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My best friend Eleanor, wants my college life to be as thrilling as The Bachelorette. I'm open to everything she wants me to do except three things, 1) Writing a haiku 2) Doing tequila shots off of a guy's abs. 3) Aaron Richards Aaron might be an unbeatable player on and off the rink but he's also a triple point scorer of The Jerk Club. When an ill-timed and desperately struck deal lands me in front of his door... Alexis Forte is the last person I want to see on a Friday night, or in any other night for that matter. Feisty, rebellious and a spitfire, the girl could put a tornado to shame with the amount of damage she singlehandedly causes. But my father likes to test me and nothing raises his hackles more than the daughter of his nemesis. So when she strikes a sweet deal on a silver platter which is a recipe for disaster for my stuck up father, I agree. ________________________________________

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This chicken salad tastes like someone marinated the chicken with lemon, fried it with lemon, and then dipped the whole thing in lemon juice to top it off. It tastes like shit.

I am at this hip diner in Boston called Cherries but honestly, it should be renamed as Lemon's. The whole diner is very dreamy with a nautical theme, and huge decorative ferns all around.

I have been trying out every dish in their menu lately and so far only three have disappointed me; the veggie burger which had enough onions to pay for a student's college debt if sold, the banana shake which was more water than milk and now, this chicken salad which tastes like a whole month's worth of lemon is emptied in this single bowl.

I am here with my best friend and roommate Ellie and her boyfriend Logan. They were kind enough to include me in their date when they learnt that all that I had been planning to do, was sit in my dorm and binge watch the next season of Reign and eat ice cream.

Ellie has been dying to get me out of the house and into 'the fun and frolicking world which our fellow classmates offer'. Her words, not mine. She is determined that I have an amazing and an eventful college experience. I am excited about the former part, but about the latter? Not so much. Watching The Kardashians raise hell is the maximum eventful I will go

"Logan if you don't win the game tonight I will be very disappointed." I say, mockingly.

"I will try to do my best, dad."

"No seriously," I insist, "it gets embarrassing when I throw obscenities at your rival team and you lose."

"Maybe not curse the rival team? How about behaving like a civilized human for once?" Ellie suggests.

"Nah." I stick my tongue out at her. One of my favourite past times is to hurl vulgarities at them and see them get a rise out of it. I mean, are you really a fan if you don't go down all rabid dog on the opposite team?

"You are one of the evilest people I have ever met." Logan shakes his head at me. Very disapprovingly.

"Hey I am just being a maniac fangirl, god knows you all love them."

Logan is the captain of Meyer University's football team. He and Ellie have been dating for the past seven months and I am beyond thrilled. They are so in love and so cute together that they would put fictional characters to shame. I am talking Romeo and Juliet, minus all the toxic love and dying part. The fact that Logan is hot is also a big bonus for Ellie, who's also a very pretty, a very sweet, southern belle. And paired with Logan's chiselled good looks, they are a striking match. Seriously, the guy is so hot he could feature in GQ's sexiest men articles. Even his smile blinds me.

"If you actually sit through this game without screaming off your foul mouth, I will sit and watch Solange with you." Ellie looks smug with her challenge and I have to give it to her. She's got me in the palm of her hand.

"Really? You're not bullshitting me?" I squint my eyes at her, trying to decipher any lies behind her challenge but I know Ellie and I also know that she is physically incapable of lying.

Ellie sighs, "Yes, Lex. You never really take part in the game wholeheartedly, and all the time, you are more focused on demeaning the other team than you are, on actually enjoying the game, I cannot tell you how much livelier it feels," she claps her hands in front of her and looks lovingly at Logan who stares at her right back, "it somehow feels realer than watching it on a TV screen."

I snort, "Yeah no shit Sherlock, real things are always more real." And just like that, Logan loses his affectionate stare and bursts out laughing and Ellie glares at me.

"I am not joking." Ellie turns serious. "Enjoy this game Lex, and I will watch Solange with you."

"Fine. It's a deal then." I raise one eyebrow at her.

Ellie and I met almost a year and a half ago and to this day, I remember the first conversation I had with her. I walked in with piles and piles of cardboard boxes, dripping in rain. I had officially declared war on Boston rain. I walked in to find an unusually chirpy girl taking my load off by helping me with the boxes. She almost scared me out of my wits, when she screamed at me and said,

"Oh my God, we are definitely going to have to save those sweet little chucks. They are too precious to be ruined in rainwater."

It was an easy sail after that.

"How fair chances do we have of winning L?" I ask, my chicken salad – more like lemon salad- starting to get cold and forgotten in front of me.

He ponders over this question a bit and then says, "If Luke can master the defense, we will definitely win, if not, then it's a sixty-forty chance. Sixty on our side of course."

"You better not disappoint me Donovan." I point my fork at him.

"Isn't everyone disappointing to you, my little ray of sunshine?"

I wonder how much worse a day has to get, before it becomes enough of a reason to strangle yourself to death.

"No" I say, "just you Golden Boy." I give a saccharine smile to the tall and muscular pile of douche-ness that slides in the booth in front of me.

"Aww you flatter me, Lexie." Aaron winks at me.

"God don't wink at me! I might go blind."

Aaron Richards is gorgeous, ripped and a star hockey player, which are the holy trifecta of a big player off the rink and a big douche, which are the exact two things his personality consists of. He is also Logan's best friend which means I have to see him more times than I would ever like to see him. I am sure it's the universe's way of making me pay for the sins of my past lives.

His dad is also my dad's nemesis, which is just a polite way of saying 'enemies' because that's what they are. Leave them alone in a room and none of them would be alive by the next two hours.

"Nothing good ever comes out of that potty mouth, does it?" Aaron says wryly.

"Suck it, jerk."

"Why don't you?"

I lean in and whisper, "I would rather suck a cactus than suck you."

Aaron rolls his eyes and Logan spits out his drink, barely able to contain himself. Ellie, on the other hand looks horrified.

"What are you? A five year old? Anyway I am here because I need your help." Aaron pushes a hand through his raven hair and a tingle spreads through my core. Of all the backstabbing friends I have had, I never thought my own body will be one.

"Classy move. This potty mouth says no."

"You didn't even hear me." Aaron sounds annoyed and done, as if it is the last thing he wants to be doing right now. Considering me, it probably is.

"I don't need to."

"Hear him out Lex." Logan replies sympathetically, and I inwardly groan.

"Fine." I bite at Aaron, "But it better be fast."

Aaron looks relieved that at that, but this whole idea to ask me, seems excruciatingly painful and awkward to him. He looks like he would rather be castrated than ask my help.

He opens his mouth to say something when he is interrupted by the waitress, "Can I get you anything, hon?"

Talk about perfect timing.


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