At 2:45pm, i drove into the parking lot and went straight into the supermarket.

I was getting few things at the east side of the super mart, checking out a bottle of weigh protein when i suddenly hear a voice called my name.


I turned around immediately to the biggest surprise of my life. The girl who dumped me on her birthday in January regardless of whatever i felt. We stopped, looking at each other in the eyes....Her eyes were flashing, her lips were like a thread of scarlet, her cheek are like half of a pomegranate and her voice and speech are exceedingly sweet.

I couldn’t resist, i fell in love again at the sight of her, the girl i had loved with all my might.

“Hi.. Rita!” I said, waving at her.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her with a soft voice.

Still starring into each other’s eyes, she replied.

“I just moved in last week and i decided to get few stuffs for house” She replied, wearing a seductive smile on her face.

“Oh, that’s great... I have been here since we.....” I couldn’t finish my statement when she broke in.

“You wanna give me your contact maybe you show me the city sometimes?” She said, requesting for my number.

I couldn’t resist her voice, i gave her my contact and we both head for the cashier, i paid for everything she bought and we chatted as we walked together through the walkway into the parking lot..

“Oh! this is your ride, do you mind dropping me off at my place?, it is about 20 minutes away, you know, an opportunity to know where my house is.” She said, still wearing the seductive smile requesting me to give her a ride home.

“Oh! yeah sure.” I said, succumbing to her request.

For these moments i forgot totally about Rose, and Everything around me, it was like the stars and the moon formed a cloud beside me as we talk while driving to her apartment.... less than 20 minutes we got to her apartment, i stopped at the entrance while she alighted from the car.

“would you help me with this inside please?” She said, requesting i give her a hand.

I still don’t know what i am doing here and why i am not resisting her, each time she speaks, her voice reverberate into my heart which makes my heart beat faster... i helped her inside, “it is a beautiful apartment as i gave a compliment”... “I should get going” i said as i was already sweating profusely.

“Heyyy! hold on” She said as she held my right hand, bringing out my handkerchief and start cleaning my face.

“You have grown bigger, look at your chest” She said as she rub through my chest.

Damn!.. i was unmoved, she smells like a bouquet, i stretched my hands forth for her waist, before i could say a word she climbed forward and kissed me, i kissed her back with more intensity. The scent of her mouth are like apples, i grabbed her rounded curvy ass, my hand moves into her thigh in between her legs... her body is just so perfect, i want her so badly, more than i ever wanted anyone... my left hand slowly moves from her thigh to her breast, her nipples were hard as they erect, She held her gorgeous body against me, it felt like i haven’t had that in years.

We made it into her bedroom, i was pushed to the bed as she got on top, i sharpishly took of my trouser as she took off her dress and unhooked her skimpy bra straps, i loosed her T thong pant... she leaned forward to kiss me again, we were completely naked and she reached out for me, i had a warm feeling in my lower part of my abdomen, she moaned as she tilt her waist back and forth on me.... it was an intense feeling that i had to moan with enthusiasm. It was like everything in the world was on pause.

She got under laying on chest while raising her hips up, she reached for me and thrusting back and forth again on me... I haven’t had such feeling in... i don’t know, but in a while. She moaned out loud and smiled as she looked me in the eyes biting her lips.... It was about 20 minutes into it, we both laid on bed, that was the best 20 minutes of my life this year.

The high became low, and i came back to my senses, i reached out for my watch and it was 4:33pm.. i picked my phone, i had 4 missed calls and 2 voice texts from Rose, i immediately stood up, “Good to see you, this never happened between us” i said to her as i get dressed and head out to my car... I drove out of her house and head straight to Rose’s office.. i dialled back severally but she wasn’t picking up.. I was driving at a high speed of about 80 Km/ph in my Mercedes C300 2009 model, so i could catch up with her at work.

I got to her shop few minutes, straight into her office, to meet her in tears, she was with Caroline, so i became uncomfortably concerned.

“Honey.. hey what happen?” I asked her, leaning forward to touch her.

“Get your filthy hands off me, you dog!” she replied, yelling.

“Wow.. baby what happen? it’s me Nels!” I said, trying comfort her.

“I guess you had maximum fun with her, she is so beautiful” She said, as she brought out her phone and display a picture of Rita and I walking into Rita’s apartment.

Immediately, i felt a heart attack like a chest burn, i wished i could turn back the hands of time.. “Damn you, filthy scumbag!” i said to myself as i stepped back and sit on a couch.. “I can explain baby”

“Get out of my life, now!!!!!!!!!” she screamed loud that it almost deafen me.

I walked out of the building like a dead man walking, i almost bump my head to the entrance door, i sat inside my car hitting the steering countless times, i cried uncontrollably.

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