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Day 4 at the university’s hall of residence.

The day of the fresh student’s party

8th September 2011


I woke up that morning, still laying down, not feeling my arms, i would have fallen off the bed if i was on upper bunk. I felt pain all over my body as a result of rigorous work out J.D has introduced me to, it was damn stressful but I’m loving it. I had a target, the four of us had picked a calling in the gym.. we was dedicated to working on our body and stay fit throughout our stay in the university.

Though we had different bodies, i was more of a mesomorph body type, i was a little lean and muscular, i had a natural athletic body with well defined muscles. I just had to do a little works, lift moderately and some aerobic exercises. My eating plan was an equal amounts of protein and fat, with a moderate amount of carbs making up the rest of meals.

Jude, and Kingsley belonged to the endomorph body class, they had wider bodies, stored muscles and fat in their lower half of their bodies, they had a better strength advantage over Danny and i, but they may find it difficult to stay lean. They both had subjected themselves to intense aerobic trainings including a high intensity interval training ( HIIT ) with focus all over their body. Their eating plan was stricter than the rest of us.

Danny was the lucky one, he had an ectomorph body type, he wasn’t a fan of intense weight lifting, he preferred sprinting, he was generally focused on compound movement such as; bench press, shoulder and triceps, Danny was the lucky one because he could get away with eating more carbs unlike the rest of us.

More than an hour later, All the boys were awake.


“Yo ladies!!!!! are you ready for the big day!!!!!!!!” Danny screamed out loud as he got up from his bed.

“Manten tu voz baja gilipollas” I yelled at him in spanish.

“Here we go!!! Nels speaks in some other language" Kingston said chuckling.

“What in the hell does that even mean?” Jude asked laughing uncontrollably.

“I bet he doesn’t even know what he just said, i bet some cash on it!” Danny said, laughed as he brought out his wallet.

“Wooaah!.... Here we go some money to get drinks at the party tonight” Jude and Kingsley cheered as they urge me to translate it.

With a chuckle i said keep your cash brother.. I’mma waste them on some drinks, “that was Spanish, and it means Keep your voice low dickhead”.. All the boys cheered with a big smile on their face.

“Hola mami despacito... I never knew you could speak that, my Spanish is as good as ever” Kingsley said, laughed.

“Kings! shut your ass up, that wasn’t Spanish!, and you just addressed Nels as *Mami* speaks about your stand as a guy” Danny said as he laughed at Kingsley.

“So, what’s the story?.. Spanish uncle?, Spanish Aunt?, Born there?... come on tell us!” Jude said, as he asked Nelson curiously.

“I hate to break it to you, ain’t got none of that.. Had to learn to speak Spanish when i liked a lady in Mexico, we shared couple of pictures, videos on Instagram.. She was so beautiful" I explained, as they listened curiously.

“So what happened to her?, she left you?, you sent her gifts and she never talk to you again?” Jude asked curiously.

“Come on guys! I was 15!, she was older and we wasn’t in a relationship, i just liked her because we talk all the time.. Plus i wasn’t that stupid to send her something.. I didn’t hear from her anymore, couple of years later she came back online with her baby bump picture” I said as i tried to clarify it to them.

“Awwwnn!!.. That was a beautiful love story, 15 year old Nelson was in love with a ghost angel she never met, Tragic!” Kings said, as they laughed the hell out of me.

“Come on guys!! today is the freshmen welcome party... So much fun to have.... we should go check out the venue" Danny said with excitement on his face.

“Damn it Dan!.. you are so obsessed with this party” I said, gave Danny a side look

“Buddy! you gotta party when you still can, you gotta do these shits now, you can still do it... You know what! adulthood would overwhelm you at point time, you would almost forget how to have fun” Jude said, as he placed his hand on Nelson’s shoulder.

“Yeah, i support him.. Let’s go check it out” He added, in support of Dan’s idea.

I wasn’t the party type, but i sure have met couple of friends who were party animals. I was still a bit of a shy person, i hardly looked at a lady while talking... i had drastically overcome that these number of days with the boys.

Jude had spoken with several ladies at the gym, i spoke with few of them too but nothing more than just talk.


We were all dressed up, and we left the residence for campus.. we were called “The four brothers of 25A”, many people thought we were gentle and charming.. but i think we were just some composed boys trying to stand out. We were greeted by couple of guys and girls on the way. Truly we were well dressed and our body works were starting to reflect.

As we walked toward the venue, Jude looked and said at the down of his voice.

“Yoo Man!!... There you go” He said, as he winked at me.

Just up ahead of us was Rita with about 4 of her friends, they move closer and we both stopped.

“Hey guys! hi Nels.. Y’all looking like a big baller out here, got all the ladies tripping" Rita said, as she smiled and moved close towards me.

“Hi ladies... Hey Riri!... you know Rihanna was the only one called that name” I greeted the ladies and made a joke as they laughed.

“Hi ladies, I’m J.D, this is Kings and this is Dan, we just taking a walk to check out the venue for tonight’s party" Jude stepped forward and introduced the guys to Rita’s friends.

“Oh, sorry guys.. these are my friend, Vanessa, Natasha, Candace and of course Natalie.. We checked out the venue too" Rita said as she introduced her friends.

“Alrightttt... i think we got two crew painting the freshmen party tonight.. we should share contact” Jude said, as he offered to get the ladies phone number.

The ladies obliged, the boys wore excitement on their face as they shared number with the girls, left to me i wouldn’t have gotten Rita’s contact.. All through her introduction, i starred at her lips, it was like a red tropical hibiscus flower, she was more beautiful than the first day i saw her, i don’t know if i love her or i was just gonna flirt... but whatever it was, it made me feel good each time i had my sight on her.

We exchange contact and hope to link up at the party later that night, they were about leaving when she whispered into my ear; “you gotta look good and be sexy tonight”, I stood still while she walked off with her friends.

(Rita’s P. O. V)

The ladies were walking towards their residence, famously called hostel.

We were heading towards our residence while we discussed about the boys

“There ain’t nothing special about these guys, i don’t know why the hype is much” Natalie said as she gave a scorn face.

“As far as i know, they are cool and organised” Natasha replied.

“Did you hate them?.. i don’t think you should, they would be fun to be with, Nels is cool and he has a great sense of humor” i opined, and asked Natalie

There is nothing wrong with fours boys getting along real well with each other, besides, they are all cute. They probably could be the best in the class despite how playful they seem to be.

Ladies!! there ain’t nothing wrong with these guys, i don’t wanna sound flirt, but you gotta grab your copy of the boys tonight before them ladies get a hold of them... you give it everything you’ve got.

“Hold on Riri, or whatever that guy called you lol, you not thinking of fucking him tonight, are you?” Natalie asked, chuckled.

“Girl!.. I’mma have to do that if necessary” I replied. Natasha laughed at me like a freak and said “You don’t even know what he want, he might just wanna be friends"

I nodded, either ways whatever he wants tonight, he is getting it for real, time to go wild!!!!!!!!!.....

“Hey girl, you gotta take it slow, okay?” Candace said with a straight face.

Alright!! I’m the only one sounding like a whore right now, cause y’all pretending not to have a thing for these guys... y’all fucking hypocrites. About few blocks away from our residence i said in annoyance as i walked away from them.

(Nelson’s P. O. V)

Later the day at the hall of residence.


We arrived the room to get some rest after a long day strolling around, I could still feel my back aching me as i lay down, i was craving massage that hot afternoon, so i decided to get some rest when a text popped up on my phone.

“Hey handsome, we should dance together at the party tonight” Rita said.

“Oh yeah, that would be awesome” I replied.

“So what’s up with you, what are you guys up to?” Rita asked.

“Nothing really, we just wanna rest, prepare for the night” I replied.

“I’m not really the party type though” I added.

“do you wanna hangout somewhere away from the party?” she asked

“Oh yeah, that would be great” I replied, smiled at my phone

“Alright, see you at the party” she said, sent a “Kiss” emoji. I was starting to convince myself that we were ready to be in a relationship with each other, but one part of me disagreed with the thought of having a girlfriend in the first year as it may have an effect on my grades. “You could lose focus” was all that rang in my head militating against the thought of dating.

Danny shouted from his bunk “It’s the last day this week, you gotta party hard!!!.. and go start to the stooopid life of (Kinetics and the mechanism of the reaction of coordination compound) next week.

Jude got up with a bit of surprise on his face and asked Danny “Dude! that’s some top level chemistry shit.. How did you even know that?”

“My sister studied Chemistry, i almost loved it, but i came back to my senses... It would have been a disaster if i had applied for chemistry here at MCU” Danny replied.

“Okay guys!... now is not the time to discuss some scary chemistry shit, we get some rest and party hard tonight, we can come back to the miserable life of chemistry next week.... So y’all shove that discussion up in your asses" Kings yelled at the two of them.

We all laughed and got some rest.

Later that night, about 7:24:55pm

It was getting dark already, the city was light up with street lights and vehicle lights moving around on the road. The school entrance was filled with young boys and girls going in for the party, the four boys had gathered momentum enough, we were almost, if not the best dressed. King and Queen of MCU freshmen were gonna be selected that through various contest and other activities.

We got to the party at about 8:05:15 that night, the dancefloor was filled, the light were dimmed, few multiple color lights were flashing around, the music was super loud that it gave me headache at the entrance of the party venue. All the boys went, but i had to wait outside and take a deep breath, Why!?, Because...

1. i was shy. 2. it was really going to be my first time.

I was still outside waiting when i got text from her... “Hey!! where are you?, could only see your friends"..... “I’m outside, the music is too loud, i really wasn’t a fan of party” I replied...... “Okay, gotcha! hold on I’m coming to meet you” She replied.

Less than a minute, she came out, “Hi” i said.. She threw her arms around my neck, gently clenched a little tighter for about 3 seconds as she squeezed her breast to my chest, she took a deep breath and exhale. She let go then put her hands on my shoulder and my hands on her waist, we looked at each other in the eyes, her blue eyes were captivating and her lips were a little shiny and pinky as it moved when she asked “So what do you wanna do?

“Can we just go out of here to somewhere quite, maybe some blocks away from all these people” I said.

“Alright, you got it! let’s go!.... But we would still have to dance together lol” she replied, laughed.

We walked a few blocks away from the party, though it was dark but there were light ray from distance, we stopped at the back of a building and seated on a wooden bench as we talked about ourselves and laughed. Few minutes into our conversation, she asked. “So you holding up because you have a girlfriend or something?”

“No, i wasn’t holding up, neither do i have a girlfriend, it just......” i said. Before i could finish the sentence, she grabbed my shirt and throw herself on me, kissed me intensely, i was a little tensed as she unhooked her bra straps, she had on a mini skirt which made it easier for her as she pulled it up to her waist.... she took my hands and place it around her waist. I tried to move but it was as if my body was tied down by some forces i didn’t see. I became more tensed as she unzipped my trouser and took out my penis and put on her mug, it was so cold and i felt myself growing big and hard in her. I saw her eyelashes moving, my erection grew larger and bigger, it was the most eccentric feelings I’ve ever had. i couldn’t handle it, it felt like i was going to explode. I was shit scared that it brought the thoughts of failing my grades into my head..... unconsciously, i yelled at her “Stop!.”

“What’s up boy!!!... you okay?.. was i too fast?” she said with a seductive smile on her face.

“No!.. I just cant do it, I’m sorry” I replied.

she was so embarrassed, i could see it on her face as she replied “Wow! you think I’m a whore or something!?”

“You’re just an asshole, don’t ever call me agai She said angrily, as she dressed up and walked away.

It took me a couple of minutes to get over what just happened, i walked back towards the party venue, then to the hall of residence, it was a bad night for me, the night i had anticipated so badly just came by and ended up in tragedy. I got to the room that night with thoughts of facing the ladies without feeling like a freak.

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