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4th September 2011, at the Mainland City.

Early hours of that day, about 7:35am

I had gotten admission into the city best university, of the thousands of students that applied every year, i was lucky to be one of the few hundreds that was admitted. I was anxious in anticipation to be in my lecture room with my colleagues, “I’m going to try and make many friends today”... “It is going to be simple, just like high school... we would have time to talk to each other when we assemble this morning, i said to myself as i was getting dressed for school that morning, i quickly took the departmental handbook along and i went through it as i left the apartment very early to catch a cab to school, i waited a couple of minutes before i could get a cab going towards the university route, i was checking my wristwatch with utmost anxiousness, it was going to be my first day on campus, i finally got a cab, i waved at it, entered, and we drove off. I was having all kinds of thoughts while we were going.. “I have to be composed to talk to those girls”.. “I’mma be gentle as much as possible”

About 25 Minutes later at the North entrance gate of the Mainland city university.

After driving for a while, not up to twenty five minutes i guess, we got to campus, i alighted at the campus entrance, i stood for a minute in admiration of the environment, i was amazed at the sight of the big beautiful buildings, and beautiful flowers and trees that surrounded them. There were a lot of people going in through the gate that morning., it was difficult at first to talk to anyone due to the seriousness they wore on their face and how focused they were, to the direction they were heading. I started contemplating on which way to go, i almost got confused if i was in the right entrance of the school, luckily i brought with me the departmental handbook.

At a building, few walkaway from the entrance gate.

so i sat on a wooden bench beside a building and brought out the handbook, i opened it and started reading informations about my department and the direction that led to its location. I was going through the handbook when suddenly two boys walked towards my direction, then to me and one of the boys... “Hey buddy!, i...” he said, with a smile on his face.

“Hi!!” I responded, as i broke in abruptly with a bright smile.

“Oh!... you are a student of the Chemistry department?” he asked, pointing towards my handbook.

“Oh yeah.. I am, freshman, how about you?” I responded, and also asked him.

“Yeah, i am too” he said wearing a smile face.

“Oh wow.. That’s great, I’m Nelson” I said as i stretched forth my arm for a handshake.

“I’m Jude, that’s my cousin, Kingsley... Hey Kings! come over!” he said, as he introduced himself, reached out for the handshake and urged the other boy to come over.

“So, you found the department’s location yet?” he asked.

“Yeah.. according to the map here, it should be about 9 buildings away to our West” I replied as i showed him the location on the map... Kingsley arrived and Jude introduced me to him, he stretched his arm for a handshake.

“It’s nice to meet you guys” i said with a very pleasant smile.

My dream of making friends had just come through with ease, i had two friends already, we started going towards the building as described on the map... we gist as we went, we talked about our various high schools, our experience and the kind of life we expect there at the university, my expectations were humorous as i listed them.. it cracked Kingsley up, we were fast becoming like brothers with just the conversation, we seem to be getting along real quick... Kingsley came up with the idea of calling ourselves alias and it looked super cool to me. I was gonna be called “Nelly”, and Jude “JD”, and him “Kings”, it looked good too, but i opposed been called that, i didn’t want to be called “Nelly” cause i didn’t look like one. I prefer to be called “Nels.”

At the Mainland city University’s Chemistry department.

We finally got to the department building, it was a big 4 storey building. There were many people at the basement of the building, some hanged around in twos and fours, while some carried files went from opening one office door to the other.. it was a whole new world for me... “why are these people going about, don’t they have a specific class” as i murmured, little did i know it was loud enough for anyone close to hear.

“Haha, those are final year students, they are probably going about to see the thesis supervisor they have been assigned to” A lady beside said, wearing a warm smile on her face.

“Oh thanks, i didn’t know that came out loud.. hi, I’m Nels!, these are my friends, Kings and J.D, we are fresh students” I said, as i introduced myself and my friends pointing towards them with a big smile.

“Oh, hi Nels!... You’re welcome, i am Rita, a fresh student too, but this is not my department, i walked a friend here” She replied, stretching forth her arm for a handshake with a dazzling eyes and smile.

Man!! i was lost looking at her, she was black, in her early twenties according to my guess, she was a bit robust, and of an average height, she had a slim rounded face with a pointed chin, she had a thick naturally straight hair which was packed in ponytail, she had blue eyes with a dark eyelashes, her nose is long and pointed at the tip, she had a fair skin and a blooming cheek. She was an average height and chunky. She was wearing a black top on a blue ripped jean and a white Nike air Max sneakers. Damn!! she was so beautiful. I stretched my arm forward as we had a handshake, her hand was so cool that i wish i didn’t have to let go off.. Her friend came around and they were ready to go.

“This is my friend, Natalie, she is in your department, Natalie! meet Nels and his friends” She said as she introduced her and pointed towards J.D and Kings.

“Hi... could i call you Nat!?” i replied, with a chuckle as she waved at me.

“It’s nice to meet you, we should get going, see you around ” She said, with a wink as they walked away through the walkway of the department building.

“Yeah!!... see you around” I replied starring at her as she left

“Yoooo!!! Wooah!!! Man!!!, that was the jackpot on the first day of school!” Jude and Kingsley echoed as they walked up to me

“Congratulations Mate! Obviously, she liked you, you are some cute ass to her” Kingsley added, as they laughed the hell out of me.

“Okayyyy! Guys!... we are staying focused on academics. No girls!, No party!, just academics, deal?” I said, trying to stop them from laughing.

“We ain’t got no deal mate!.. We are crashing our freshmen party, and you are hanging out with her!” Jude said as we moved towards the direction of the warden’s office.

Few minutes later at the Warden’s Office.

We got to the Warden’s office to complete our residential application, Our application was processed and we were allocated a room in the school halls of residence just adjacent the campus gate we came in through. It was a public housing which the school had bought from some foreign company, which was converted to halls of residence for interested students who wishes to stay around the school.. We completed our registrations and we head back to check out the hall of residence. Room 25A was allotted to us, we were pleased with the room, there were two bunk bed in the room, it was a 4 man room, “Who is the 4th person?.. He better a cool person who is ready to join the family” was a question we kept on asking ourselves for a long moment, what the person should be like is what we deliberated on too. Room 25B just opposite of us was allocated to some clique of boys too. The school’s hall of residence is a beautiful place to stay though, but you could be unlucky to stay with loud guys and bullies, which could make it hell on earth. We went back to our various homes to get our luggage, it was a tiring day but we were excited to have met awesome persons and like minded person.


At the school halls of residents

I was the last person to arrived the room at the Hall of residence.. We had picked our beds on the bunks and while we talked, the 4th man walked into the room, he was tall and bony, had a curly hair and a rounded face with a flat nose. He had a big wireless ″beat by drey″ studio 3 headphone on, with few luggage, he was loud, probably because he had his headphones on, we all stared at him like in the movies.

“Hey guys!!!.. i’m Danny, freshman!, you can call me Dan” He said, he reached forward to give us a handshake.

I felt a bit relieved that he looked cool and it wasn’t going to be a crazy person in the room with us.. “Hi Dan, I’m Nelson, you can call me Nels!.. this is Kingsley, known as Kings and of this is Jude, known as J.D, you’re welcome to the Fam Mate!” i said as i introduced the boys and we gave each other a handshake with a smile.

“So, are you guys like brothers from home or so?... you look to have known each other from somewhere” Dan said, curiously.

“We met him at the gate while trying to figure out the location of the department building... he turned out to be the cute ass boy every ladies wanna talk to” Kings said, as they all laughed.

“No way!!.. He’s got eyes on him from the first day!?... you are my Hero mate!” Dan said, with a surprised face, laughed as he took a bow before me.

“Come on! kings.. guys she is just being friendly to us” I said.

“Yeah, friendly by giving you such a look like “Oh em gee, i just want this dude all over me right now”, Mate!, you are the rock star in this room... Everybody say NELS!!!!!” J.D said, as they screamed my name several times.

It was the first week of resumption, so there were no lectures scheduled for the week.. So we got all the week to explore more on campus and do other activities, in the room that day, we got along really well, we arranged the room in an agreed way, very systematic that if anyone comes in they would feel like not leaving the room.. the four strangers had became the four brothers in just a matter of one day, we were yet to see our differences, but we agreed to sort them out that no one would ever know what is happening. I was fulfilled that my dream of making friends has been accomplished, it was three days from the freshmen welcome party.

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